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Global Rev Count.


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What?!? The bag only goestoeleven?

That's funny! I never thought of that when I picked the "Spinal Tap" quote for my handle (but then I had no plans to have 12 revs either). However, my main bag really only fits about 8-9 revs, and it's bursting with eleven or twelve. I've pulled out the Shockwaves and loaned a 1.5 to a friend for a few weeks (with hopes the loan becomes permanent so we'll have another dark side flyer soon). I'm carrying nine around at the moment, and I carry the lot mostly so I can fly with the kids in different winds (when I can entice them to fly with me).

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I would count your sails. You now have one less exp (if you have completely retired it) and one new b1

If you are new to Rev count, I would 'plus' the new sail; 'negative' the old sail; and give your current inventory.

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louiedogg03 - +4 (11)

marti1980 - +3 (3) ** {homebuilts don't count, sorry.}

Moose - +3 (3) **

JasenOsteo - +4 (4) **

btbt - -3 (18)

stroke victim - +2 (6)

Jeepster - +3 (11)

goestoeleven - +5 (11)

SkyPuppet - +3 (3) **

Crowsong - +3 (6)

Watty - +1 (11)

Kinetic - +1 (1) **

Joe B - +4 (4) **

Reef Runner - +2 (10)

cgregurich73 - +1 (1) **

Jamie_AP - +2 (2) **

Timeout - +15 (15) **

kitefantex - -3 (6)

STEPHEN11 - +3 (9)

MercFlyer - +1 (1) **

** = New members on the list.


54 more kites, TEN new faces on the list - welcome to the pile y'all! :D

2,435 Revs between 276 pilots!

The Jones' mark is now 8.82246377 Revs per pilot. ;)

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From 11 to 20 21, thanks to the long-awaited arrival of a full custom fade set and a masterpiece I bought from Ben today:

Zen blue fade

Zen Custom Fade (Blue in middle, hot on bottom)

Blue Polo Rev

20th Anniversary Rev

1.5B Pro Custom Fade

1.5B Pro Purple & Black

1.5B Yellow & Black

1.5 SLE Red, White & Blue

"Twisted" Yellow & Black

Carl Robertshaw Blue & Dark Red (just acquired today)

Rev 2B Blue & Black

1.5B Pro MV Custom Fade

1.5B Pro MV Tiel & Black

1.5B MV Red & Black

Supersonic - Blue & Black [forgot in original of this post]

Shook Weave Green & Blue

1.5B Pro FV Custom Fade

1.5B FV Blue & White

1.5 SLE FV Yellow & Red

Rev 2B FV Blue & Black

Xtra Vent Custom Fade

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+1 custom Zen for me... but not sure I'm going to keep it. I think I may just like my ol' standard 1.5 B-Series for light winds better than the Zen after spending some time with both, believe it or not!

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Update for me!

Indoor Rev. Black White Red.

and on that I didn't put in before.

SuperSonic Black Hot-Pink

So that makes a total of 5 for me


Current up to date list. (* indicates new to my list)

1: Backtracker........(neon/day-glow: purple, blue, pink, yellow)

*1: Supersonic.......(black, pink, clear mylar)*

1: B 1.5 Full Vent...(black, purple, black logo panel)

1: B 1.5 Standard...(black, lime, black logo panel)

*1: Indoor...............(black, white, red)*


Still on my wishlist of revs to get

1: B mid-vet (Black, dark-blue, black logo)

1: B xtra-vent (black or grey fade) "NEED" this for my area

1: B2 std

1: B2 vent

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Thanks to Kent and of course Bazzer, it's +4 for me . . . . . . a set of Custom B-Series Pro's:

1x Standard

1x Mid Vent

1x Full Vent

1x Xtra Vent


Well worth the wait . . . . . . . . . smile.gif

(and I can now fly my 'old' B's in a stack - blue_cool.gif)

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