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  1. I change frames far more often than kites. The std sail, my go-to out here in Vegas at 50% of my total flying time, goes through 3 frames. All the other sails have 2 frames apiece, and I use them all. As always with the Rev, to each their own.
  2. Glad to see you on the forum buddy! A wealth of knowledge and a wonderful community awaits you here see you on the field soon!
  3. 10 mph doesn't bode well for Diamonds, IMHO, and is a higher top end than I like to fly my black Race frame as well. I don't fly with magic sticks, so my observations are based on a stock setup. I'd recommend the black Race frame to most folks before I'd recommend The Diamond frame. The Diamond frame is NOT stronger than a 3 wrap or even a 2 wrap for that matter! It is a delicate instrument, I put it's range at 1-6 mph. Again though, this is all IMO. I'd recommend the black Race frame for you
  4. Sounds like you got it Ledur! Quick side note- sometimes you must run backwards instead of walk Thanks for the compliment on my video everything came together so well that day!
  5. RevWizard is right. Both of these suggestions will take some practice-If the leading edge falls away from you, apply as much brake to the handles as is physically possible, and gently walk backwards. The vertical tips will be pointed at you, the kite will be flat to the ground, and if done right it should rise up. Gentle gentle inputs here for any corrections.. Once airborne, apply a slide input to either handle, while giving the opposite handle a pull on the lines with maximum forward. The wingtip you applied slide to will drive into the ground, and while that wing will be flipped, the other wing should be catching wind. A slide input to that wing should pop the Rev off the ground and help to fill the flipped wing. This technique has limited success on beach sand or any surface that will catch up the vertical tips while laying on the ground. Also, this doesn't always work well on the vented or Xtra vent. Ok, so your Rev is laying face up with the leading edge pointed at you? This is where a little sand or rough terrain may help stop the leading edge from sliding toward you if you apply brake inputs. If that isn't an option (worked for me at Kite Party, but not at home), you'll need a little luck for the next one. With gentle tugs or a walk, position the leading edge so that one side is slightly closer to you. Pull the lines taught (all of them, you may need to hold the handles in an unnatural manner) and keep the handles chest height. This helps to keep the lines from being trapped under the Rev during the next step.. Now jerk the lines on the OPPOSITE handle sideways away from the kite, keeping the motion chest-high; the Rev will spin on the ground, and the leading edge will now be away from you (hopefully). Now you can follow the above advice to launch from that position. I'll try and get video of what I'm describing on Monday.
  6. If it's Prism Modulus line, It's already made by Lazer Pro. I use Prism Modulus for my 75' 50# set, works great. Branded Lazer Pro does seem slightly slicker.
  7. There are no stupid questions... no need to sleeve leader line (unless it's your preference hehe), in fact leader line can usually can be used as sleeving material (core removed)!
  8. I was watching both frames for extended periods... Well done Ben!
  9. IMO, I'd put my Diamond's range at >0mph up to about 6 mph. I feel the frame is loaded just over 3 mph. My personal preferences, and opinions, of course.
  10. Y'all are braver than me! I stand by my remarks though, and I will not advocate for pushing this frame.. For what a Diamond frame costs (right now), I will err on the side of caution- I haven't broken any part of a frame yet, ever, and I definitely won't be breaking my Diamonds
  11. These prints are striking! I ordered a separate Diamond frame just for my Hermanos Bros. print fantastic combination!
  12. Oh Diamonds, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Fully loads up in 3mph of wind, almost half the black Race frame requirements (>5mph) Can easily maintain sail pressure with less than 3mph with walking backwards. Responds like a wrap frame, IMO, which I like. Sturdy enough for gentle axels and catch n (gentle!) toss. I'm not brave enough to try an upright flic flac yet, but I think Watty's style might be safe enough. I say gentle axels and tosses because I'm sure I could snap this frame on a less-than-ideal-conditions one. Straight up precision flying the other day, 2.5 mph on my SkyWatch... it was magical. Utterly magical. Keep up the AMAZING work Revolution!
  13. I hear ya kwmf. Where I live, quite inland, my Xtra is, by far, far, the least used kite in my quiver. I won't buy a step above what I barely use now. I also rarely have the luxury of flying 120s, but I never see conditions that force problems like you are seeing. Bazzer dropped a hint on FB about a XX-Xtra setup being worked on. Who knows if it will see production anytime soon but for the crazy high winds folk there might be hope.
  14. If a 1.5 Rev is Made with more venting than the current Xtra.... I will not buy it. No, for those days where the wind is that strong you'll find me inside watching kite videos. I understand the need for such a kite in a performance environment (kite festival/demo/team/comp flying)...
  15. Carolyn please check your email my stake isn't being shipped to the correct address my fault.
  16. Hey there, and welcome to the forum! If you're looking for folks to fly with in San Diego, besides this forum I'd also check out the San Diego Kite Club online, it's a big club with regular meetings. You might also want to check out the Kitelife forum (kitelife.com/forum), as its geared a bit more towards all kites, including the dual line kites (here is discussion on strictly Revolution Kites usually). I'd definitely look into the Revolution Kites while you are here... Ask lots of questions if need be, we're all pretty helpful. Hopefully someone on this forum can make recommendations on the places you listed to fly at...
  17. yeah that's me, thanks! What a day that was.... wind being pushed in ahead of a nasty storm. I had wind all the way down to the ground, for once. The midvent is so versatile; it will fly in STD sail winds with a bit more effort, and does 3D flying even better, IMO. My second most used Rev
  18. Hey Captainbob, Yes, the black Race frame and the 2 wrap share about the same wind range. I'd bring the black Race and the 3 wrap frames with you- hopefully you don't have to fly it above 15 mph, but if you do, the doubled-up LE will suffice. I tend to frame for the highest consistent wind conditions, not for gusts- the 3 wrap will take a gust up to 20 mph, but if it sticks around, fly way off to either side of the wind window till it subsides. I'd skip the 4 wrap in this kite, and for that matter the SLE and a doubled-up LE. Getting enough air into a midvent sail to put a decent bend into these frames will require conditions that could be potentially damaging to the sail, if not immediately than over the long-term. IMO. Take your black Race frame (or 2 wrap), your 3 wrap, 90# lines (120' if possible), and a camera with you, so you can share your exploits
  19. Maybe Wayne meant in terms of reflex, not flex; in that sense, the 2, 3, and 4 wrap 1/4" rods all do seem to "spring back" from flexing to rest with the same speed and energy. I do agree with both Mike and Wayne, I've never broken a wrap rod and wouldn't recommend diamond rods to beginners. The Race rods are known to reflex even faster than the wrap rods (well maybe except the green Race frame). The ability to go from flexing back to dead-calm rest with incredible speed and precision is why the Race frame is a universal favorite.
  20. I don't see a problem, as long as they are all spectra line... I'd put the older lines as the top left/right, and use the new stuff for the bottom lines. Once again, as long as they are all spectra line, should be ok
  21. Flic flac on the SS is easy, hold an upright hover, grab both bottom lines and pull in towards yourself (flic) then once the trailing edge has flipped up, let go of the bottom lines to reset to upright hover (flac). You can also flic flac like on a 1.5 size, but the above procedure is considerably easier
  22. To keep my leaders flexible, I tie less knots in the tops... On the tops the knots are every 5/8" (or so). I've tied 3 knots total on the bottom leaders, in 1/4" (or so!) increments, so I can do half-step adjustments forwards or backwards from the center knot. Using this setup, I tie quite a few less knots on the top leaders than if I did them every 1/4", and they stay wet-noodle flexible- on sleeveless lines, I haven't snagged on any component of my lines/handles for a long time now. At the kite end its a different story... As always, so cool to hear that it all works, and we can all have our own spin on it.
  23. I'm pretty sure I'm understanding here... could you provide a pic please? I want to try this! Sounds very tidy.
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