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  2. Lighter again today, maybe 2mph from the north but with little thermal variation so the Zens with green race stayed in the air, if nothing else. That will be the fifth week running so a bit of a Zen autumn! We did some quite extensive no call flying against a slowly changing high cloud background with some curious almost lenticular like features. I did not expect to get very far with the Hexagonal pilot kite but we did get it in the air briefly, enough to make some adjustments and then break a spar*, so, ‘a work in progress’. (*replaced with a pair from the carbon set I had made) Having found a way to break down this single sail I have to try a similar approach with the two sections of the 47 kite train as the full sails will not fit in my car… Felix
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  4. North easterly breeze today starting with mostly clear sky but cloud gradually developing. Once again, a light breeze so mostly Zens with green race. Despite their age the Zen sails still sparkle when flown into the sunlight. I took time out to see if there was a quick solution to the bias in the two Eddy kites that we flew last weekend. I did find a fix which worked, as if by magic, and just need to translate it into something more permanent. Needless to say it was counterintuitive! The Hexagonal pilot kite is mostly complete, initial sparing and bridle to be done this afternoon, all being well. The amount of work that JMH and PM put into their kite constructions is quite amazing as compared to the effort required to ‘reverse’ engineer a single kite! Felix
  5. Our regular field was being cleared of firework debris and crowd barriers so Martin had set up to the east of the road. Zens with green race again and a south westerly breeze meant that we were not looking into the sun today. Clear blue sky above to start but a bank of low cloud loomed from the west. I had hoped to test fly the two Eddy kites in ‘sunny’ conditions and that almost happened. The first one that I put up seemed fine at first but then it became apparent that it did have a slight bias to the right. The second one had a very similar bias so that will be ‘fun’ to sort out. Reminds me of ‘fighter kite days’! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hne6cSgn0uo Eddys on Blackheath today We attached one Eddy to two sections of the JMH Rhombus-shaped kites 1985 train and while the train did remain stable the Eddy kite did not quite have the buoyancy that I had hoped for. I’ll try it with the 145cm Malinsky Eddy pilot at some point and see if that works better. Meanwhile the second new Eddy will be inserted in the fifth position in the green set of the Malinski train. I have done the base drawing on the Hexagonal pilot kite sail for the Malinski train and may have this kite ready to test fly next weekend. I found an article and drawings on a Dutch website relating to this project via Vlieger Magazin:- https://www.kiteplans.org/planos/trein/trein.html Felix
  6. The XX is a good choice for light winds. The diamond frame is the lightest in weight, but I don't know if it is still available. Even with the correct equipment it will take some time to learn to fly in light winds. Light wind is a major challenge, even for experienced flyers. You must learn the basics first and then learn special technique and kite settings before you can easily keep the kite in the air. It is not as easy as it looks in the videos. It is like learning to play chess. First you must learn all the moves each piece can make, then you must learn when to make those moves, then you must learn how to put them all together to play a game. Good luck and have fun. Remember to breathe, and smile.
  7. If the wind is typically really light there, I'd suggest the Reflex XX, it's the best in light winds.
  8. I should probably have stayed in bed today but determined to take advantage of the clock change and get to Blackheath at about the ‘normal’ time. Light north westerly breeze was lighter than last weekend so the Zens with green race were in use again. There really was not enough breeze for the JMH Double / Single Eddy stack 1989 so I resorted to checking the Vienna pocket sled in lighter breeze. There is a point where it does not inflate fully and can spontaneously go into a spin as a result. This would not be good if it was heading up a train so I will go ahead with my plan to make up a simple Eddy to be a pilot kite on the JMH Rhombus-shaped kites 1985 train of 81 kites. This will be the same form as the replacement kite for the missing one in the green section of the Peter Malinski Eddy train. Might get to these and the Hexagon Pilot kite in this next week! Felix
  9. A light northerly breeze so Zens with green race were comfortable but sometimes just a little overpowered really. I had in mind two possibilities for today and in the event we put up four sections of the Peter Malinski Eddy kite train that had been collected from Hamburg recently. I have been making sleeves for the five sections of the train, one more to do when the fabric arrives. Some of the sails have been seriously stretched but only one seam has given way. I’ll attend to that soon. We replaced the broken spines and did manage to break the odd spreader during assembly and breakdown. The train flew very comfortably in the Zen wind speed zone. I even got to sit down for quite a while, trying out the new role, obviously! The other possibility for today was the JMH Double / Single Eddy stack 1989 which I have been working on during the week just gone. Maybe we’ll get to fly that next weekend. Felix
  10. Hi, my name is Melanie, I want to buy a rev kite, but the main problem is that we have only small breezes in the middle of Germany. Which kite should I choose??? After the beginning and a lot of excersises I would like to fly in very small locations inside my town (with 500000 residents) because the distance to suitable locations is very far. Do I need race rods in this case? I look forward to your answers Thank you Melanie
  11. Thanks i am new member i try to studing about this.
  12. Drop by the KiteLife forum. Post there. You probably won't get a response here. This forum is not as active as it used to be. These are available new from Revolution Kites. It may be difficult to find a used one. Good luck.
  13. Man posts at this site are old . Not many people like to post here anymore for some reason. I am just posting this for a friend who is looking for a used and good condition quad in that style and pattern. Pm me with price and detail if you has one to sell. Thanks.
  14. I had almost given up on the weather today but the forecast improved somewhat during the course of Saturday. In the event there was a delay in the arrival of the rain so we were able to do a small OSOW ‘fly’. Full vented 1.5s with green race eventually felt overpowered as the rain approached. The trip to and from Hamburg during the week was somewhat arduous. Visits to the Elbephilharmonie building, the Kunsthalle Hamburg and the Deichtorhallen were rewarding even if we managed to walk about 9 miles during the course of the day. I have started work on the Peter Malinski kites that were brought back and might try to fly part of the 50 kite Eddy train next weekend. Felix
  15. Solo today for the second time this year. So after a quick spin with a full vented 1.5 with green race I put up a section of the JMH Rhombus-shaped kites 1985 81 kites. I had taken the three top sets of the train and found that the orange set had an extra length of line after the last kite suggesting that maybe a pilot kite had been used previously. It was my intention to try adding the pocket sled in the Vienna Kite Club colours that we had each been given last weekend as I suspected this was the size of kite that might just stabilise the last kites without impacting on the character of the train. I added about 15m of line and the sled worked in exactly the way that I had hoped. I will obviously have to try more of the train in due course but I was very pleased with the result today. https://youtu.be/8vztcLVIFJU Off to Hamburg Tuesday morning so maybe next Sunday I will be trying some of the Peter Malinski kites from the same period as the JMH kite today! Felix
  16. Ok, will persevere. Having read some old posts, they talk about that in detail so I'll go back over it. Kiteworld here in the uk are making me up 30ft and 50ft lines from a stock 80ft... just to try something different. Handy when the beach is busy with dogs and people at high tide. Again, some old posts cover the pluses and minuses of short lines in detail... or least their opinions!!! This is one of my fly sites on Dartmoor... The standing stones are 2-3 thousand years old...thanks again...
  17. I haven't flown the RX Spider but as an addition to what you already have it will only cover wind speeds that are very uncomfortable to fly in. But if you must fly in extremely high wind then it's a must-have. If you have the option to not fly in those conditions you'll only miss a few days per year. Flying at the low-end of the wind speed range is a different story. This comes only with experience. An ultralight or super ultralight kite designed for low-wind or no-wind conditions is good to have as there are more low-wind than high-wind days per year, but at first even a kite designed for low wind speed will be difficult to fly easily at first. It is a completely different game. You must learn to load the sail and fly with a lot of brake to keep the sail as square to the wind as possible. The more often you try, the better you get, but it takes time on the lines to get the hang of it. It's kind of like starting over again. Just keep at it. It will come. You may even look forward to low wind eventually. It has its own panache.
  18. Hi, thanks for that. Yeah I've noticed it's a bit quiet these days. KiteLife seems a good option. Problem here at the mo is we're either getting your left over storms tracking in from the West or, like today, hardly a breeze. Season I guess. Have you had any experience flying the RX Spider and is it worth adding to my XX and RX to cover most useable wind speeds? Still having problems flying anything in low wind conditions.
  19. We had a good trip to Austria. It was a bit wet on the Saturday with a little wind from the north west but sunny on the Sunday with a good breeze from the south. The highlight was probably flying the JMH Triple Malay stack on Sunday but we also flew the 1999 Rev 1.5s, the original Decs JMH Rokkaku, the late Delta and the 2008 1 and 1.5 Rev stacks on Saturday, the big Parafoil, the Della Porta 4 Rhomboids along with the 2009 vented and mid-vented 1.5s on Sunday. We had taken the late set of JMH banners which looked very good. As we had arrived a day early in Austria we were treated to some local cultural attractions including an Art Museum, Danubiana-Centrum moderneho umenia in Slovakia right on the Hungarian border and a large Roman reconstruction at Petronell-Carnuntum in Austria as well as opportunity to explore the Schloss Hof gardens, the site of the kite event. Felix
  20. Hi, and welcome to the forum. There are many quad-line fliers in the UK, and someone may chime in, but the Rev Forum is not as active as it used to be. Join us at KiteLife which is a forum that is devoted to all kites, quad and other, and where you are more likely to meet up with others. There is also a quad-line kite group on Facebook that may interest you.
  21. Hi, I'm new to this site. Already have two Rev kites which I fly on Dartmoor and local Torbay and Dawlish beaches. I'm looking to meet up with others in this area and especially anyone with the skills I'm trying to master to give me a few tips. I've got some of the basic flying skills sorted with my Reflex XX and RX so not a complete beginner. Cheers.
  22. I think that the XX is one of the best low wind kites out there. Love mine!
  23. I had the same challenge and decided to go with the XX because we have more often soft breezes than stiff winds and the XX is good up to 24 mph. I don't think i'd fly a quad above that but rather get my two line racers out.
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    They are spares in case you break one.
  25. My newest model New York Minutes N.Y.T very smooth flying quad line kite I had invested.
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    Usually with the blast, you have 3 rods making up the leading edge, and 4 vertical spars. Anything else would be spares
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