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  2. Mid September anticyclonic weather patterns made for a full on sunny day with light west to north westerly breezes. Zens with green race were fine but did not get a lot of air time. The 1995 JMH Edo was perfectly suited to the conditions so having put it together and sorted the bridle lines we all took time on the line. This kite pulls up fast and then floats away taking even more line. I was flying on the 3.5mm spectra for ease of handling as opposed to weight considerations. This kite will be firmly on the list for light wind events. We have all been able to re-book flights to Austria on the 26th September so we will be able to attend the event! Just need to select the kites to take now. Felix
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  4. It did not actually rain today, saving it for Monday morning by the looks of it. Central Hackney was closed for the Carnival and I had decided not to make a big deal of making alternative arrangements for getting kites out and back. Just have a rest and reflect! We are still waiting to see how the BA pilot strike unfolds and whether our flights on 27th September will be cancelled and if alternative arrangements will get us to Austria for that weekend event. A week after that I will be travelling to Hamburg to collect a small group of kites by Peter Malinski who was working closely with Jørgen in the 1980s. We have two Malinski kites from Jørgen’s collection already so it seemed like an interesting addition. That will also be the conclusion of the collection as storage space will be full! Felix
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  6. Back to normal temperatures today but in the sunny conditions we still saw evidence of the Blackheath thermals spinning past us, not a real dust devil but windblown material looping about. Full Rev 1.5s with race rods and some relaxed and sometimes intricate no call flying. The rule is that no-one speaks and the evidence is of a concentrated effort to do nothing that is inconsistent. The kites ‘interact’ moving together and apart, rolling across the wind window and back, expanding and contracting the group as they proceed. Then the breeze dropped for a while and we selected the penultimate kite from the JMH collection to put together for the first time… This was the Flare kitestack 1987, 10 kites each kite measuring 100 x 140 cm, tails: wind drogues, total size: 1 x 1.4 x 27 metres. While the spars were quite light and reinforced with whipping at the notched ends the flying lines that run through the stack were substantial. I suspected that the overall loading would be quite high and prepared the spectra flying line accordingly. The first launch from the bridle was relatively benign, but when there was slightly more breeze and a long launch the stack really needed to be anchored, not a hand held proposition! I note that it has been recognised that 150ft lines could be useful for achieving better results in larger Rev style mega teams. Felix
  7. Joe Hadzicky suggested me to watch this video
  8. Could u post a picture of them please ? Thanks
  9. mine are mirrored as a left and right piece/tube, I choose to put the springs facing inside the frame
  10. Hi everybody, I’m newbie in rev kite. I bought a rev reflex 1.5 classic and in these days I’m trying to flying with that. I have a question about the setup of the spring. Watching the video tutorial, everyone put the reflex spring inside of the wing attaching that with velcro. It seems that my two rods have the same identical spring with any difference so I can mount a rod with spring inside of the wing and the other one outside of the wing. Any idea? thanks GG
  11. For a change the weather was back to summer mode today, unusual for a Bank Holiday weekend. We were on Zens with green race rods except in the lulls. I had brought a chair for those occasions! I knew that the JMH 1987 Delta kite was framed in bamboo and so we might be looking for replacement components or different framing. Given the size of the kite I was not able to pre-assemble it at home. There was a slight puzzle in piecing the frame together as one of the ‘notched’ ends had been put inside a ferrule. There were also two tent pegs in the bag and we eventually figured that the two loose lines at the front of the kite could be attached and pegged out stabilising the kite in preparation for launching. There was not quite enough breeze to get the kite soaring today but it was a good opportunity to get an understanding of the tow point options in light breezes. In the event I managed to break the spreader when hauling the kite around sharply after letting it float downwind. So now I really do have to find replacements! Happy to note that the WSIKF crew managed to get 100+ pilots flying together finally. Felix
  12. Hi Hippy Chippy ! 

    You probably won't remember me as it was 10yrs ago we met at Stokes Bay.You and some others helped me with my maiden flight :)

    Well I still have my Rev and I now live very close to S Bay.Do you or any of the other fliers still meet there ?

    I hope you are well.

    Take Care,Dave

  13. I'm here too after forgetting I had joined a little while ago.
  14. At the last moment I realised that there was going to be heavy rain coinciding with our usual arrival time on Blackheath so delayed departure. I was then able to finish putting back together the blue section of the 1985 JMH kite train that we flew briefly at Portsmouth last weekend before setting off. Light westerly/south westerly breeze so full sail 1.5s with race rods. I had expected stronger breezes. We put together two sections of the 1985 JMH train and had some good flying time before it became apparent that the last kite was regularly looping one way. Bringing the train down was easy and it was clear that an arch could be sustained. The trailing kite probably needs a stable lifter, long term, so I will set about finding the right one. In the meantime, a couple of the line loops that hold the kites apart failed so they will need replacing as well as a heavier duty repair to some of the eyelets. Looking forward to hearing news from WSIKF over the next few days. Felix
  15. The forecast played out surprisingly accurately. On Saturday the wind was about 30mph steady but gusting to about 50mph. We did not try to fly anything. On Sunday the breeze was about 20mph gusting to 30mph plus I think. We did do a number of ‘routines’ but were somewhat hampered by an underpowered PA system. Ashley did manage to call a routine for a small mega fly along the lines of the Italian black sail performance. It is quite long but I got the impression that it was appreciated by the audience as well as the fliers. I really did not feel confident about flying any of the JMH kites but we did set up half of the expansible box kite and I did eventually get to feel the strength of pull flying it without the bridle lines. I also put together one section of the 1985 Rhombus-shaped kites and found out why some of the lines in the bags were so severely twisted. That will need fixing in some way! Felix
  16. In revolution type kites, eyelets are broken out and material at the upper beam is broken. You can sew an insert and make new stitches or make a small modification visible in the pictures below. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNnpABUKyBGtusMgD7t_vUG58FeSgVTsnFpdOE8Ostp8kUX2ZL7WLcjybziraMVBA?key=WlE2OVBJSDRpNTdBMXEiUZVV0d https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMzRy4F2yDikHF9r3EwFva8okJccptAE9e5f9h6HbRaLD7JAnBHxd8cnzv8zG6RCg?key=NnFBLXdQVWF2cEP6VHFFHe https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNk7wx6MGky37GhDb-kEyaq4_RHD68MiNhTKUicYRSuUzEMsDnUoBbSipRnxVqRrQ?key=SS1VZVIzSXpNRjZQbHc0c0huS3daUDZRVTNTVVNn
  17. Writing this on Monday afternoon as I was busy dealing with images yesterday afternoon. It was a diverted outward journey to Blackheath because of the London Cycling event. Martin had set up a Zen on green race and that was entirely appropriate in the light SE breeze so we flew close, no calls for an indeterminate period of time. Then, as had been previously suggested, I started to put together the JMH Triple Malay stack 1988. During the course of the last week I had established that Jørgen had flown this kite at Washington, Tyne and Wear in July 1989. The Decs had attended that event but only really met up with Jørgen later in 1989 in West Berlin. As we constructed the ‘train’ it became apparent that it was probably going to be possible to fly it in the light breeze. We were constructing it ‘the right way up’ and the front kites were raring to go! It did fly at the first launch but it was clear that something was not quite right. Finally we saw that the front left sail had a tip wrap. Once this was sorted and then another couple of wraps were resolved the stack flew perfectly. It was extremely satisfying to put together a kite that had been made 30 years ago and which looks so good in the sky even against all the kites that have been designed in the interim. The forecast for next weekend at Southsea Common, Portsmouth does not look great at the moment but we will of course fly whatever we can over the weekend. Felix
  18. Just checking to see if any fliers are in the Sanford NC area. Just getting started and someone to fly with would be nice. Thanks
  19. Westerly 13-15mph gusting 20 plus so it really was at the limit for testing kites today. I waited for a lull and did manage to launch the JMH Flare kite from 1986. It has recently been spotted with Jørgen in photographs from the 1989 Washington International Kite Festival in the UK. I had replaced the missing lower spreader and was concerned that I had not made it tight enough against the retaining knots. Indeed, it might be that it was missing because it had fallen out in flight and not been replace at the time. There was a slight tendency for the kite to wander to the right but that was only evident in the strongest gusts. The rest of the time it was just pulling hard at the top of the window. Dull and overcast so no point in attempting to photograph it in the air. For light relief I switched to the Rev 1.5 RSS prototype with the full lightweight frame. All very familiar and relaxed despite the varying breeze. Next Sunday we have to deal with pre-Portsmouth logistics. Too much kit for one car really! I also have to figure out what to take apart from the team kites. Spoilt for choice. Felix
  20. There was a deluge on the M40 as we headed out for lunch and an after lunch stroll on Friday before the event. The selected accommodation seemed fine on Friday evening. Saturday weather was mostly dry but with a variable wind rolling over the field boundary of houses and trees. We did, however, manage to launch Expandable box kite 1996 after some helpful advice and energetic contributions from the gathered kite fliers who also confirmed the source of the design, Eiji Ohashi. It did not fly for long but we now understand the basics. After a brief fly of the late JMH Delta and the 1990 Parafoil we set about launching the JMH Della Porta: Nine squares 1993. I had added inserts to strengthen the main spars and we had time to accept advice on the bridle settings which entirely matched my perception of how the kite had behaved previously. Finally we reduced the tail load by one half, looping one of original tail ends back to the other attachment point. We achieved a sustained stable flight before running out of field area. Saturday evening meal at one of a number of local curry houses was rather good but there was a loud event back at the pub where our overnight accommodation was located. On Sunday the breeze was slightly lighter but just as variable. There was not enough consistent breeze to get both of the parafoils launched within the confines of the site but we did get the anchors and safety line configuration established. We flew two of the three meter Rokakku kites with heavy spars over two sessions along with the late delta as well. We noted that while we could have flown the Rev kites during the course of the weekend the conditions were really not likely to have made for an interesting or constructive experience. Most of us were off site at about 5:00pm just after receiving an award for team effort over the weekend. Felix
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    Joe, It was an honor meeting you and chatting with you this weekend.
  22. Arrived soon after 10:30 am which was about the time that Jake had suggested he might get to the heath. We had not had the chance to fly the JMH kites together for some time now and this was an opportunity to check some of the kites we may be able to fly next weekend in Shropshire. First up, almost was the 8 diamond Della Porta. Not quite enough wind again but it is clear that this ‘composition’ is completely viable. The 1990 Parafoil which I have been partly re-bridling was then launched in the light NE breeze and performed very well indeed. We removed the old ‘cut’ and repaired’ lines and I will leave any fine tuning until I have measured the profile of the larger 1991 kite. Next up was the late delta with the light wind frame, mostly for Jake’s benefit but I really like flying that kite so was happy to have the opportunity again. Finally we put together what had been known as the 1988 expandable box kite with 60 cells but it was missing any bridling set-up. It was clear that this could be part of a larger composition and on checking the other bag back in Hackney it is obvious that it was the upper half of the kite from 1996, with 120 cells. We will hope to get the whole kite together next weekend in Shropshire. It will be worth the effort even if it does not get in the air. We didn’t quite manage any rev flying on this occasion but I am sure that we will do a bit next weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Felix
  23. Better late than never indeed! Welcome to the forum.
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