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  2. No repeat performance today after last Sunday! It did not look as if we would have any flying today but at 10:30am the radar was no longer showing heavy showers approaching from the South so we ‘took a chance’. Full sail 1.5s with Race rods mostly in the NW breeze before the rain arrived again. So that was our token OSOW effort for another year… I note that last year Chris Murphy first visited us on the second Sunday. It looked as if we had much more flying on that occasion! Felix
  3. Earlier
  4. Sunshine to start and with a light northerly breeze we were flying into the sun. Zens with green race to begin with… We then set up the two four stacks and ‘everyone’ took them for a spin. I managed to get a couple of photos as well! High cloud had moved in by this time. As the wind was occasionally dropping down I decided to join the stacks and try the longer handles on the full rig. Forward flight was really not happening when the handles were on full forwards. I will be interested to try this setting in a ‘higher’ wind speed in due course. Everyone got to fly the full stack and I am hoping that we can do a ‘repeat performance’ next Sunday for OSOW… Felix
  5. monkey

    Forum moved to https/SSL

    Just a quick note, I have moved the URL of the forum over to https for better security. No action should be required on your part but, if anything behaves oddly, just let me know :-)
  6. awindofchange

    rev 1.5

    You can never have too many Rev's. If you can, do it. The XX is awesome and the new Reflex Technology on all the new Rev's works excellent. You won't regret it.
  7. martinjames

    rev 1.5

    hello everyone , i have rev 1.5 I would like upgrade I fancy the rev x x I have only been flying revs for about 6 months and I'm pretty confident is this a good time to go for upgrade what would you recommend thank you Martin
  8. Sunny to start with a light westerly breeze c10:30am. I set up the full eight stack of Rev1s as at Dieppe but found that the ground surface was less consistent and provided less grip so quite quickly opted to split the stack into fours… MW was more than happy to fly the four on the 200lb set of lines while I checked over the shorter 300lb set that I used to use on the six stack. After some considerable corrections to this lineset we had the two four stacks in the air for quite some time before setting about team kit maintenance. Switched green race leading edges back into the 1.5 JMH full vents, re-installed diamond leading edges in the 1.5 JMH full sails and de-spared the Not Zens for winter storage… Then, back to the four stacks for a short time. I had used a set of 15 inch handles for the 300lb lineset and found the extended range of movement to be advantageous as expected but without feeling too risky with ‘full on’ power. I will try them on the full eight when the opportunity arises, in a lighter breeze! We did witness ‘popped’end caps so might want to tighten the LE bungees at some point… We may have the full contingent of Blackheath regulars on site next weekend! Felix
  9. REVflyer

    Back in the air

    Reflex tech is simply a space between the sail and the frame, to increase the glide and add a more aerodynamic 3/d curve into the sail as opposed to OVER the leading edge. Imagine the difference between a dinner plate and a frisbee, if you kicked both off of a table?,... one would fall immediately and the other would glide some distance as it penetrates the wind more effectively. An example,... Bazzer's new design (Phoenix) has a great "falling leaf trick" almost given away free because the glide has been removed by the attachment method of the end-caps on the top of the down spars at the back of the sail. The Supersonic has a pronounced curvature OVER the leading edge. It will dead launch and have a better glide by comparison. The Reflex is just more of that 3 dimensional airflow action, but you can do the same type of thing with altering the knot placement for tensioning the sail (such that they are rotated underneath the leading edge and the down-spar connection at that point) on a B-Series or a Rev old-style. You restrict that end-cap's movement with an additional bridle leg, so it can NOT wiggle regardless of pilot flailing or impacts with Mother Earth. A good glide should allow you to throw the kite parallel with the ground for some measurable distance, just like a frisbee. You can practice w/o the strings affixed and compare the glide of different models. how does it come from the factory and how could it be improved by the pilot's own individual efforts? You can't have a great falling leaf available if your kite will throw & catch effortlessly, they are incompatible techniques, pushing one extreme eliminates the other eventually. My hand fits in-between the sail and the frame on almost every rev shaped kite I own, from high winders to indoor models, not touching either side.
  10. Felix


    I had hoped to sort the team kites today as the last night that we were in Dieppe was the night fly so we had made up a temporary ‘small’ bag… The weather forecast had not been looking good all week and this morning it was very wet but without the high winds originally expected. Suffice to say sorting the kites will have to wait another week, at least; the current forecast for next Sunday is not great! Time to think about the schedule for next year. It looks as if we will not be needed at WSIKF to make up the numbers… Given the potential cost that is a ‘good thing’ really. There may be some more interesting projects developing closer to home, post Moscow… Felix
  11. Travel to Dieppe went smoothly and we had a chance for a stroll around town before registration and heading off to the gite in Puys. We had varying numbers of fliers for the first three days but then were settled on eight from Tuesday morning onwards. I had tentatively hoped that the opportunity to rig a stack of 8 Rev1s would arise during the week. We duly tied two linked 4 stacks and the first fix was very successful. I flew the stack alongside the 1991 20sq meter JMH parafoil which was a great sight. The graphics on the JMH Rev 1s work extremely well in the stack… The post Moscow project got an airing on Friday evening reasonably successfully but the ‘joke’ title of the group in Moscow needs to be discarded without delay. Curious to be flying moves that I drew back in 2010, finally. We did not get to do the full Dutch Windmill which was first flown at Portsmouth… Great to be flying in a large group with consistent ‘graphics’ but there is massive opportunity to create something much more exciting than plain black! Our journey back from Dieppe on Sunday was slow after arrival in the UK. It took almost an hour to get out of the port at Newhaven and the M25 was blocked so we had to do a cross suburban route back to Blackheath and the Blackwall Tunnel… Felix
  12. makatakam

    Back in the air

    The new kites can't do some of the old stuff and the old kites can't do some of the new stuff. There are always design limitations -- compromises which can't be avoided. Which you prefer, new or old design, will eventually become clear depending on your flying style and what you want the kite to do. It's a journey of discovery that will last a lifetime. Come on in. The water's fine.
  13. awindofchange

    Back in the air

    I have both the XX and the Rev 1 (actually have 4 Rev 1's including two Segwicks). The XX is definitely easier to fly in light winds, has better glides, hovers better and can dead launch. Some of it is the sail design, some their newly designed rods but most of it is from the Reflex Technology that Rev has incorporated into all of their kite models now. This allows the kite to have much better performance in light winds as well as better performance overall, especially when stalling the kite or dropping the sail out of the wind. The Reflex design is a huge breakthrough in quad line flying and design. Makes all the older quad designs that don't have the Reflex Technology old-school, outdated and obsolete. The standard rods/sails that you find in the older Rev models is Revolution's original kite design that is 30 years old. There has been so many advancements over the last 30 years in components, carbon fiber, computers, sail design, models etc... Revolution has continued to push the boundaries with their innovative designs and their new Reflex Technology really brings quads out of the past and into the future. If you fly any quad line kite that doesn't have the new Reflex Tech, even if it is being touted as something "new", its still based off of 30 year old, outdated technology and will never have the same performance as the Reflex.
  14. makatakam

    Back in the air

    The more the total sail area increases and the total weight decreases the more chance that the kite will fly in lower speed wind. There are other factors involved, but these two are the major factors to consider at the outset. Obviously, if you attach a bowling ball to a Rev II it won't get off the ground. If you attach a feather to a Rev I it will appear to be zero hindrance to flight. So, knowing this you can do one or the other or both of two things to fly in lighter wind. Increase the sail area. Decrease the weight. Or both. If you increase the sail area, however, you are also increasing the weight by the amount of the materials added, additional frame lengths, sailcloth, more robust connectors to handle the additional stress of greater sail area, increased bridle leg lengths, etc. Another factor is the weight of the flying lines the kite has to pull with itself. So the simplest way to make a kite fly in lighter wind is to leave the sail area as it is and decrease the amount, weight and/or size of some or all of components (including the sail material, but that gets into somewhat complicated aerodynamic theory regarding how and where it can be done) so as to reduce the overall weight significantly, but not to the point where structural integrity is severely compromised. So, how is this done. Here's some ideas to play with. What is the minimum length of connector necessary so it doesn't fall off when I tug sharply on the lines (assuming the bungees are properly tensioned)? How much bungee do I need to keep the sail tensioned? How much less weight does the kite have to drag around if I use shorter lines? Do I need a 200-pound bridle to fly in 1-mph wind? Do I need 90-pound lines for that wind? Can I use thinner, smaller diameter frame members? I'm sure you can think of more. If you want to play with this and don't want to hack up a kite you already have, buy a cheap "beater" and go to town on it. Modifying a kite to improve performance is how you become one with the understanding of what makes it work. Just don't forget to have fun as you do it. Don't let the drive replace the joy.
  15. mbkite12

    Hot water

    I have been detailing cars as a hobby of mine and I found a post from a Canadian who worked for the power co. any way he was researching how to remove salt water from power lines from soaps to chemical he posted the only thing that works 100% is hot water just thought I would pass this on for all the beach and ocean flyers
  16. mbkite12

    Back in the air

    Would you say the xx is a bit better than the rev 1 for low wind I don't see the rev 1 for sale any more and want a low wind kite but can't afford the zen and not sure the zen is still made I have been off the forum for many years but want to get back up to speed thanks
  17. awindofchange

    Back in the air

    The XX is larger than the 1.5 series kites but it is quite different than the Rev 1. The sails and frames are not interchangeable. I like the XX a bit better than the RX as I find it has a little better precision and handles the lighter winds better. Both are very fun to fly and usually my mood is what picks which kite I pull out of my bag.
  18. mbkite12

    Back in the air

    Well for at least 1 week per year few questions my son just got the rx and the xx both kites fly great but my son likes the rx better he is a pretty good flyer muck better then me my question is the xx a rev 1 with new springs on the sail I do like it just was wondering we also have vented mid vent standard solid b kites an exp and a blast love them all
  19. makatakam

    Upright vs Side Hover Aerodynamics

    The differential in distance is greater from side to side than it is from top to bottom. In other words, the distance between the control lines on the left and right is greater than the distance between the forward and reverse control lines. This allows a more efficient angle of attack. You can hold an upright hover in the same wind speed if you bring in the top lines toward the handles, but you would lose control ability in other aspects of flight. As always, it is a compromise of adjustments that allow optimum performance. You can't have all the extremes at once, and once you go beyond any extreme flight becomes impossible and the kite falls from the sky. The surface area of the airfoil doesn't change, but its shape and orientation to the wind flow do.
  20. REVflyer

    Upright vs Side Hover Aerodynamics

    because the wind can blow for a longer amount of time on the sail when the kite is laid out on it's side inverted? the weight of the leading can "drag" the kite along for the ride (the glide) Upright hover is the least effective orientational use of the airstream
  21. When I fly in very light winds, which will not sustain an upright hover, I can sometimes use a left or right side hover and remain aloft. Why is this? The sail area doesn't change so why is the side hover able to remain flying when upright cannot?
  22. Travelled to Kendal on Friday and on Saturday walked out of Sedburgh up Winder on a circular route. Later in the day travelled up the River Brathay valley and over the Wrynose Pass. The cyclists that we saw at the top of the pass travelling in the opposite direction looked very excited to be heading downhill… It was a brief re-introduction to me of Cumbria. On Sunday we stopped off at Lytham St. Annes to see the event in action before heading back to London. We are all set for the early start on Friday heading to Dieppe! Felix
  23. guido maiocchi

    Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    Hi all, in the month April and August we published the following videos: 1 April: MI 20 – Lift - COMPULSORIES FIGURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWrnhs21dzk&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=162 for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 4 August: Ballet 2001, Classic Music (BALLETS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnq7gI4T3wg&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=139 for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/106-fly4funballet.html 4 August: Ballet 2001 with stick, Classic Music (BALLETS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOErdEE1S7Y&index=140&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/106-fly4funballet.html ciao ciao Guido
  24. There was only going to be a narrow window of opportunity today before the rain arrived. The southerly breeze was reasonably consistent probably 8-10mph so mid-vents with race rods felt comfortable most of the time. Still getting to know the 15 inch handles on a new set of leaders but there were no issues today. At the end of July Blackheath was brown underfoot. It is now mostly back to a new growth of green. The rain started soon after 11:00am and is still steady in Hackney at 12:30… Felix
  25. Capgun

    Help with a Sail...

    Thanks very much! Will do!
  26. Big Bri Pork Pie

    Big Bri says Hi

    Lets see what happens on here. Hello all,had some years and bad times that would frighten John Wicks bodyguard or a Riot Cops/Police Horse. As Forest Gump says,-HIT HAPPENS. Ile open his box of chocolates and see what i get. As Wayne Dowler put it.I am out my cave. I dont think ive smiled,realy smiled for years.I have sat and thought for many an evening thinking. Well, what next Big Fella.Maybe the shock,Doctors,Health,and massive change in life as i knew it ,was my good times.Nope,keep going and think what made you Happy.Eassyyyyy answer.I dont mean Tom Greenfield[aka easy tom] btw. Although ,Tom helped me,perhaps more than he realised and a few others. Best medicine in the world,if your able.Get your Kite Bag out and get going again.Took me some time to realise it.Restarted my life, now i am out my cave.I am about three months in now and finding my feet and true passion.MAN,Its changed in 5-6yrs.Whos who and whats what.Forums are all quiet,many gone,i hate Facebook,it realy is the Devil.Lets leave it at that. Some great people make it such a joy of a Journey.Some great kites in your hands bring that BDG again. Hart attack,hart opp,Diabetic issues,breathing problems,a weird disease that surfaced after Kite Party 2008 has now aged my tendons and at 53yrs old, its had 15 yrs to dig in.Docs said to me i am 1 in 8millon,its unsual if yr over 60,.So im super Special the consultant/specialist announced. Tell me something i dont know was my reply,we are all special,so crack on and show me how special you guys are.My,Knees,ankles elbows,fingers and most bits that move are not happy about it ,but while i still can.GET THEM REVS OUT. BTW,i am a Rev flyer and thers only one Revolution. Big Bri,with his Pork Pie .
  27. Big Bri Pork Pie

    12/08/2018 After Portsmouth

    Hello Felix, Be nice to catch you at Lytham Felix .I hope to make it.Just up the road from me as you know. Wigan Vs St Helen's on the Friday evening and the Lytham Night flying is a torment. A consultant Saturday morning holds the key to my visit for the weekend.He may have to have a team of wild horses if its nice and blowing an8 or a prescription with,Go to Lytham Kite Festival on it .Have a safe trip.Catch you soon pal. BBPP
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