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  2. So we were finally able to go to Blackheath and fly kites today. The last time was the first weekend in January! The forecast had been good during the week but it looked as if the windspeed was likely to be less than originally suggested. When I arrived at 10:15am there was very little air movement but having walked to our usual location and looked around a slight breeze kicked in from the NW. I set up a Zen and was soon joined by Martin and Maggie but the wind was intermittent. I had hoped to fly the late JMH Composite Kite (Della Porta): Four Squares but had also taken the Peter
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  4. So the weather wasn’t really good today, the last lockdown day for the time being. I will now be closely following the forecast for Sunday 4th April when we will fly kites on Blackheath for the first time since 3rd January 2021. Work on the Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train continued and the two 12.5m fuzzy tails are cut and ready for the final 105cm lengths for the kite attachment legs to be made. That will be a quick process by comparison. The 10cm strips were folded and sewn, cut and then finally sewn flat again. There was a slight mismatch with the 1992 not zen layout and the Rev
  5. I did manage to catch the online Kitemakers Conference contribution from Frank Sazama on Saturday afternoon and later the end of Scott Skinner’s session. Interesting to catch technical details in both cases and also to wonder about the documentation of the Jørgen Møller Hansen and Peter Malinski kites restoration process. I think that I have probably recorded just about enough of the process to date. I think that we should be able to fly kites next Sunday but cannot find any clear indications yet that it really will be possible. <Edit:- 28th is still under lockdown which ends on 29t
  6. So, two more weeks remaining for the current lockdown. Elsewhere in Europe things appear to be getting worse again and the Cervia beach is off limits from Monday. I cut out the Hexagonal Train centre fitting but have not drilled it yet. I have been contemplating making tails for the missing sails. I’m not yet sure how the fabric was cut into the fringe edge wondering if it was a hot knife, blade or scissors? Whatever is was, a fair amount of work will be involved. Shropshire Kite Festival at Cleobury Mortimer is set to go ahead on the normal weekend of 17th-18th July 2021. I’m g
  7. OK thanks for the info just want experiment with some options.
  8. many manufacturers offer frames or materials which are compatible, none compare to these originals, good luck in your search
  9. The fabric samples duly arrived and I slightly amended the colour values drawing hoping that the one missing sample will be available and in line with expectations. Dieppe has announced that it will be going ahead at the previously given dates in September but that international travel may still not be possible. Not exactly an encouraging idea really but a local event may be better than nothing. Over the last few weeks I have been somewhat envious that it was possible to fly kites on the beach in Cervia but now they are being locked down for two weeks or maybe more likely, until Eas
  10. Well THANK YOU very much revflyer I have been looking everywhere for info on them. I think I will try and get a set of black race frames if possible . That being said is there any other alternatives . Are the Djinn frames compatible with revs 1.5 ?
  11. I'm thinking,... it might be only from the used market, discontinued in the discount rack or all three items have reached an evolution into something else entirely, you'll have to chase retail merchants and tell no one if successful weight of a Race (black) is equal to a 2 wrap professional frame, but with the strength of 3 wraps green race has an overcoating to make 'em stronger still, a guy Rich Comras (unfortunately now deceased) complained that black race tubes broke under water, so Ben D'antonio offered a solution,... Green Race I think it's kevlar paint or some high-tech soluti
  12. Soon, turns out to be the end of March, which is when, subject to continuing success in the reduction of pandemic numbers we will be able to meet in a small group and fly kites. This news came almost at the same time as an announcement from Artevento that the dates for the next Cervia event would be 25th September - 3rd October 2021. This gave me hope that things would be returning to normal but of course there are many details to take into account before booking that flight. Split rings have been applied to the second 24 set of sails and the second set of tails have been checked an
  13. Hi all! So this is my first Rev kite flight ever, flying a single-vented NYM. Winds were typical for PA, gusting from near 0 to about 20, but it handled them all like a champ. How'd I do? Thanks to Dave at Kite Connection for helping me choose.
  14. There is a possibility that meeting a small group for outside sports activity will be allowed again soon. The announcement may occur on Monday evening; tomorrow! The Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train replacement sail is almost complete. Just the centre fitting to cut and drill and the main flying line attachments sewn. I’ll then have to fit the split rings on this set of 24 sails. It will be a fiddly task but, I think, worth the effort long term for ease of attaching/detaching the tails on the field. I am hoping to be able to get the 1992 Rev1/Zen project properly under way in the n
  15. I have been looking everywhere for information on the green and black race frames , have also heard of the diamond frames. Any info would be great . Wind ranges ,Weights, How tough are they compared to say two three or four warp? Any info would be very much appreciated . Thanks ,Dave
  16. Yes Jim, I would be interested.
  17. An icy week was somewhat lifted by the invitation I received on the Monday morning to arrange an appointment for my first vaccine injection. Duly arranged for Friday morning a 10 minutes walk from home across London Fields and dispensed within a matter of minutes by one of about a dozen medics assisted by many others. No cycling this week because of the ice… The second set of the Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train are in better condition and only two pockets needed attention. There were, however, no split rings on the tail attachment loops. I have ordered more as I think that attachin
  18. I took deliver of a 1992 Rev 2 sail on Monday 1st February after a search for a Rev 1 sail that has been progressing slowly since last May. The project was to get a set of the Jørgen Møller Hansen 1992 design re-made in the Zen format. I had not remembered that there might be a problem in re-creating the graphic as it had been somewhat compromised in the manufacturing process. Jacob duly advised that this was the case. So with reference to the Rev 2 sail, the images that we have of the Rev 1 sail and a measured representation of the Zen profile I set about adapting the graphic to the r
  19. Just sitting here years later and thinking, this kite is spending too much time in the bag, any interest out there? I could be persuaded to let it fly from my bag to yours. . .
  20. If there is any interest, I have a 20th Anniversary Special Vented that is unflown and signed by Lolly. It's just sitting and not getting any air time - if there is any interest let me know. Pictures available upon request. MagicSticks available and installed - it's ready to fly, includes special 20th Anniversary patch bag.
  21. Hello guys, I am new to this forum and got a question. Somebody offerd me a Revolution EXP. This is an old model and there is no brand seal on the rods. He says this is because it is an old type. But i have a rev 2 which is much older and there are still brand logos on every rod. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, Leen
  22. Another lockdown week has passed quite quickly as I did succeed in re-arranging the kite room and work on the first set of the Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train proceeded smoothly. There are just two more spar pockets to fix and two flying line attachments on one sail. Then I can move on to the second set. I have to take the bicycle in for annual service this week. I have already discussed the work needed and I will have a complete new drive train in place by Wednesday all being well. As I cycle 5 or 6 days a week things do wear out so this is not a complete surprise. I realised tha
  23. Another lockdown Sunday and today the weather prevented a bicycle circuit. In younger days a sprinkling of snow would not be a deterrent but more recently slippery conditions are simply too difficult to handle. I have sewn 50 ‘spar boot’ pockets for the Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train and hope to start fitting them in the coming week. This will require some re-arrangement of the kite room and setting up a work surface with additional support for the bulk of the sails. I had hoped to place a new order for spars and fittings with Metropolis Drachen but they are having to adjust their
  24. Second Sunday in the lockdown and I did get out in the sunny conditions to do a near normal bicycle circuit. The parks were very busy so it was on the roads around Victoria Park. QE Park was busier than normal and the River Lea was fast moving although not as high as I have seen it. The package of kite components arrived from Denmark during the week and the presence of two 1cm D-rings led to some speculation regarding the JMH 120 cell Expansible Box Kite from 1996. The D-rings in it are rusty but I had cleaned and waxed them hoping to keep them stable. The PVC tubing has not started t
  25. Today was the first Sunday in the new lockdown and I did not get out on the cycle route as we had a broadband and landline outage. An engineer called first thing this morning to check that access to the termination point was available! During the week I received images of the Peter Malinski Hexagonal Train and we can now date it as 1987 or earlier. The images were from Sylt, Germany in spring 1987. I had started to look at the restoration issues and have purchased 10mm split rings in stainless steel for the tail fixing points and checked the tail configuration. More split rings and sp
  26. There was a bit of rain in the air on my way up to the Sun in the Sands junction but it had passed by the time I arrived on Blackheath. The NNE breeze was light but steady 6 rather than 8mph but I didn’t measure it. Full sail 1.5s with race rods were just right and we flew for an hour or so before the cold crept in to Martin’s finger tips. He was more than ready to stop but was determined that it should not be his call. I had taken the Hex Pilot kite that I made in 2019 and flew successfully last spring but was not inclined to get it any more ‘muddy’ than it is already. It was one
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