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  2. Low flat grey clouds occasionally thinned to fleetingly show the disc of the sun. There was a Northerly breeze which measured about 11 - 15mph once I found the magic key press on the new wind meter! It was initially showing ‘hold’. RSS Revs were fine until shortly after 1:00pm when there was a longer lull which provided a convenient hint that it was time for lunch off site. Terry Riley Assassin Reverie, Tread on the Trail played by Arte Quartett had just come to an end as well… Earlier we had put together the Peter Malinski Yakko Stack with a Peter Lynn pilot kite. I had prepare
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  4. Hi Rickie, In case you are interested it may be easier to see the blog here:- https://www.felixmottram.com/kiteblog/index.html The earlier entries are more Rev focused than those of late. The majority relate to Blackheath!
  5. Hey Felix thanks, I'll check the link, Cheers.
  6. Hi, sorry I had not seen your comment until now. We usually fly on Sunday mornings (as indicated by the dated entries) for a couple of hours. Generally a Rev session followed, more recently, by a Jørgen Møller Hansen or Peter Malinski kite fly... Festival attendance would usually impact our routine but here is a link to our recent activity:- https://www.felixmottram.com/decorators/eventpages/Blackheath_2020.html
  7. The week of the Dieppe festival in 2014 was sunny throughout but we were not there as a team. It was another sunny day on Blackheath with a fairly steady NE breeze, mostly about 8-10mph. Full vented 1.5s again were ‘on rails’, a pleasure to fly. After a Terry Riley piece ‘Tread on the Trail’ we had Bersarin Quartett, Methoden und Maschinen, Composer: Thomas Bücker on the sound system. Quite a change! Some of the silent calls worked very well today <grins>. On the JMH front I was hoping that there would be enough breeze for the 1993 Della Porta: Nine Squares. We had not pre
  8. Good evening from New Zealand, I have a Supersonic and need the leading edge to small carbon rod connector. Any help most welcomed. Kind regards Dave
  9. Another glorious September day, the last late summer burst of warmth spilling up from the south with a light SW breeze. I had been following the forecasts all week again and was hoping for the 10mph that the Met Office had been suggesting. We got a bit less. Even so, it was full vented 1.5 kites that we set up initially although a mid vent was all that was available for an extra flier today. There was a short called session with Bill Frisell providing accompaniment. The JMH project for today was to fly two of the compositions from the late 90s together as Jørgen had recorded them
  10. I had a Rev 2 years ago and wondered if one could be special ordered. Is it still possible to get a Rev 2 or B2 new?
  11. Hi Rickie, here you're a video where Joe Hadzicki explains the main differences between the use or not of reflex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDpyQWBLIA0 Cheers.
  12. A glorious September morning with a light westerly breeze, 6mph and gusting to quite a bit more occasionally. Zens with race rods were sparkly in the sunshine and similar to the clouds that started to form and melted away initially. Musical accompaniment from the start was Bill Frisell Valentine, a recent release! While I had originally expected to fly the JMH parafoils today, plan B, in the lighter wind was his 1995 Edo. The 17 bridle lines came clear with only one loop through so the kite was in the air in a relatively short time. Conditions were just about perfect for this kite
  13. Hi mam, thanks again for the tips and advice, will see how it goes next time out, Cheers.
  14. Try to fly in 5-10 mph wind until you have very good control. If you're fighting to stay airborne you're not developing the muscle memory to gain control of the kite's movement. Flying in less than ideal wind as a beginner makes it take longer to learn the basics, and you may pick up bad habits you'll have to unlearn later. Watch the video tutorials and know they are GOSPEL. Especially tuning basics -- use as much brake as you can and still lift off.
  15. Hey thanks i like all the aspects you mentioned with springs attached, i think it was too windy for a first flight, the kite was flying me instead, will try in lighter winds next time, when my flying improves will try it without springs i fly power kites, but need to get use to the rev but loving it loads, played with the spring a little and got them both even, it may have been bent slightly in a crash thanks again, Cheers.
  16. In the days before the springs and reflex everyone flew without them. You can fly with or without. They change the flight characteristics in some ways. Try it. The difference is not HUGE, but is more noticeable as you gain experience. The main difference is how the kite "floats" as you gain ground inverted, and being able to hover closer to the edge of the wind window. It does slow down some tricks and its desirability depends on your flying style. It does help beginners a bit with control as it makes the kite a bit less "squirrely" by slowing down its response to changes in wind speed. This c
  17. Hi nice blog, i fly often at Blackheath, i fly on the field near the Army Cadet Base, do you guys list when you'r going to the heath. cheers
  18. Hi all flew my new EXP first time today had a great time, but noticed one of my Reflex springs doesn't seem to have as much tension as the other one, may have been damaged in a little crash, it didn't come with a spare, but got two spars instead of one, no complaints, and has any (new pilots) or fliers tried to fly without the springs, and what is the difference in flight between the two modes. Cheers.
  19. Hi Mak thanks for the info, no i'm still on stock leaders at the moment, JB recommended a set of his leaders which i should get very soon, flew my EXP first time today it was a bit windy but got in a few nice launches a couple of crashes an a few ok landings and then it rained haha, watching all those youtube video's helped a lot, i fly at Blackheath Common, which is near Greenwich i live in south east London, cheers.
  20. If they are the same inside diameter they should be fine. I would use two or three wraps of 3/4" painters' tape to reinforce the end so you don't splinter the tube. Do the newer tubes have reinforced tips? I think the new tubes are a larger diameter and the caps may not fit inside. The old tubes are 1/4" ID. New tubes are 5/16", I think.
  21. 5-10 mph is ideal for a beginner. As mentioned you can't learn good control if you are struggling to just stay airborne. Also, low wind flying requires proper tuning which again requires more hands-on experience and additional brake (lines further out on the top knots) which is difficult to wrap your head around until you understand that the closer to perpendicular the sail gets to the direction of the wind, the more force it applies to the sail -- which is what keeps the kite in the air. Flying with maximum brake is difficult for beginners because the kite must be told what to do as opposed t
  22. Hi Teresa new here, i saw a post on another forum suggesting around about 10 mph is a good wind for the EXP, i have just received mine but haven't flown yet, i'm also a new rev pilot. cheers This is the post i hope this helps No kite is suitable for light winds - unless the flier's skills are up to it. It takes a lot to learn light wind flying and do it right. Skills - not equipment is the single most important thing needed. Too many have chased that demon and lost. Does this mean that the proper equipment is useless - of course not! In both dual line and quads, there are
  23. A similar forecast to last Sunday but the wind was from the North today and the cloud cover gradually thickened. Full vent 1.5s with race rods were fine again. We did manage to get the sound system set up properly so had the benefit of Bill Frisell for our final flying session which helped cover the background noise from the Bank Holiday fairground on the other side of the A2. Mr. Helicopter was unusually on our side of the road today doing all his trick flying but fortunately he didn’t stay long. It is a noisy machine. In addition to the Rev flying today we put together the Peter
  24. The forecast was for 10-11mph gusting maybe twice that and for fairly dense cloud and that is basically what we got although there were some brighter moments. Full vent 1.5s felt very comfortable and we even had a bit of jazz piano accompaniment by Andrew McCormack. A new one for me and might be interesting long term! For some reason the UE Boom 2s wouldn’t pair up which was irritating so it was a mono playback. I had hoped to fly and video the JMH Della-Porta: Four Rhomboids and while setting it up the wind dropped a bit. When the time came though, the anchored 40m of 4mm polyest
  25. Does EXP realistically fly at the low end of the wind range (4 mph) for new pilots? If not, what what be the lowest wind a new pilot can expect to fly in with the EXP Reflex?
  26. Hi all, A question. I have an older model 1.5 classic and just purchased the newer 1.5 classic with the reflex system. The older model has endcaps on the leading edge which have to be placed over the end of the LE. The newer model has endcaps that have to be placed inside (inserted into, so to say) the end of the LE. Both work fine with their respective kites. Now, the older model kite was also delivered with a superlight two-wrap frame. This obviously works with the endcaps placed over them - they were designed for that. Does anybody know if I can also use these two-wrap rods with th
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