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  1. Hello Everyone - guess who's here...... How is everyone?
  2. Ta-dah! Actually, I'm sitting here stunned that it's nearly two years since the Portsmouth/Bristol jamboree when I got to meet so many of you! Two years! Where on earth does time go.... eh?
  3. My sympathies, Felix. Fraser
  4. Hi All, John B: If buying more than one ticket, do we make more than one separate PayPal payment?
  5. Ach, go on then - just nip over for the weekend. No point in feeling bad.
  6. He can only do this stuff coz I told him how to at Portsmouth/Bristol last year.....
  7. I do??? And why would that be? (Which shouldn't imply that I would be in any way averse to buying an old bloke a pint... )
  8. I've been trundling around PA in it, looking for you, Aero....
  9. I most certainly did Chris, of course, so no need to apologise. Yeah I'm fine, though snowed under at work. Construction projects always have a bit of a sprint in their last third and when that's combined with the need to recover a huuuge unavoidable delay up front and a nutter client, there's no time for anything. Hence my apparent vaporisation. LOL I shall do my best to concoct some memorable one-liners to compensate (shouldn't be too difficult with Sailor/Pink Boy/Julian C still here, not to mention the 'I'll Die Before I Fly It' brigade still salivating over the latest artwork....
  10. Ach, I didn't realised you had replied! Sorry friend. Er.... no, thank you Sadly, the 'rich, well-paid'-ness is but an illusion, so probably not. I had hoped I might make Berck, but the aforementioned illusion coupled with my current project at work going totally ballistic put paid to all that. I find as my S.A.D. starts to lift now we are through our boring, grey winter, I am seriously missing everyone I met at Portsmouth/Bristol last year, so I think I must strive harder to make it south of the border this year. So anyway - how the devil is everyone? Fraser
  11. Yeah, like you need an excuse to wear pink.....
  12. It's not a homage - I'm actually like this!!
  13. Ah, c'moff it Jeremy - you're ripping off Julian Clary!
  14. He's only 50??? Never....
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