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  1. WHOOP WHOOP! I have a new addition to my family, a beautiful autographed, ghost Dare to Dream EXP!
  2. Here is a link to their website, http://www.parahawking.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=132&Itemid=152 and some stuff from their website, sounds neat. Parahawking is a fusion between Falconry and Paragliding. Falconry is a huntung sport where birds of prey are trained to hunt prey. Parahawking is different, our birds of prey are trained to fly with Paragliders and to guide them to the thermals. Parahawking also gives you a unique opportunity to interact with birds of prey in their own environment. Asia's vultures are in serious decline, in the last 15 years the numbers have dropped by a staggering 99.9% which equates to a loss of approx 40 million birds. This catastrophic decline is due to a veterinary drug called Diclofenac. This anti inflammatory drug is routinely administered to sick and dying livestock including cows and buffalo and has proven to be very effective in reducing pain and suffering. However, when the animal dies with Diclofenac still in it's system, the vultures that feed from the animal carcass will ingest remnants of the drug which is poisonous to them and kills them within 24 hours. Vultures are important in our society, they play a vital role in our ecosystem by cleaning up all of the dead animals that would otherwise be left to rot. Millions of tonnes of animal carcasses are disposed of each year across Asia, which if not cleaned up, would pose a real risk to human health. Asia's vultures are declining faster than the Dodo and could be extinct in the next 5-10 years, unfortunately not enough people know about the problem. Vultures are considered to be quite unsavory creatures because of this, these prehistoric looking birds are difficult to empathize with. We want to change that! Parahawking provides a unique opportunity to see vultures in a different light, to understand about the importance of them in our society and to learn about their behavior in the wild. Parahawking is our mission to raise more public awareness to the plight of Asia's vultures and in doing so halt the decline and prevent their extinction. We support vital Vulture conservation projects in Nepal, We donate 10 Euros from every Parahawking flight to Vulture conservations projects. For more detailed information go to: Vulture Rescue - www.vulturerescue.org Himalayan Raptor Rescue - www.himalayanraptorrescue.org
  3. The plan is for me to get a paramotoring setup next year, I'll have to fly over and visit you CJ. I think it would be super cool to fly with some birds like that!
  4. This made me think of you CJ.
  5. Towing a skate with a Rev is awesome, way to think outside the sail.
  6. I have yet to really fly with the crew, a min or two in Yachats when I took a break during the kite fest and some time practicing with Brett but that's about it. Is the name set in stone, I kinda think "The Free Agent sQuad" has a good ring to it. anyways, thanks once again for showing up to Yachats and wowing the crowd, I flew my newly completed 10 Bol' yesterday and the weather was exactly the same as the kite festival, I couldn't help but think of that day... such great memories.
  7. Yesterday the NYPD arrested over 500 people on the Brooklyn Bridge and shuttled them around the city for most of the night in city buses. Right now I am watching people from Spain explaining how they went about their revolution, I thank the world for helping us to change.
  8. There is an interesting social movement going on in New York. For over two weeks now Wall Street has been peacefully occupied by a large crowd of people protesting the financial practices that have brought upon this recession. The mainstream media has reported little to nothing of what is happening. Live video feed is streaming on http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution?utm_source=lsplayer&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=footerlinks.
  9. Nice and shiney, looking good Walt.
  10. Thanks for the vids, I was out flying the other day and I thought of them so I tried an axel and I pulled it! I practiced for a bit and pulled quite a few thanks again for the inspiration.
  11. Glad to hear you had fun, practice practice practice and watch the Kitelife tutorials a lot. I love my EXP, I've had it for three months and while I would like a B I think that I still have a ways to go before I really need one. Equalizing your lines and making/buying adjustable leaders will make a huge difference in how your kite handles. I read all the threads and watched the tutorials but didn't do any of the changes until I flew with some people and I am glad I did, it helps.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvwA2dsfxM Some footage That Milo Graamans took of The Yachats Kite Fesival.
  13. I just wanted to extend all the thanks I have been getting from everyone. To everyone who came down to the Yachats Kite Festival the thank you's and statements of wonder and awe are pouring in, if you I missed anyone please tell me so they can get credit The Free Agent sQuad: Connor Doran Amy Doran Wayne Dowler Seth Dowler Katrina Null Kevin Vogel Anne Vogel Brett Howard Bri Howard Scott Abott Brett Morris Diane Morris Rick Winkle Ray Lee Lisa Root Bud Root Gordie Fry Rick Brown Mike Macdonald Large Kites and Ground Displays: Dale Ray Kelly Bruland Team Suspended Animation: Ray Hertz Ed Paulson
  14. You got my votes, that dragon kite is one of my favorites!
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