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Global Rev Count.


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Hi, everyone.

First post for me. Just registered 30 minutes ago. Was cruisin' glidin' around and came across this thread. Here's my pitiful, but hopefully expanding, addition to the global count:

1 blk/red 1.5 sle

1 Phantom full vent

1 blk/red Supersonic

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I'm down one, for a good cause. I learned on a red/white/blue 1.5 SLE last year, and had it in my bag. A good friends' kids spent some time learning to fly with me on the beach this vacation, and I decided to pass it on to them. I figure it's ready to teach someone else.

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The little B2 is gaining some fans .... and I agree, I love the dang thing

I second that ! tongue.gif Here, here ! big_beer.gif

I just spent a week at the coast, and I hate to say it, but I flew the B2, the entire week. I never took another Rev, out of the bag. confused_1.gif

Had great winds too..............10 - 25+ mph, all week long, and man, that thing is fast, and all with black race rods ! smiley-blushing.gif

Never saw any reason to change them.............smile.gif Yeeha !

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Hmm, if there really is any one keeping track of the totals..

Aw heck, just fun to compare and maybe brag:

Rev II - vintage solid Raspberry :kid_loved:

Rev II - vintage solid Turquoise :kid_loved:

Rev 1 - std :wacko:

EXP :)

Rev 1.5 SLE mid-vent, black rainbow :kid_loved:

Rev 1.5 B std, black and lime :kid_loved:

Rev 1.5 B full vent, black rainbow :kid_loved:

Seven (7) total! Wow, they really keep sneaking into your bag.

Wish list:

Rev 1.5 B Pro set with my custom colors. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

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Whew, updated!

Reef Runner - -3 (7)

Crowsong - +2 (8)

ahofer - +9 (20)

tommylurvebus - +1 (5)

Maggie - +2 (5)

jose - +4 (4) <-- NEW

Elix - +1 (1) <-- NEW

Khal - +4 (4) <-- NEW

Exile - +5 (5) <-- NEW

Joe B - +2 (6)

mbro - +1 (2)

Puppeteer - +4 (14)

makatakam - +3 (3) <-- NEW

LS Kite Stakes - +2 (7) <-- Formerly RS67Man

jimfielder - +1 (16)

bartman - +1 (6)

HedgeWarden - +1 (7)

hyzakite - +2 (34)

kairusan - +1 (4)


2,478 Revs between 281 pilots!

Thanks for your patience. :)

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Maggie: Have you had the chance to fly it yet?? Haven't had one vented to try!! Maybe a review??smile.gif

Hi Wayne,

I haven't had much opportunity to fly B2 vented, but did take it out in very strong winds (too strong, IMO, for a vented) and it performed well and was good fun. It came with a 4 wrap frame, but i have a race frame ordered. I'll post again when I have more experience with it. Must say that I'm very glad to have it in the bag.


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