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  1. Great flying! You make it look so easy to fly the Zen indoors!
  2. Nice article and thanks for sharing, Watty! I especially liked the vinyl end caps idea. That sure beats checking to make sure my glued-on eraser nubs haven't fallen off or eroded away! I've gotta try that...
  3. I didn't make any adjustments at the handles, but I did tweak the upper stacking lines a bit to achieve the opposite effect (less brake). That being said, I usually fly with a ton of brake so I don't think it was necessary to let any out in my case-- I actually had to shorten the upper stack lines to get the stack to launch.
  4. I have a fun clip with peppy music and while it's a little on the short side, I'll throw it out there to get things started.
  5. +1 custom colored Indoor for me!
  6. Joe B

    Rev Bag

    I'm looking for some reviews or at least more detailed specs on the official Rev bag (http://www.revkites.com/main/Rev_Bag) If you own one (or have seen one in person), what do you think of it? The largest Rev I own is a Zen and I don't want a bag that's overly large (the rest of my collection is all 1.5 size). I'm curious what the length of this bag is when it's wrapped up. Thanks for any info folks!
  7. I know, I know.... lucky ducks. I wish that was the closer of the two for me.
  8. Are any of you fellow Rev flyer's planning to attend the annual Callaway Kite Flight in Nebraska this year? I've never been before but will be going for the first time this year. Of course, it had to fall during the Antelope Island Stampede, but it is closer to me. Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone else will be attending. We have a large contingent of folks coming from Colorado although I don't know if any of our other Rev flyers will be able to make it. Hoping I won't be the only Rev guy out there!
  9. That was great! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for all the comments! Video is now up!
  11. I am just incredibly strong for my size, Pete!
  12. Last but not least... the last pic before taking it all apart.
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