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  1. I tried to add photos but had a problem, they are in my gallery. Maggie
  2. Thanks Felix, It was a lovely day.
  3. Maggie

    Margate 2011

  4. Hi Felix and Steve, Just to clarify! I was flying my Robertshaw with R,3,R_ R,R spars. R=Race!! ; Maggie
  5. Hi Felix, 2008 - 5 years ago today, flew my first rev. Priceless! Maggie
  6. Three way sprocket?? Please, please, lets keep it simple! Doing the sprocket with 2 groups of 6 would be enough of a challenge!
  7. Hi Felix, Any idea how many people will be at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park event. I'm hoping the owners of the 2 ground stakes I rescued at Portsmouth will be there! (I'm fed up with thinking about them!!) Not being a festival, this would be a great opportunity for anybody to improve their group flying, which many people i'm sure would agree, is so much fun!! <Big grin>!! Maggie
  8. Hi Vince, I agree! Have you seen the Miro promo on the Yorkshire Sculpture Park site, stunning. It's going to be a great weekend! All the best Maggie
  9. Hi, Just bringing this one to the top again, just in case the owner is looking in! Maggie
  10. And close to where the tents had been pitched. Maggie
  11. Hi, I have two ground stakes which were abandoned at Portsmouth kite festival. Anyone missing them? Maggie
  12. Whoops!! Hi Mark, Looking forward to flying with you again Maggie
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