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  1. The furthest I successfully throw is 50' with my Zen, everything else kinda poops out after that length! Easier on 30' with just about anything else, (my Zen doesn't like shorter than 50'), and mostly use it for my street gear.
  2. The original Reflex is the Zen's replacement, but not as big. It is between the Zen (Rev 1) and a 1.5 in size. Almost a Rev 1.25!! Had unique rods too, that only fit that sail. I'm sure a combo of Rev 1 and Rev 1.5 rods would have made it close for the LE, not sure if anything would be equivalent in any other series! From what I gather from the rumor mill - it sounds like the smaller Reflex 1.5 will be made in at least 3 versions - std, vtd, x/v. Wind ranges are supposed to be bigger, so maybe fewer sails to cover wind conditions?
  3. The bigger original Reflex is the Zen replacement. Got to fly one last year at an early festival. In super light winds - it more than held it's own with my SUL.
  4. Looks to be the only thing missing are those "fold strips" right where you bend the kite to wrap it up.
  5. I've kept my diamonds in my SUL, preferring bl. race in a std and mid. Then move to 3 wrap in a F/V and my green race in the X/V. Unless absolutely needed, I find the 4 wraps just a little too stiff for my liking! I use a hybrid mixed frame in my Zen of - 2 wrap center, black race wingtips and the Zen verts with a set of "magic sticks" to limit flex.
  6. Anything by LHSK should be fine, along with the Shook products. Not sure if the "new" Detox is included yet??? Think LHSK makes them?? All the masterpiece kites have a Rev logo on them somewhere I think.
  7. Rev forum, Rev global count, Rev products. Any other quads are somebody else's - not Revs.
  8. Then it becomes another place to hang up your rods on swapping!
  9. Got a feeling it has to do with the vertical's wear strip at the top. Not sure a "belt loop" style over the LE piece is needed, maybe just strips to protect the LE mesh from the vertical rod? Just my guess as to what he is getting at. The "belt loop" vertical strip represents just another possible snag point if you do things like axels.
  10. I just felt it really didn't belong as public, that's all. Felt like it just cluttered up the forum with stuff really not even on a kiting subject. Seemed like some were using their status updates like an email, putting personal things out there that had no kiting content. Just IMHO
  11. You would be pretty hard pressed to take my Zen away!! Even though the team doesn't fly them - I fly mine all the time! I much prefer it over my SUL to be honest, I like the more substantial feel on the end of the lines!
  12. Since Rev has used all the things that a Pro had - maybe they would consider making a factory X/V! For years I've been hearing that on the beach. Although the Spider looks pretty close to having enough vents to possibly qualify.
  13. One of the things I like about the setups is that they are so flexible in use. To me there is no "right or wrong" about it, just what works for you! That is why I included my list of normal setups - to give people an idea of what I use. I do fly a lot on the coast, but here in Portland proper, fly inland often. Or in the Columbia River Gorge to take advantage of the river winds. Our wind swings are more like a building or lessening as the day goes by, with some gusts, but not nearly as extreme as you describe. I have on occasion used 4 different sails on a single day! Some like frame changes, some use sail changes - it really comes down to finding and using the combo that works best for you and your conditions. My list isn't and wasn't meant as a "you must do it this way" thing, rather a guide to what I use and hope you can get some ideas from. Do you fly the "B" series? They were designed to have some flexibility in the LE. Having that flex allows the sail to belly out and increase control!! PS: the beach is a 2 hour drive from my house!! Don't get down there nearly enough!
  14. 4 wrap or double spars?? Never used a double LE yet and rarely use a 4 wrap. If it is gusty enough to need a double LE, then a full vent would be in order. While I don't believe a black race frame is the answer in all situations, I will suggest it is in a lot of them. And Green race too. Thing is practically indestructible under anything but extremes. They come standard in the New York Minute for that very reason - hard to break. I use my green set in my Xtra-Vent and had it in 30 mph before with no issue. There is a reason for all the models in a type - sails to match winds. So too the frames if you choose to do that. With a combo of 2, 3, 4 wraps, or Black race, 3, 4 wraps, or 3, 4, green race, you will have pretty much everything needed to match most conditions, Also remember that bl. race can replace 2 wraps and green race can replace 4 wraps if so desired - your choice of what you are comfortable with and use. Those of us that go the "race fits all" route, are usually those that are comfortable with more flex in our LEs. We know the limits of what the frame can take and myself, switch sails as needed. After a stroke, I have no desire to do the "superman" on sand or grass. I tend to be one of the earliest on the beach to switch to a more vented kite for that reason, I don't want to be pulled. I want precision. My own set ups - Zen - hybrid of mixed spars frame SUL - diamond frame Std - bl. race frame Mid - bl. race frame F/V - 3 wrap frame or Shook with bl. race frame X/V - green race frame As you can see I do like the race frame in a lot of my kites, but not everyone likes or uses it. Really depends on your style of flying. YMMV
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