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  1. No worries,apart from i seem to have sent aload of Pm replys to myself[ how did i manage that ],for those that know me.This will be f no supriseat all.Im not that PC with a PC,but it is a poor effort and excuse,which isnt my style at all.I have now resent ALL again i hope.Be gentle if ive messed the PM s up again though.Took me over two hours to reply the first time
  2. Deep Breath, Kite folk are so kewl ya know[99.99999% are] tell me/us somthing we didnt know. Listen folks,thers worse off than me by along way,a very long way.I Just have to take it easy[im an International at taking it easy].The physio Therapy is getting sorted properly now.The Doc/physio,shes a real beauty,A STUNNER[she isnt one of my new hobbies btw ,ive already worn my hips out years ago],which makes Physio a little less like torture.The specialist in the disease is awsome also.Wrtightington Hospital is a WORLD leader in this sort of stuff.Thers realy sick people travel from Hundred
  3. Hi folks,hope you are all ok and getting plenty,Truth is i feel a little awkward as ive not been on for a while and here iam selling stuff[ ]Ive PMd JB and hope its kewl with him.If not no probs at all. Truth is,im not flying much these days.Various reason realy,Family,health and other intrests.I also realy need some house room.No other reasons,just makes sense to get them flying,instead of being bagged up:) . Family- dont realy have any intrest now.Kids are at that age. Health-got some weird disease diagnosed a month or so ago.Had it a while[without whinging],its just worse now and does
  4. big bri


    One of the best ive seen my freind. I wana go and make one,,,,like now,its so kewl. Merry Christmas BRIAN...
  5. Im not counting the Gerups. Seeing that its the 10th none event ther,im not at all excited.After speeking with the Rev God,hes not bothered about it either BRIAN...
  6. Legendary kite builder/designer/artist,proper nice people.That kites epic Ben.l Gibian style.A style that stands out and you know its a Gibian or people that know.Know its a Gibian. CLASS RON BRIAN...
  7. SORRY,HAPPY B DAY BABE.......Better late than never BRIAN...
  8. That Rev pumpkin is epic mate,epic. I hate Halo bloody ween.Best parts all the old Dracula films and stuff.Kids nocking at the door every five seconds,toffee papers everywher and empty cartons.Glad its bin and gone . Roll on Spring BRIAN...KP10
  9. Hello good lookin,im fine my fav southerner how are you mate. Ile pick ya pm up and reply in a mo. Have a great weekend Bob BRIAN...
  10. Hello to you to darling.Ive missed ya. Been ghosting a little bit.Your posts always make me smile Laura. Have a great weeeeekend BRIAN...XXX
  11. LOL,Chris,thanks for the kind words.Ive had that said a few times in quite a few conversations .Nice tobe back mate,nice tobe missed sort ov. BRIAN...
  12. Thanks again for the warm welcome back/home. 12mths has past,,,,,,amazing. Felix,i dont own a diary atm.Although i have thought aboutcha.GEESE,many,many geese in formation.Arriving not going ;] Thanks for the welcome JB,i luv ya to Man.Glad tobe back onboard.Thanks for the welcome.Hows the Mrs,any kids? Madquad,hows it going my dutch flying freind.Yeh,no team stuff for a year.Only flown twice,maybe three times in total.Thanks for the hello Sammy,ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR,Ive missed you bud,hows the Liberty Crew.Hope Antman and Lauraare keeping you streight and away from those two lines pal.Thanks
  13. Hi Mike,the grips coulor suits ya mate.... Hope yr well mate. BRIAN...
  14. Hello Dave,hows it going mate.....ive mistya all.Hows the shoulder these days OLWD FELLA. Hi Jynx,looked at flights with Deb this morning,,,,,will be great to come over again.xxx Ben,your ears must be burning.Tony & Marie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?.Hope your well my freind.Nice pickie Jim & Lynn,ya always make me smile.Thanks for the pickie also.......we shall see if its doable again Thanks for the welcome back BRIAN...
  15. Hello everyone,its been a while.Hope your all gerin plenty. Had our first team fly for nearly a year on Saturday,,,,,,,, ......Missed my pals this year v much,but the practice even more and it shows. Just wanted to say a big Hello Everyone. The days of bad spelling,pork pies,gerups are back. BRIAN...
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