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  1. Thanks kwmf. Your speaking from experience with both kites, right? I've always respected your evaluations. You saved me purchasing the extra vent 1.5. I do like my B2 Vent. I'm kind of surprised that there isn't more feedback from those that have both the mentioned kites in their bags.
  2. When it is blowing hard enough that the sand is being picked up off the beach I usually put away my Vented 1.5 and switch to my Vented B2. But when it is blowing too hard for the Vented B2, is the Pro Extra Vent the next step? I was flying my B2 Vented to the sides and top of the window yesterday to minimize the pull. I measured around 25 mph with some much higher gusts. I would have liked something that pulled less because after 3 hours of wind and rain I was wiped out. I am wondering if anyone has flown both the named kites on the same day, in the same wind, and can give me a comparison. I drive to the coast maybe 4-5 times a year to fly so - - I fly no matter what the weather is doing. Wanting a little more top end capacity even though there has been only 3 trips I would have used it.
  3. My son and son-in-law kid me about how much stuff I document. Wait till they hear about you. My hat is off to you! I consider that to be very useful info.
  4. I'm not sure at what point in my developing skills that I added the music but it was pretty early in the process. I do know that I fly to/with the music and it is boring to me without. On my last trip to the coast I forgot my mp3 player and was willing to pay my son 3 hours labor to deliver it to me. Fortunately he suggested streaming Pandora with my new smart phone and that got me through the weekend. With music I can fly 3-6 hours and the time just flys by. Try it with music - you won't likely go without it afterwards.
  5. I have to agree with Rob. The Rev II is a kick in the pants. When there is enough wind that I don't have to baby it, it flys to faster music and is more fun than the 1.5 series. I'll pull it out before my 1.5 vented.
  6. With low wind I move a-lot but since I mostly fly 120's I don't try 360's or up and overs. I've only done a 360 once and it did not agree with my knee which has a broken acl. To me the fun wind speed is 3-5 mph. The energy in most of my music matches that speed the best. I can readily fly lower wind than that with my 1.5 standard sail but a fair amount of time is involved in gaining ground after doing some moves. Kinda takes me out of the music which is when I switch to the Rev I . It does not require as much effort to keep aloft in low winds but as we all decided earlier it is a sloooooow mellow kite. Maybe mellow will be easier to take as I get older.
  7. I do have four 1.5's and that is the style I fly mostly. One of them is a Ninja Eyes standard sail and songs have a real special feel with it looking back at me. I very seldom pull out the mid vent or the vented Barresi's since the winds here don't allow it often. Usually 1 to 5mph. When the standard sails get to be to much effort to keep in the air the Rev I fills the gap nicely. Just too boring. So if as I suspected the Zen is similiar to the Rev I for mellowness I definitly should not get one. Thanks to all of you for the information and ideas and for saving me the money of getting a Zen. Maybe the mentioned SUL 1.5 with lighter lines is worth a look.
  8. I originally ordered it with a two wrap 1/4" frame in it and that is the way I flew it for a couple years. I recently changed the middle rod to a 3 wrap and I like that combo a little better and it flys fine in low winds. Do you think the other rods you mentioned will change its personality much? I fly to Hard Rock or Heavy metal usually and the Rev I is just a lot mellower than my mood most of the time. I have a feeling that is probably true of the Zen but I havn't had a chance to find out. I like my Rev II's more than I like the Supersonic. I like my 2-4 a lot and the Supersonic has similiar flight characteristics but the SS also does not fit my mood most of the time.
  9. Yep. This was only on the off-chance that someone did not like their Zen after getting it and were in the mood for different flavors of flying. I may end up buying one but that would make me have 10 Rev's. Kind of a psychological barrier (marital) that I am reluctant to hit.
  10. Probably won't find any interest in this but I thought I would toss it out anyway. I have had a hankering for a Zen and since I don't often fly my Rev I or my Supersonic, I was thinking of seeing if anyone in the Northwest is interested in some kind of trade.
  11. For those who do this regularly - how important is it to have matching revs? I tried flying two Revs for the first time yesterday on 120's. WOW! It made me feel like a beginner again. The reason I ask is the closest match I have is an SLE and a Ninja Eyes - both full sail with race rods. The sails fill differently and I have to back up more to keep the SLE in the sky but I should be able to maintain the other with more brake and on the first several attempts I was definitely having difficulty with that. I'm sure that with more practice it will get easier like with all things Rev related. My guess is that this is an issue only when first learning to fly two at once. Have been watching videos of Steve De Rooy which inspired me to try. Anyway, I got a huge grin on my face trying this when I found out how much harder it is than flying single Revs one handed. Fun Fun Fun
  12. Thought I would let you know the results. I got the mirror that clips on glasses and it is made well and there is good vision behind you - except - unlike with a bike, we move our heads up and down and side to side constantly. It has a small angle of view so your head has to seek the right spot so it isn't like you can see someone coming up on you unless you focus and zero in your head angle. Much faster to look over the shoulder. I think I'm going to try it with a convex mirror like you glue on to car side mirrors just on the chance that it will show rear movement without concentrating on it. Might not work but I'm going to find out.
  13. Ok, this is a different question. I fly on a private road that has 4 houses towards the end of it. I fly with headphones in so I never hear cars coming up behind me. I do look over my shoulder often but when the music is real good I get into a zone. Permanent neigbors know that I can back up at any time or move sidways so they creep up until I see them in my Peripheral vision and I move out of the way. Visitors on the other hand will sometimes zoom past me and I have come close to being creamed a couple times. I really don't want to get crippled by impatient drivers so I'm looking for a solution. I've never used a bike helmet with one of those little rearview mirrors but I'm wondering if that would be a feasable answer. I fly with soft hats and also wonder if they will clip to one. Anyone have experience with this or tips?
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. I can't wait to see it in the sky. I've loved the eyes since I first saw them at Lincoln City 4 years ago.
  15. I just received a "Hot" Ninja Eyes. Looking forward to taking it out for its first flight but a question popped up in my mind. I fly in the rain a lot and before I take it out in the rain I just wanted to ask those that have this kite if they have had any problems with the painted portion bleeding when wet. Better safe than sorry and if I had to only fly it on dry days it wouldn't kill me. Anyone?
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