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  1. How much are you looking to spend on a set of used Pros? Bart
  2. Great! The more the merrier! I'll be in touch with people regarding the annual BBQ in a few months when announcements start getting made here from the organizers. Bart
  3. Looking for a festival next year? www.windscapekitefestival.ca has started selecting kite flyers for its 10th anniversary. Have a team or a killer solo act? Contact the organizers for a possible invite. They are always looking for new talent. Windscape is the largest kite festival in Western Canada. Flyers from around the globe have attended this festival. Even if you aren't part of a team or a solo performer, but want to come to the festival please do and please let the organizers know about you. There may be some perks you can take advantage of just for being there and putting your kites in the air all weekend. I love to see Rev flyers come to this festival as it's about my only chance to get some local team flying in. I also host a private BBQ the Saturday after the festival closes for the day, for my kiting friends and especially the Rev family. This BBQ is always a good time! So check out the web site and think about coming up for this festival. Hope to see lots of you there! Bart
  4. rmesm is in Spokane. He hasn't been on the site in a long time, but I know he still flys. Send him a private msg here on the forum and I will try to remember to email him at home tonight to have him check in here.Bart
  5. Anyone who is going to WSIKF this year or knowing someone who is there is a room available at the Mermaid Inn that I just cancelled tonight. Sleep 4 (on queen bed and two singles). Very clean motel. Very reasonable rates. 1.800.676.2601. Have fun on the beach and good luck with the grid! Bart
  6. At long last the full view video of the world record is out for all to see thanks to Kelly and Katrina getting it to me for processing and uploading. Thanks guys! Everything is here, all kites visible less the time for getting it in the air and back on the ground. Good luck to everyone to tries for the 100 this year at WSIKF. Bart
  7. Yes, exactly. Keep 'em busy. Easier on the body. I'd change it up as many times as possible in that 5 minute block as well. I might go so far as to suggest the first group "perform" dead centre in that 5 minutes before clearing the stage for group two to join and so on. From a visual standpoiint bringing in four groups of 25 will never look as smooth as rows going up because it will be more building block into corners. Combat that with using as much sky space as possible with each group going up with corners "shrinking" in as the sky becomes full. IE, group one performs as required. When group two is ready to launch group one forms up their quad in a top grid position wiating on group two to form their grid. At that point they perform as 25 in whatever logical fashion is dreamt up until group three is ready. Etc. Hard to properly put into writing what I'm getting at. Hope it makes some sense! Bart
  8. Personally I feel that the top 50 hanging out for 5-10-15 minutes is unrealistic even for experienced people. That is an endless amount of time to hover in a grid. Maybe they need to be performing something in that time frame that morphs into a larger and larger display as the quads come in. Bart
  9. Taken by Candace last year at Windscape. What is this all about? Give it a caption. Bart
  10. Yes people move around and not everyone is there all week so there will always be floaters in every group of 25. That fact will never change, but generally the more people that can stay on a specific "super team" the whole time the better I think. I think this for a couple of reasons. One, everyone will get familiar with the flyers in their group as to strengths and weaknesses so as a group a good spot can be figured out for each flyer and two, the grid building practice can be lead by four different super team leaders throughout the week at various times and places instead of random throw it up sort of things on the main Rev field here and there. Not to say the Rev field should not be used for practice runs, but there is lots of room to take a quad off to another spot for some practice so two or three quads could be up at once working out the kinks out of each others way. I think next year there could be some really cool stuff happening in the air because the majority of the people involved will have been in some form of large grid in the last two years so the concept is not new and the nerves are more at ease which opens the mind to take on something bigger both in number of kites and what "show" will be seen in the air. Doesn't all have to be threads and ball bursts. Bart
  11. I would be kinda cool to set up as many teams of 16 as possible the week of WSIKF and fly those as teams as much as possible (everyone has a team and sticks with that team so not musical chairs or as few musical chairs as needed there will always be people coming and going throughout the week). Each being their own "Super 16" and doing whatever the skill level of the group can do throughout the week. Come together for the big 100 push as required. Bart
  12. Personally I think a new thread to get this challenge going for 2013 would be appropriate, but I wouldn't nag about it if it isn't done. Bart
  13. I just want to add that I do not think this is the appropriate thread for this discussion because when it was started it was to stir up some good natured fun about the 64 and the header line just is plain wrong with it saying FAIL to be talking about the 100 kite attempt again. It deserves its own thread. Bart
  14. I like my mid-vent the best and find that I will fly it at the extreme low end of its ideal and the extreme high end of its ideal wind range before switching to the standard sail or the full vent. Personal preference has a lot to do with it. But it was the third kite I purchased like most people are saying to do. Bart
  15. Mid, not a std sail? I don't think he will be interested in the mid, but if you PM me a price I'll bounce it off him and see what he thinks. Thanks. Bart
  16. Let me know the details guys. He is specifically looking for a blue/black with the white centre. The standard stock variety basically. He might go with a black centre or the blue/grey theme, but he is interested in no other combinations. Thanks. Bart
  17. Just want to push this back to the top again. He is still looking for something if anyone is selling. Bart
  18. Email Shann about Windscape 2013 www.windscapekitefestival.ca Bart
  19. Hey Rich, what were you guys flying here last year in that hurricane? What percentage weave? How did you find it performed during that windstorm? You seemed pretty unphased by it if I remember correctly. Bart
  20. I gave one a go briefly. It was twitchy. It is more comparable to the B2 then the 1.5 in terms of speed and performance, but I prefer the B2. Bart
  21. A agree that the white centre is nice. Red would have thrown off the balance. Bart
  22. I'd love to see you guys here! Send Shann an email, see what can be done. Bart
  23. Actually I suggest now is better than later to contact them. I'm told they are already looking and/or have started booking for next year. Bart
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