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    Favorite Revs?

    Bringing back an old poll with a more complete list of kites, pick a few of your favorite Revs, imagining that you have your choice of wind, frame and lines for each one... Ideal set up, ideal conditions - what do you think? Let me know if a kite is not included and needs to be considered for the list... Must be either Revolution made or officially licensed. Must be from a generally available line of Revs, past or present. Color and print (non-aerodynamic) variations don't count.
  2. KiteLife

    "New Pros"?

    Secret to my success.
  3. KiteLife

    Global Rev Count.

    Down to 17.
  4. Happy to stoke the fires! FYI, sometimes more discussion going on over here these days... http://kitelife.com/forum/forum/13-quad-heads/
  5. http://www.learnkites.com
  6. KiteLife

    New Rev product website and kites in production?

    Discussion continues elsewhere... http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/7152-the-direction-rev-is-going/
  7. KiteLife

    Club 38

    More recent, progressive discussions. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/7175-revolution-kites-club-38/
  8. KiteLife

    Line Length

    Supplemental info here... https://youtu.be/_j3z4Ts6QZo
  9. Hi all, just dropping a line here - got a few clinics lined up this year... Aug 8-9, 2015 in Atlantic Beach, NC (1 spots left open) http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/6488-nc-rev-clinic-aug-8-9-2015/ Sep 12-13, 2015 in Long Beach, WA (3 spots left open) http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/6524-long-beach-rev-clinic-sep-12-13-2015/ Sep 26-27, 2015 in Detroit, MI (6 spots left open) http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/6528-motor-city-rev-clinic-sep-26-27-2015/ Nov 7-8, 2015 in Varennes, Quebec, Canada (9 spots left open) http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/6533-varennes-rev-atelier-nov-7-8-2015/ Hope to see you at one of these.
  10. KiteLife

    New vids from JB...

    Hi all, Got THIRTEEN new videos to share from my 18,000 mile cross-country tour with TK last year, and two more still on the cutting table that I hope to have done in the next month or so...
  11. KiteLife

    New vids from JB...

    Another video finished today...
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    Also, a tutorial in the subscriber's section of KiteLife. http://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/822-rev-tutorial-water-flying/
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    Updating this topic with a related article I wrote for KiteLife in 2011. http://kitelife.com/kl-archive/issue-81-hydrodynamics-and-kites/
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    New vids from JB...

  15. KiteLife

    New vids from JB...

  16. KiteLife

    New vids from JB...

  17. KiteLife

    New vids from JB...

  18. KiteLife

    New vids from JB...

  19. KiteLife

    Global Rev Count.

    Last count, approximately 23, down from 82. Sorry to rock the % like that.
  20. KiteLife

    Ben's Farewell

    HIP HIP HOORAH What can be said that hasn't been said already? Ben is like the perfect balance of sweet and salty, tough dawg with a nougat center, all rolled in kite goodness. (plane photo by AMA2) (flying photo by Nic O'Neill) (tongue photo by Ron Despojado) Love ya deeply Ben, road ain't over, its just winding.
  21. KiteLife

    Fun In Spain

    Ya big softie.
  22. KiteLife

    Windscape 2014

    Looking forward to this trip myself.
  23. Hi all, If you're not already familiar with the Rev video tutorials over on KiteLife, I'd like to invite you to check them out... http://www.kitelife.com/video-tutorials/ Having just added 10 more, there are now a total of 28 outdoor tutorials and 9 indoor, with many more on the to do list. Roughly half are free to view on YouTube, and all 28 are available (HD and mobile formats) with a KiteLife subscription. Thanks so much - good winds to all!
  24. KiteLife

    Calling all countries!

    Just chatting with Lolly, and she's curious exactly how many (and which) countries have confirmed Rev fliers. So I'll kick this off with a few countries that I know right off the top of my head, but if your country isn't on this list - please speak up with a post here! You're welcome to chime in even if your country is listed, but it's not necessary. So to all you wonderful Rev fliers, what is your home country? == Rev countries: Antigua Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China Colombia Denmark England Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal Scotland Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand USA Vietnam Wales Rev US states: Alaska California Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Florida Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Maryland Massachusets Minnesota Missouri Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin I'll update the list above as folks post here, thanks!
  25. KiteLife

    Special Blog – Where I Fly

    Nice mix of venues! Any interesting water or urban flying spots nearby?