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  1. After being totally BLOWN AWAY with the way my standard sail B2 performed on 30" lines during our recent hols in Majorca, I thought it was high time I invested in a vented sail. tommylurvebus +1(15)
  2. Cheers K. Agreed on the rev family support. Will keep ya informed . Kind regards . t
  3. Hey KWMF. The sails are Mid and full very well used with some mesh repairs but plenty of flying hours left in em. I do have a friend considering dipping his toe into the dark waters so I must give him first refusal and of course your friend may be after more crisp sails... Please tell your new darksider to let her sister know that there is a full sail with full set up, lines and handles on ebay Uk at the mo , Even comes with a ground stake. Worth a look.! (hope its ok to mention that )
  4. Got a +3 (14) Factory custom black/grey fade set.......... But it was nearly by accident and I am going to sell a couple of sails!!!. Thanks BIG BRI . I think some of you may know this former forum giant ........
  5. Ok if we are coming clean with unreported booty! Rev Polo by Los Hermanos full vented in black +1(11)
  6. Snap was pretty central just on the line of the diamond decal. Looking on the bright side this could be the start of a FAB mix and match travel frame. And the wife spoke to our dealer Stephen today he has been very very kind .. BIG SHOUT for KITEWORLD UK. Great service.
  7. Tested to destruction. So its been windy in the Uk as I am sure Mr Morttram will attest to. My birthday was the 30th of December (never get a party the day before new years eve). My lovely wife Jade had conspired with Kiteworld UK to get me a set of fine new diamond rods. Now you guys know how it is right. New kit calls to you. Just 10minutes!!!! Just a little fooling around at the edge of the window!!!! Just to get the feel!!! The wind was low enough around 4-6mph for 99% of the time. I love the feel of these rods lighter than 2wrap and BlackRR whilst still feeling alive. It took me seconds to realise that those practically no wind days are gener be so much more fun. The other 1% of flying time however consisted of gusts "I recon" 14+ (I was flying full sail) I could have gotten away with this on my Green Race rods Unfortunately a gust got me. Hmmmm I have never popped a rod before they do make a crack don't they. Yes I know I should know better! but give me a break it was my birthday I am hoping that Ben will be happy to supply kiteworld with replacement rods along with full sets with their next order so I can replace the jewel. Promise not to be quite so reckless next time Ben. So now we know (As if we didn't before) 14 to 16mph on full sail for diamond carbon is probably not the best Idea. Happy New Year all x
  8. Excellent Video! Love to try this one day ......... And " Wow" I didn't know there were any beaches like this on the Kent coast. Looks perfect. I will certainly visit the Garden of England sometime soon. .
  9. Hey guys. Only just got chance to have a proper look at the XVent bridle and YES! I had an extra knot in my bottom left hand line attachment point (leg) coupled with a 5mm longer knot to knot measurement on the bottom right. Together these added up to just under half an inch of difference. Thanks again for the pointers. Now I know I will watch for this in the future. Sure beats trying to re equalise already equal lines.
  10. Thanks SS I do keep a close eye on attachment points at end caps as you advise . Dragonfish Wow I would have never thought about the potential for un noticeable bridle wraps and knots hiding in there. Thats brilliant. . Now thinking back to all those catch a (wet fish ) flapping sail moments on extravent days.. I will check this too.. Big thanks for your input everyone.
  11. Ahh! so im not going mad. Thanks fellas. I will get right on it.
  12. Anyone ever experienced bridle stretch on their xtra vent.? I have a strange situation where lines seem equal when checked and fly true across several different sails, but on my X Vent seem slightly out (enough to have to make an adjustment on bottom leader to fine tune). I have flown the X V in winds upto 30. I wonder if it is possible to get significant bridle stretch to notice a discrepancy, or is that impossible due to the short amount of bridle line involved. Could this be a perceived effect due to other factors. Just thought I would put this out there before replacing the bridle.
  13. Sorry reef runner my ramblings were a little unclear. Yep of course my top leads are longer than my bottom. By aprox 7.5 inches giving me a brake heavy set up. but to achieve this 7.5inch differential I seem to be needing different top leader lengths on different handles. Wow now im confused!!!
  14. Thanks for the reply sparkie. I too am flying with 7 .5" difference top to bottom leaders. But to gain that differential my actual leader length is different for the different types of handles if ya see what I mean. Its interesting that your leaders are longer on the no snag. Do you ever use end knots? or are they saved for a rainy day Think I may pop a few more inches on just for good measure ... kind regards t
  15. Hey guys . After only having 1 set of no snag handles for the last few years ish ( on my 50ft line set ) I am finally now totally converted to their superiority, at least on any set up under 80ft ( plenty of time to unsnag on long lines ). So I am now changing all my short lines over to no snag. Since I like to my handles attached this means a lot of new handles and time spent making up new top leaders. Anyhow to the point! Just checking that you guys are running slightly shorter top leaders on the Rev factory made no snag handles due to the shorter stock ( no need to replace these ) bottom leaders, and the slightly different angle of bend on the handles. Not being top of the class at math and geometry my workings end up with shorter top leaders for the same amount of brake. I have tried the set up flying with one no snag and one standard handle on and it seems to work fine. Of course I may be automatically compensating for the differential, hence the question and me checking with guys and girls . Shorter top leaders on no snag handles........ Fanks for reading now im off to a green and muddy field...........
  16. Thanks for your encouraging responses guys. Means a lot...........xt
  17. Hi folks. Didn't really know if I should post this video as it is certainly "lets say" a little rough around the edges. Filmed on my phone its not slick and not a skills showcase. This video is just about having fun and showing movement of kite and fly-er. There has been so much excellent flying and filming in this section that I have enjoyed over the past few years I felt the need to make a contribution of some kind. I hope you will enjoy the spirit of this video. Coz thats what its all about.
  18. Glad this topic is still going. Polo mid vent is eurotastic. tommylurvebus +1(10)
  19. 13s for me across the wind and kite range. Its nice to be moving the handles around a bit as well as the kite.
  20. Yes M Q those ultra fast 360s are inspired. New to me. Always find some inspiration in your offerings. I will be working on them. kind regards. tommy
  21. I fly mostly on 50s . Easily my favorite line length. I love the direct control and lively response, with just enough range to be free. I think flying on short lines improves your flying and makes you use your imagination as you piece together moves in a limited window . The discovery that short lines are great fun in higher winds too really reinvigorated my flying. And as others have said short lines open up so many new possible flying sites. I think we all get a kinda thrill when attaching our lines on pastures new.
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