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  1. Thanks for your past efforts, Bart......
  2. I never broke one . Guess I wasn't flying hard enough ?
  3. Just curious - what is that, and if it's an end cap, how did you get those diamond shaped holes in it ???
  4. "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain!"

  5. Way too many kites..........
  6. Reef Runner -1 (7) deleted a Power Blast 2-4 (Red / Black / White) (long story)
  7. Fantastic ! I sure wish I could find a place like that, somewhere close by Still ought to set out some tell-tales, on your home field, just to see what is happening. I don't know, but maybe you could even leave them up for about a week, so you could check it out, under different conditions......you'll probably be surprised, at just how squirrelly, it really is.....
  8. Yep, I see what you mean. Got to be a tough spot to fly in. No way the wind isn't swirling in there. Just for the heck of it, go out and cut yourself four or five small saplings, 6 - 8 foot long, and sharpen one end with a hatchet. Then attach a 2 or 3 foot piece of surveyor's tape, to the other end, and go stick these in the ground. Put one on your right, one on your left, one to the right of the kite wind-window, one to the left of the kite wind-window, and finally, one in the center of the wind-window, just out past where your kite travels. Now, as you fly, take a look at the tell-t
  9. Reef Runner +1 (8) added a Power Blast 2-4 (Red / Black / White)
  10. Reef Runner +1 (7) added a SuperSonic Vented (Gold & Black)
  11. AND confusing, not only to yourself, but to those trying to understand your deli-ma ! Tmadz is right - JUST GO FLY ! It'll come......... Remember the "Line Management" debacle ? Well, winding and unwinding lines fixed that problem for you, and now, it's a piece of cake. So, JUST GO FLY, and try not to worry about every little thing. It will come with flight time, and only with flight time. We are all pulling for you to make a go, but you've just got to GO FLY !
  12. You just can't bend your wrist back that far.............PUMP LAUNCH IT !!
  13. Why didn't you just move the top lines in one knot, rather than changing leaders. Why would you do that ? Just curious ! That's what all those knots are for - adjustments !! The reason that you were able to take off, with the stock leaders, was because that added drive to your set-up, simply because they were shorter. Same thing would have happened if you had moved top lines in a knot. You got to have more brake, to ever fly successfully. Too much drive will make the kite to quick, fast, and responsive........all characteristics that you've told us you didn't want ? Now, I'm really con
  14. Congrats...........your are getting too many
  15. CB, try beginning at about the middle knot, and going from there. Once you get to flying, and things are feeling more comfortable, you may want to mark that knot, and use that as a benchmark, going forward. Then you can always move in or out, from there, but it can be a future starting point. Attach the bottom lines to the short leaders, at the bottoms of the handles, and leave it there. Do your adjusting on the longer top leaders, that you made with the knots. Remember this: Moving the TOP attachment point IN (towards the handle) for more drive, is the same thing as moving the BOTTOM O
  16. 120's were the right choice for you, CB..............IMHO. They will be much easier on you, during the learning process, but then, there's that long wind-up afterwards............again, good luck Longer the lines.............the greater the reaction time you get, when something goes south
  17. Just thought I'd bump this previous post from our new "Global Rev Count" moderator, Barton. The new system seems to be coming along quite well, and Barton has done one fantastic job, in a personal campaign, to continue this very popular topic for us all, BUT, there are still a lot of entries being made, that are NOT following the correct entry format. Let's all help make Barton's task a bit easier, and I'm sure he'll really appreciate it............ Just thought I'd bump this previous post from our new "Global Rev Count" moderator, Barton. The new system seems to be coming along
  18. Mine went to a new home, for sure, but I don't know if the new owner, is listing his here in the Global Rev Count ? Gotta keep em in the sky, if you're not flying them yourself !
  19. Reef Runner -1 (6) I suppose I'm going the wrong way
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