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  1. I will be there Jan 31, mostly for Scuba. Staying near Boatswain's Bay. The satellite shows a park about a mile east.
  2. is Kitelife a 501c(3)? (not-for-profit corp)
  3. er..you won't miss the MID-vent. sorry.
  4. you need a mid, a full and an Xtra, plus an SUL or Polo, and a Shook 40%, 75% and 100%, plus perhaps a Zen and full, mid and std B2s. There, that oughtta do it. More seriously, if you get an Eliot Shook 100% weave, you can fly that in a lot of different conditions. Not only will you not miss the full-vent, you'll find it more pliant in full-vent+ winds. Expensive, but covers a lot of conditions. Dugard would say get the 75% and put sticks on it.
  5. I took out my zen again yesterday when the wind died down in the evening. I was flying on 50 foot lines and what I found really frustrating was that I couldn't find a setting on my leaders that gave me enough 'down' but flew normally with the leading edge up. I use 15" handles with 1.5s and 13" with B2s, so I wonder if longer handles might help me get the range I'm looking for. Not that I fly it all that often. The chief use of the Zen for the Jersey Crew is that the wind tends to pick up right after you set one up. So it is a solution for low wind, but you never actually fly it - just leave it staked at the side of the flying grounds. It worked last night as well.
  6. btw, another tip - if you set up and stake a Zen, you won't need it. Like bringing an umbrella. Somebody in the Jersey Crew has to take time out to do this when the winds are low.
  7. I use a Polo rev, which is a printed SUL, I believe. I keep 2-rods in it. Great light wind kite for flying alone. 50# line, if you are flying over 50 feet, is a HUGE help, it'll get you to practically zero wind. I tried zen rods in the polo, just for fun. I found the extra flex a bit unnerving. Bazzer put some extra unicorn hairs in my latest B pro (race rods), so I find I haven't needed more than that for group flies. But I do have a matching Zen.
  8. Remember the guy in Mystery Men who can be invisible, but 'only when nobody's looking'? See, I can do a perfect cartwheel (not to mention dead-flat axels in series), but....
  9. Lots of open space on either side of the access road, which also happens to be the high point. I've always been able to fly there.
  10. Congratulations Lolly! Well deserved.
  11. Rich and I were discussing this at LSP some days ago. After posting it on Facebook, Simon Crafts mentioned that Kiting Magazine had covered it, so I apologize for exploring old ground. It is one of the reasons I fly - I find it pretty easy to achieve a sense of flow, enjoying the outdoors while improving my mad skillz (LOL). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) "Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Proposed byMihály Csíkszentmihályi, the positive psychology concept has been widely referenced across a variety of fields.[1]" Flow is an innately positive experience; it is known to "produce intense feelings of enjoyment[7] and its improvement of performance results in satisfying achievement.[30] Flow has a strong, documented correlation with performance enhancement. Researchers have found that achieving a flow state is positively correlated with optimal performance in the fields of artistic and scientific creativity (Perry, 1999; Sawyer, 1992), teaching (Csíkszentmihályi, 1996), learning (Csíkszentmihályi et al., 1993), and sports (Jackson, Thomas, Marsh, & Smethurst, 2002; Stein, Kimiecik, Daniels, & Jackson, 1995).[9] Flow also has a strong correlation with the further development of skills and personal growth. When one is in a flow state, he or she is working to master the activity at hand. To maintain that flow state, one must seek increasingly greater challenges. Attempting these new, difficult challenges stretches one's skills. One emerges from such a flow experience with a bit of personal growth and great "feelings of competence and efficacy".[9] Further, flow is positively correlated with a higher subsequent motivation to perform and to perform well.[9]
  12. I took them off today. Something isn't the same. It may be that the extra packing hassle harshed my buzz, or the lack of feedback when I'm not precise with my handles. Either way, I feel like flying without 'em is better for me. I also replaced the SUL bridle, which was also annoying me. I keep thinking there must be something in between the two bridle weights that would work. LPG 150...or the leader/sleeve weight that Theresa puts on her LPG set-ups?
  13. My wife conspired with Cath Shook to bring me a purple 40%. So: Andrew Hofer: +1 (21)
  14. That could work for me. I'll be flying back in the night before.
  15. A Robertshaw? Proud owner here. IMAG0086 by aphofer, on Flickr
  16. A few pics from last weekend: APH_7140 by aphofer, on Flickr APH_7121 by aphofer, on Flickr APH_7120 by aphofer, on Flickr
  17. Wayne are you on Facebook? We have a "Jersey crew Group Fly" group.
  18. I could to tomorrow if others are up for it. Today's weather is naasty. Snow in the PM.
  19. If you have set up questions, I heartily recommend JB's tutorials- You can see how his lines are attached at about 1:20 in the second video. You will get a visual on everything you need to do. Typically, the lines are secured with a lark's head around the bridle loop. The knot at the end stops the lark's head from slipping off and leaves the lark's head secured in the proper place. So no, don't use the loop in the bridle. 4-wraps are very heavy. I use them only in very high winds when the kite is flexing and I want to slow things down a bit (and now I just move to my Xtra Vent). So I would definitely recommend swapping to three-wrap. I think I would have had trouble learning on vented kites, but once you start flying reflexively they can be more fun on your own, as it makes slack lines and reverse easier and smoother. For group flying, you'll want way more acceleration available so you'll tend to use a full or MV and ride the brakes instead.
  20. I only just discovered the animations on the site here, which clarified "Compound Benefits" and "Blender" for me. Are there other animations like that - for Zipper, Fountain, etc.? If you are aware of any can you post a link here?
  21. So I went out there today for a few hours while my son was at a Birthday party in Pennington. There was a HUGE boy/cub/webelo scout camp-out all over the lawn. That's the largest crowd of kids wanting to try a rev I have ever encountered. Unfortunately, the wind was kind of light making for challenging beginner conditions.
  22. Wish I coulda been there. Alas, I only got an hour or so of dirty wind solo flying this weekend. Whatever doesn't kill the kite makes it stronger.
  23. After flying the B2, the 1.5 will feel almost like a zen feels to the rest of us. The B2 is much easier to axel, which is fun.
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