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  1. its my guess that when Bill PMed you he invited you to meet him on Dunstable Downs, trust me it's well worth the drive he and graham will set you on the right path..
  2. Given that this site is owned and run by Rev it would be downright rude to recommend or even condone the Chinese knock offs, but as you already have the ripoff and you are now considering the next step it would be silly to to immediately right off your initial purchase. I would recommend you consider on of the vented 1.5s, (full vent, not mid vent, yet, don't ask why, it's complicated just trust me on this) either SLE or B Series the venting will allow way more control in stronger wind. Any serious Rev flier needs to cover all the bases and hereiin the UK we have more unpredictable weather than many of friends around the world. It's a while sincei bought a new Rew, but last time I looked the B series came with two interchangeable frames in different weights and the SLE came with one. You will need to be aware, SLE actually stands fo Super Leading Edge, and the kite is actually named after a thicker carbon tube used in the kite this leading edge that has largely fallen out of favour. I believe most SLE kites are now sold with the thinner tube but if you do buy an SLE kite you should check. Your profile says you come from Oxhordshire, for Face to face advice I would strongly recommend you take a Tripp to Dunstable Downs one Sunday morning there are usually several experienced Rev fliers who will be more than happy to offer help and advice, I used to be one of them but circumstances have changed somewhat. Oh and about the Chinese rip off. I suspect sooner or later you will chose to replace it but, given the position Gould are currently in I think yo woul be better off buying a vented, kite.
  3. I'm with Rev Wizard I love my printed Rev, long stor, but I have two,
  4. I know that strictly speaking this should be in Videos and Photos but somehow it seemed more appropriate to post it here.
  5. I wouldn't be too concerned about quality on a 30ft line set as you are likely to be flying alone and you won't be racking up too many wraps and line stretch is not going to be a big issue. But I wouldn't recommend skimping on longer line set, especially if you are likely to be flying with others as cheap line will cut quality line like a knife through butter if you get locked up.
  6. Thanks, I really enjoyed that, Ben. Especially the stuff from Bristol 2008, that wasa great weekend and would have been even better if we had had good wind.
  7. I've been looking for a link to Watty's video and can't find it, but I have found this, I posted it way back. http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/1065-rev-handle-clips/#entry16875
  8. Yes, the plug and screw method works fine, check out Watty's YouTube channel he's done a good tutorial. The only thing I will say is if you have been flying Revs for a while do the break line leaders, but leave the top leaders alone, they don't needed doing and I found that the slightly altered anchor point messed with my grip.
  9. I use a good quality fairly heavy weight cored bridle line. Oh and btw, work out how much you think you'll need and double it, you'll be amazed how much line knots eat up.
  10. My first piece piece of advice is to echo that already given and find yourself a mentor, $s spent on gas for a face to face with an experienced pilot will save you hours of frustration. If you have trouble arranging a F2F, or are just too impatient I would recommend you watch the instruction DVD that comes with the kite. If they are still using the one the sent out with my SLEs some of the setup will be different from what is now considered best practice but it will keep you and your kite safe and the will teach the basic principles. You say you are an experienced duel line pilot, you will have to rethink some of what you have learned there, I won't confuse you with too much detail but you will see when you watch the DVD. Don't worry about this now, but when you meet up with a mentor, I would recommend you take 2 or 3 yds of good quality cored bridle line to make up new top leaders for your handles, most experienced Rev fliers like to fly with some break set, and the Std SLE handles don't allow for this adjustment. It is discussed heavily elsewhere on this forum but at this stage I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, there are advantages to a beginner flying "factory settings" for a while.
  11. Nice one Bill. I knew you could be relied upon o get this one sorted.
  12. That kite of Alden's looks amazing, I would think a lot less work than a Flick Rev and way more durable than a Tea Bag. Nice one Alden.
  13. If it's the thicker L/E you have, I would suggest that rather than replace like for like, it may be better to replace with an EXP L/E (3 pieces) not many of us use the thicker L/E anymore (won't confuse you with details, just trust me for now). The EXP L/E is more fragile than the SLE but it's more flyable and if you get some tuition you should be fine.
  14. My first try would be Kiteworld ( http://kiteworld.co.uk ) they preference you to order online but I would recommend you ring them first to check stock availability, and the till also make sure you order the right sticks there are loads of options and it's easy for a newbie to get it wrong.
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