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  1. All the best in future endeavors, Ben.
  2. It is actually the difference between the top end and the bottom end which controls the relative lengths of the lines. Thus holding a bit lower just means the bottom moves a little less while the top moves enough in the opposite direction to make up for the amount the bottom doesn't move. Do the math and you will see that the difference (total motion) will be the same for a given angle no matter where you hold the handles. This is for a given handle length; as CodyG's image demonstrates, longer handles equate to more motion-per-angle-change. The one change when adjusting where you hold the handles (and it is very small) is that with a top-hold you are having all the motion occur at the bottom end and means that you are slightly loading the bottom of the sail as you change angle in the braking direction, whereas if you hold the handles near the middle, you will be doing less loading of the bottom of the sail and slightly unloading the top of the sail. This is such a small amount (inches) compared to moving your arms (many inches) or taking a step forward or backward (a foot or more) that it can be ignored. If you want to load or unload the sail you won't be doing that by rotating the handles. Changing where you hold the handles just changes which muscles you are using to hold (in a steady position) or to rotate the handles. Holding the handles so there is no tendency for the line tension while in a hover to rotate the handles (you just pull the handles toward you). Holding higher (thumb on the top end) means you have to exert effort to pull the bottom more than the top (while in a hover). The muscles that control your ring and pinky fingers, and the muscles that rotate your whole hand toward the pinky will be under constant tension. Some like this, because it means you don't have to make the transition from no muscle tension to muscle tension. I suspect that it makes your reaction time a tiny bit quicker, and may also provide better feedback about what the kite is doing. I also suspect that the muscles that rotate your hand down are a bit stronger than the ones that rotate it upwards. I know that a mid-hold will soon result in sore muscles along the top of my forearms. The most comfortable hand position (for me) is with the thumb being a nearly straight extension of the forearm and the fingers angled slightly down.
  3. I never fly to music. For me music of any kind is one of two things: the absolute focus of my attention to the exclusion of EVERYTHING else, or really annoying noise. I like music, but not while I'm doing something else. Exceptions are dancing (of course, although I have been known to totally ignore my partner) and while driving (music and driving seem to occupy different parts of my brain).
  4. I have to note that those seem an odd color choice for someone from Columbus, OH. I thought that Maize and Blue were forbidden colors down there.
  5. "When all the parameters change, it's not possible to say which caused the whirlwind." [Elizabeth Moon]
  6. pwmeek


    You need a chunk of pipe, as heavy as you are willing to carry, which you can drive in next to your handle stake. Put a banner on it if you want something decorative. Two five-foot pieces of 1/2" with a coupling should be enough, and fit in the bed of the pickup easily. BTW, Obliviots are not found only on the sand-side of the waterline: I once had another boater try to go between my boat and the boat I was towing.
  7. Bart, Distinguish between personal burnout or depression (they happen to all of us, and need to be dealt with) and dissatisfaction with some particular activity. You might need to put the kites away for a while until your feelings improve. You will know when your mind-set is ready to fly kites, but it isn't the kites that are making you feel this way. However, I suggest that you do NOT give up on meeting with friends. I haven't flown many kites at the last few festivals I have attended, but I wouldn't have missed the companionship for anything. Friends (in person, as well as mediated by forums and the internet) are essential to your well-being. (But bring the kites anyway - you might be surprised.) You have a great support team, including all your kite-flying friends. Take advantage of this blessing. Finally, don't forget what John told you a while back: "The universe is uncanny at serving up what we need the most, in the guise of things we fear the most." (Perhaps it is not fear at this time, but a sense of pointlessness.) It is still true: things which seem hard to face, may be exactly what we need.
  8. I think you will be happy with that choice.
  9. It's been the 1st here for 6 minutes,so, Happy Birthday!
  10. If you can see yourself (in a few week's time) thinking of moving up, why not go "up" now. Get the 1.5 "B' series. I'm having a hard time understanding a dealer suggesting a choice between a "2" and a EXP.
  11. I think everyone here is assuming you will get a 1.5 size, but for a newcomer it helps to be explicit. Once you choose a 1.5, then you have to choose among the full-sail, semi-vented and full-vented sails. This will depend on the kinds of winds you normally fly in. Having made that choice, you can then be thinking about frames: 2-, 3-, and 4-wrap (strength/weight/stiffness - which are all inter-related). You also need to choose a line-length for your flying lines. 120' is the standard for team flying (which you will probably want to try - flying with others is the best way to advance beyond the basics). You may also want some shorter line-sets (80', 50', even 30') eventually. Perhaps some of the Rev-Forumistas with experience flying under the conditions you describe can expand on these choices.
  12. I note that Tapatalk now offers geotagging of posts. People may or may not want their location broadcast with every post. (Having your GPS running all the time also eats batteries.) There is a way to turn Tapatalk geotagging off somewhere.
  13. Seems to be working. --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=42.323273,-83.598235 Sent from Pete's iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Well, it would be worth fixing. It was very helpful to me while in hospital, recovering from surgery last year.
  15. Welcome, Jacob. As for what comes with the kite - you have to ask the seller. Then you can compare it to other offers. The handles and line set are a significant cost. As SkyPuppet says, 'packages' can be a very good deal.
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