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  1. Hi Laura, Hope you had smooth winds, empty beaches, and purple kites. Happy Birthday!
  2. Sorry, I'm a little confused. Do I have to buy from you in person to get the sale price, or just say the phrase that pays when I order? I covet these rods.
  3. True enough. Even with some wind, giving to the kite by walking forward is a great way to slow down that descent without wobbling. Learn to hover inverted and get field management as a bonus!
  4. There's one trick we came up with when I was helping a friend learn to hover inverted. A common problem in that hover (and a lot of other things) is the tendency to over control. This starts with a little wobble, and builds until you lose it altogether. What we came up with was flying to the top of the window, turning over, and flying back down. The trick is to fly back down as slowly as possible while maintaining control. Go slower and slower until you are hovering. Slow forward (downward) motion, as opposed to trying to hover, helped him tame the over control wobbles.
  5. I'm reading in Tapatalk on Android and I see blank lines between the paragraphs in that post. Do you not see them? Or did you edit them in later?
  6. If conditions are variable or uncertain, I've always been advised to favor underpowered when practicing, overpowered for competing/performing/team/etc. It's worked well for me.
  7. That does sound similar to what I experienced, albeit more intense. I never felt anything and never saw any sparks, just that electric buzzing sound from the handless. It was brightly sunny, so I might have missed small sparks. It was still a sobering experience. I want to reiterate that there was no visible lightning, no audible thunder, and no overcast. The only threatening clouds were far off on the horizon, though it did eventually storm on both occasions. Apparently that's close enough. The Kitelife link in that thread seems to be broken.
  8. V, it sounds like you're lucky to be alive. Had you been standing in that field, let alone flying, you might not be here to report it to us. I have twice experienced what I wouldn't call a close call, but something odd. Flying under a clear sky with storms approaching in the distance but no thunder, I have heard an odd buzzing sound coming from the handles. It's not like wind induced vibration in the strings. It has a totally different character. Both times I grounded the kite immediately and dropped the handles. I never felt any odd sensations or noticed anything else unusual while packing up. My suspicion is that there may be enough static charge far in advance of a storm to charge up the kite and lines relative to the ground. I have no desire to investigate it any more closely.
  9. Considering that the 4 wraps only come out in heavier conditions, they're probably among the more oft broken rods, despite being stronger.
  10. Just in case you don't already know, the Rogallo Kite Festival will be held June 8-9 on Jockey's Ridge. Cath and/or Elliott are usually there. I'm hoping to make it again this year myself.
  11. Hey Paul, did you guys do it this year? I never saw any mention of it.
  12. On my Android phone, I find that the Tapatalk app is a lot faster than using the forums through a browser. It has some odd limitations though, like not showing me the locations of members. I think you have to leave a full blank line to get paragraph breaks. I.e., hit Return twice. Lots of text-to-html processes work this way.
  13. I've noticed your preference for unsleeved lines. Do you notice any increased tendency for lines to break at those unsleeved knots? What I read about spectra/dyneema says that the strength goes way down in tight bends, and sleeving helps alleviate that.
  14. Oh, um, right. Ok. How about "Dennis and I flew together. It was kind of cool."
  15. My advice is fly with someone much, much better at it than you are. My first pairs experience came at Kittyhawk last fall after the OBSKC. Dennis Smith was kind enough to show me the ropes, and thanks to his calling and flying I managed to not crash either of our kites. I almost looked like I knew what I was doing, but I knew it was all Dennis. It was about the most fun I've had flying since I first picked up a Rev. I highly recommend it. Last Sunday at a club fly, a buddy and I were flying two of my Revs with dual tails on them. We hadn't planned on pairs. These kites had different venting, different line lengths, even different SIZES. He hadn't flown quad in years. We just kind of gravitated into the same space in the sky and started playing. It was a blast. And even our impromptu antics looked cool enough with all those tails that people were putting down blankets to watch. I'm hooked.
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