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  1. wish i could but i'll be bringing in the new year in Florida..have fun....
  2. The animations are great...
  3. few pics from sunday taken with my cellphone, it was an awesome day....
  4. (1) 1.5 b-series std. red and black (1) 1.5 b-series mid-vent blue and black (1) 1.5 b-series full vent teal and black (1) 1.5 sul red,white,blue
  5. I'll be there sat and sun..
  6. it definitely was a great day, got a lot of light wind practice in and practiced a lot of axels (or maybe not axels) but did accomplished 1 good which was my goal for the day, so i will be practicing them to perfection...thanks rich for the shout out but my flying skills would not be where they are if it wasnt for you and the rest of the jersey crew to help me along the way..cant wait to get back out there....
  7. Im in should be there by 11....
  8. @ lsp today for couple hours a with my b-series with 2 wrap, my friend was there with his son and a single line kite with tails, they didnt want the tails so i through them on my kite for fun and it was a blast, video is not the greatest quality because it was taken with a cell phone..enjoy:)
  9. Always flew my b series std with race rods and my mid vent with 3 wraps, but last week while flyin with rich, steve, and al @ lsp we switched from std to mid vent and rich suggest i put the race rods on it and the kite flew so nice and smooth it was a noticeable difference...i went to lsp today and the wind was probably 5mph @ the low and maybe 10mph @ high but i took out the midvent had a blast with it, a lot of movin around to load the sail and gain ground but i can say that the midvent is my new favorite kite..now i need to get me another set of race rods for my std..cant wait to get back out..
  10. PM me your address, I have a set you can have. Or you can come down to lsp tomorow and rich can hand them to you (he's a great person) and you can get to fly with some great people who will make the learning curve much easier....don't forget my line set rich
  11. check out Rich doin his birthday dance..
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