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  1. Say it ain't so . . . . Ben - Best of luck to you. You have been a great asset to Revolution and an inspiration to me as a Rev flyer. I hope to see you on a flying field in the future, and I'm sure every festival would be happy to save a corner for you (or we'll make one!).
  2. Good luck with your search! Are you flying with the Kiting Tampa Bay people? They are very active on FB and have quite a few rev pilots in their group.
  3. Thank you all for your support, and THANK YOU BEN AND REVOLUTION! I am very excited to have the opportunity to support Rev and do my best to create some more "rev-addicts" out there. As the newest 180Go! member, I want to thank the team for welcoming me and mentoring me over the last year - and Mike K. for granting me a spot on the team just over a year ago. We have HUGE footsteps to follow with iQuad and everything they have done over the years to support Revolution and spread the word. John and iQuad have always made me feel welcome and have taught me tons - both directly and just from watching them "do their thing," and I will miss seeing them flying together. I look forward to flying with all of you soon!
  4. Just a note for any newer pilots that are thinking of joining the event - I recently was on the FB posting for the event, and David K posted a diagram of the kite & pilot positions that do not require any inverted hovering. Take a look at the FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/414867438580073/ and I think the diagram is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way down (as I write this today).
  5. Very nice work. It was a bit large to fit on my monitor, but I could get a sense for how the super grid will work with 100. I have flown the grid before, so I'm glad for the refresher. A thought for the rehearsals and attempt. The leaders/captains of each column should put some thought into the skill levels of the various flyers in their column and think about position of each flyer in the grid, especially for the concentric rings and where each flyer will end up in the ring. Experienced flyers will probably not have a problem hovering in "unusual" attitudes or positions in the window, but there are some positions that may be challenging or outside the normal experience. In particular, I'm thinking about the position of a hover in the ring and the position of the flyer relative to the wind window. Here's what's going through my head. Let's say you are OK with flying the upper left corner of a ring, which puts your kite into the upper left side of the wind window, while hovering left wing low, right wing high if you are facing out. In the 100 grid, if your column is on the far left and you are at the upper left corner, then you'll still be required to hover left wing low, right wing high - but now it will be hovering high on the right side of your wind window, which is a somewhat unusual position in normal group flying if you were in a ring. Perhaps minor, but when thinking about each column, I think the captains (and each pilot) need to make sure each flyer is in the right position for both "normal" and unusual situations for their abilities and the wind window. My two cents. Worth what you paid for it. I'm probably over-thinking this thing. Be better once I'm out there flying. Hope the porta-potties are closer this year. My best piece of advice to first timers - go to the porta potties before the rehearsals and/or attempts start . . . . other than that, relax and have fun! P.S. - If you are newer, and only have time to learn one thing, learn to hover well vertically (facing both left and right). I find it's generally an easier position to hold for newer flyers in varying wind conditions than either right side up or upside down. Plus, with the big grid, left and right threads are common, and there are positions for you to fly (even in the rings) that will only have a vertical hover, so we'll find a spot for you. I was you in 2011 - less than one year flying at that point, and I joined the grid (not that I'm that much better now). John even made fun of me for not going to the porta pottie first.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. I don't generally mix rods, but I did pull out a Rev 1 today after reading your blog entry. Hadn't flown one in quite a while, and this was an old one (with the original bridle with swivels, metal end caps, and 4 wraps all around (I think)). Winds were light & variable (probably gusting up to 8 mph at times), with some thermal direction shifting. Typical midwest landlocked summer flying conditions. However, it was fun to follow my son around the window (he was flying a 1.5 SUL with 2 wraps). Hope you and the team are having a great year in the UK. Hope to see you at WSIKF.
  7. Felix - Can you clarify your spar numbering for the Robertshaws? I'm not sure I understand the 3,4,3_3,3 numbering. Is it the center of the leading edge as a 4? . . . I'm just curious . . . It's not like my flying ability would appreciate the subtle differences . . .
  8. Update from Illinois . . . at current count I think we'll have at least six or seven Illinois Kite Enthusiast (IKE) members from Illinois at WSIKF to participate in the grid, and several other IKE members from other states as well. We're hoping to fill a whole column of IKE members.
  9. Very nice! Some cool creations in there. Hope I can make it some year . . . . have to get an indoor first . . . . and then learn to fly it . . . .
  10. May you have a Happy Birthday, and many more! You probably don't remember me as we've only met a couple times in the past. Thanks for all you do for Revolution and this wonderful rev-community! Hope to see you later this year at WSIKF or maybe sooner if you are at Grand Haven in 2013.
  11. Except when you get distracted and forget which one is yours . . . ooooh . . . . look at all the pretty kites . . . . Happened to me this year at TI when we had about 17 revs just doing follows and pez and other random stuff . . . . "hey, what are those kites at the other end doing and they should join or get out of the way" followed by "hey, who is the idiot messing up the line" . . . followed by "oops, that would be me." Don't worry, have fun. You will have fun. Hang out, fly revs. Join the big groups. It's all good. No, seriously, it is really all good. Actually, it's probably easier to focus when you are brand new as you are so worried about messing up that you really pay attention to your own kite, plus you've been flying all day without taking a bio break . . . so you are more "focused" as a result. And the rest of us don't care if you mess up - we've all been there and will be there again. Keep flying, have fun. See you at WSIKF!
  12. Have fun, and welcome to the dark side. As Madquad said, careful . . this is an addictive sport. I started with just one free lesson, that lesson has turned into quite an obsession. Keep some room in your kite budget, you'll always need . . . just one more.
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