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Global Rev Count.


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Anybody got any links to UFO video's? would like to see what they are all about..... and I agree with Sailor .. its a rev ;)

Too bad I didn't realize what it was until after Mike (I think) performed with it at Nationals. I have a couple photos posted in the members gallery. It's cool; it's sort of like a frisbee on a string. It spins and you pull on the line to change the orientation... to explain it as I think it works. Anyone that can add to it, please do.

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Count me in with

1 x Exp

1 x Rev 1

1 x B series Vented

2 x B series standard ( one of which is a prototype I got off Ben at Portsmouth--my prototype is the actual one on the rev home page under the title New B-Series PRO unveiled! -- the middle one in lime)


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5 at once :censored:

It wasn't all at once, it's since the last time I posted. I also forgot a couple the last time...

And the 33 includes the team kites for 180GO!

By the way, if we coun't people who aren't on the forum, my daughter Rose has 2.

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It is the new light blue :D

I shall put them all together alongside one another to show the difference.... later when I get a chance.

It *is* very pretty, thanks :kid_content:

Caribbean Blue I believe is the color. It looks great in person, the picture doesn't do it justice.

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