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  1. But of course what mr jones isn't saying is that he is in fact from Bristol which is north of London and not far from Herefordshire. Have you ever noticed how many toes he has?
  2. A great shame. I would hope it is not a case of you being put off by the midi-team; I am sure there will be a mixture of all sorts of flying as well as Bedfordshire Clangers. Of course there is time to change your mind.
  3. Everyone memorising every flyer's role in all those moves maybe a tad optimistic. Especially if people have thick heads Perhaps Simons idea of allocating positions to flyers in advance maybe productive? When was the meet up BTW?
  4. Sounds like a good idea. Mind you, were it to be done with US of A line spacing you'd need to book the NASA vehicle assembly building.
  5. "I see no balls" he says as he raises his telescope to the wrong eye. I can see why people would not realise you were not joking Mr J. When you were ranting about this to anyone who would listen over the weekend, we all agreed partly because you were right and partly because you were clearly so serious and put out about the grid spacing. Didn't you also say something about more challenging evolutions, such as benefits, being a necessity? I certainly remember some comment along the lines of "haven't been so over excited since 1776". By the way, did this poor relation to F1, which also must hold the record for the most sexist trophy in the worst possible taste, also name its premier series after a news paper? http://sports.yahoo.com/nascar/blog/from_the_marbles/post/The-NASCAR-World-Cup-Edwards-takes-the-trophy?urn=nascar-269201
  6. Of course, had all the chaps been flying together then there would have been less fellows at the edge of the window. But glad the organisation went well and everyone was quickly in the air - wouldn't want being late to become a habit.
  7. Looking at the picture it certainly would qualify for the largest grid in the world, in terms of acres at least. At Portsmouth I recall suffering from an itchy nose, which I could not scratch for fear of falling out of position. However Gary, who was stood in the next row, kindly stuck his elbow out and I was able to give it a rub on that - oh the relief! It also illustrates how close we all were. I find I have to concur on the necessity for proximity in a mega fly, as well as precise location in the sky. Which reminds me. Looking at the picture I also see the columns are all wonky.
  8. sailor99

    Kite Stakes

    Nope, I don't make them. It was somebody else's idea, walt I think, and so for me to make them would be 'knocking them off'; which is something I don't do contrary to rumours.
  9. Naughty, moi? Say things like that and people will start talking you know. Santa baby, what a fab weekend you organised for us all. Thank you, and can you remember to pop one of your purple zens in the stocking at the end of my bed on the 24th of next month. Thank you to all of Santa's little helpers too - what a fab team you all are. Which reminds me - soneone picked the pocket of one of Santa's dwarves! How could anyone stoop so low ? (Credit : Hippy Chippy)
  10. All having a great time. Bri has just presented the prizes. Several people got a new design in high wind euro-short handles, but felix won the star prize - the first zen into the UK.
  11. Well Saturday is looking a bit better wind wise now. It's even quite good weather if one were a duck. Sunday looks really great, apart from the threat of snow. Sod the weather; I'm not going to let that stop me. Only one more donning of the slumber-wear.
  12. I believe a new team is being formed today in NW USA. A tad early, but have a great flying day you two.
  13. I'm not so sure Bob. It seems a perfectly achievable target IMHO.
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