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  1. Hello all.... Sorry for the delay in thanking you all. Honestly, I don't stop in to the Rev forum much these days. Being bitten by the flu bug, I'm up after sleeping most of the past few days and found my way onto the forum. So, a big thank you to you all. You guys rock!!!! Hi Ben- Missed you, big time, at Nationals!!!! Hope to see you soon. xoxo Big XOXO to you all.
  2. HI John... The new digs look great!!! I will be in Long Beach; I wouldn't miss this for anything!!
  3. Hello Everyone..... I hope you all enjoy the holiday and the spirit of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas!! 聖誕快樂 Joyeux Noël Frohe Weihnachten חג שמח Selama Natal Buon Natale メリー クリスマス Feliz Navidad สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส
  4. Hi Antman.... Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.... even if it's a bit late. Hope all is well. Come out and fly some time.
  5. Hey baby.... Hope you had an AWESOME 50th!!! I truly hope that all of your birthday wishes come true!!! Miss you a lot.... xoxo
  6. Hello Stephen.... A belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great B'day. May ALL of your birthday wishes come true! Hope all is well with you and the family. xoxo
  7. Hello Felix.... How have you been? I totally agree with you. ..... And yes, I too, look forward to the next serious 100 attempt. I do think it will succeed this time!
  8. Hey baby... THANK YOU for ALL that you do and for all that you've done for Revolution and their awesome kites!!!! Kent and Jynx said it perfectly. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Rev Family.
  9. Hi oldflyer... Nice Rev and nice flying!
  10. Hi Ron.... How have you been? BEAUTIFUL work!!!! It's really cool how the Zebra will be "right side up" when the Rev is inverted. Welcome to the Rev Family...
  11. Hi guys... That's awesome news!! Congratulations on a great effort, for a most worthy cause! I'll see you guys in January; if not sooner, and next October, as well!
  12. Hi Dave.... Hope you had a great B'day. May all of your birthday wishes come true. xoxo
  13. Hi John.... Cooooooooool to watch..... as always!
  14. Hey baby.... Hope you had a great birthday. May ALL of your b'day wishes come true!!! xoxo Miss you!
  15. HI guys.... ... and just to add to what Watty said, the holes are meant to "twinkle" like stars in the sky. It looked really cool when held up against the sky.
  16. Hi John... OK.....think I got it... Please add four for a total of 26... Thanks.
  17. Hi All... What AMAZING talent! They are all gorgeous. What's really cool is that you don't need to "officially" know who created each Masterpiece as they are all awesome extensions of their previous beauties!!! <bravo.... applause....bravo>
  18. Hi guys... All of you Master kite builders have really brought your A game! Awesome work!!! Congratulations on some stunningly beautiful MASTERPIECES!
  19. Hi RC... Those that know you, chuckled! Eliot outdid himself on this! Awesome idea!!!
  20. HI John.... VERY cool! Looks like a great time. Great vantage point; seeing all three teams "stacked" doing the moves together. Keep on keep'n on! xoxo btw, the stick Revs Rock!!
  21. Hello everyone..... Just want to wish you all an AWESOME 4th of July!
  22. Hey Babe... Love ya a lot!!! Yup, we, certainly, can and do lean on each other as needed. It's sooooo cool that the thousands of miles across land or sea doesn't stop the REVOLUTION of this great family!!! Keep leaning, baby, keep leaning! xoxo
  23. Hi Bob... Welcome back to the Rev world . I'm sure there are guys in your area that will gladly share their expertise! The inputs and basic hand movements are the same for any Rev. There are subtle differences based on the size and wind speed..... just to keep it simple at this point. Have fun .
  24. Hi SkyPuppet... Doodle Jump is very addictive.... I think it cost .99 (I don't remember) worth every penny!! NinJump is a good one, also!!!!! (I love this game on the iPad!) Enjoyi-
  25. Hi Short line... Welcome to the Rev Family There are some awesome people/flyers in your neck of the woods. Try to meet up with them as it will speed up your learning curve.... BIG time!!! Feel free to ask away on this forum; everyone is happy to share their knowledge and experiences. Happy flying.
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