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  1. Happy Birthday Steve Oh happy memories
  2. Thank you for all your kind wishes. No worries about the belatedness as I was overseas without net access anyway Happy New Year.
  3. +1 Rev 1 for my Birthday
  4. Happy Birthday Stephen I know how much you adore cake Wishing you a super day
  5. It did.... who were the 6 flying together just now (5.30pm your local festival time) ?
  6. Choccy

    Margate fest 2009

    Margate fest UK 2009
  7. Hallo Hans also enjoyed watching you all night flying in Oostende thanks for posting the link.
  8. I adore to tango.... and I'm sure my rev would love to tango if you asked nicely too thanks for sharing
  9. Interesting scenery and Grace Jones cover, very nice
  10. These 2 European teams have been having a lot of fun together this summer. Love the transitional move at around 4 mins 52 Torreilles Cerfvoland 2009 Megateam FLIC - BOLAU from Bolau on Vimeo. Magnifique Fantastic Lovely Inspirational Champions
  11. Some more pics from the festival here
  12. Choccy

    Portsmouth 2009

    Portsmouth fest UK 2009
  13. Thank for posting Bri Bluey and purkle on shortlines fun too ;)
  14. Many happy returns of the day.... You sure do bring a lot of colour into our world.... especially purple Happy flying
  15. Hi Keith thanks for the info....
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