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  1. Happy Birthday Steve Oh happy memories
  2. Thank you for all your kind wishes. No worries about the belatedness as I was overseas without net access anyway Happy New Year.
  3. +1 Rev 1 for my Birthday
  4. Happy Birthday Stephen I know how much you adore cake Wishing you a super day
  5. It did.... who were the 6 flying together just now (5.30pm your local festival time) ?
  6. Choccy

    stack n stuff

    From the album: Margate fest 2009

    © &copy

  7. Choccy

    Margate fest 2009

    Margate fest UK 2009
  8. Choccy


    From the album: Margate fest 2009

    © &copy

  9. Choccy

    quad flying

    From the album: Margate fest 2009

    © &copy

  10. Choccy


    From the album: Margate fest 2009

    Daydream... on new team printed SULs

    © &copy

  11. Choccy

    shadow kiss

    From the album: Margate fest 2009

    Thanks to Stephen for taking this pic of us on 18 foot lines Hilarious fun... dosey do-s... etc Margate festival UK 19th September 2009

    © &copy

  12. Choccy


    From the album: Margate fest 2009

    Thanks to the Dutch kite flyers for taking and sharing this pic. We were flying on 120 foot lines here in a confined space when the tide was high. Later on we switched to 'safer' 18 foot lines which was hilarious

    © &copy

  13. Hallo Hans also enjoyed watching you all night flying in Oostende thanks for posting the link.
  14. I adore to tango.... and I'm sure my rev would love to tango if you asked nicely too thanks for sharing
  15. Interesting scenery and Grace Jones cover, very nice
  16. These 2 European teams have been having a lot of fun together this summer. Love the transitional move at around 4 mins 52 Torreilles Cerfvoland 2009 Megateam FLIC - BOLAU from Bolau on Vimeo. Magnifique Fantastic Lovely Inspirational Champions
  17. Some more pics from the festival here
  18. Choccy

    Portsmouth 2009

    Portsmouth fest UK 2009
  19. Choccy

    4 some

    From the album: Portsmouth 2009

    on the blues: Les and Groz on the purples: Choccy and Yrna Portsmouth kite festival 2009 Special thanks to Duncan for taking and sharing this pic

    © &copy

  20. Thank for posting Bri Bluey and purkle on shortlines fun too ;)
  21. Many happy returns of the day.... You sure do bring a lot of colour into our world.... especially purple Happy flying
  22. Hi Keith thanks for the info....
  23. Isn't it the Eggardon Hill kite festival on the Sunday following Bristol ?
  24. I do believe Mr J. is some kind of Jedi master... not only did he back up our stack of 2s, he was flying backwards circles with it too
  25. This is the work of Polo (FR). At 1 minute, that's the move based on FLIC's "molecular exchange" - rotating kisses - there's a video of them demonstrating this somewhere from the Berck festival. The Flying Squad also use a similar move in their routines - also available online somewhere. And Jade joined us at Dunstable festival this year to try the "Perpetual motion" move also based on a similar concept of passing on 'energy' back and forth with the rotating kisses which was a lot of fun. Try it
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