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  1. I had to pick a standard when I wrote the manual a few years ago. Some teams used 100', some used 120'. iQuad used 120's; I was on iQuad; so I chose 120 feet
  2. Hi Mark, It's been many years since I've been there, but I'll be at Wildwood this year and I'm really looking forward to it!. Look for team 180GO! and introduce yourselves. If you'd like to fly with others and do some team flying, take a look at this pdf: Revolution Mega-Fly Figures v1d.pdf and the animations here: http://www.revkites.com/learn-to-fly/revolution-kite-team-animations
  3. Mitch is a good guy to hook up with. Let him talk you into making the trek with him to the festival in Jamestown, ND where team 180GO! will have a team of 6 Revs flying. It's a 3-day festival and the first day, Friday, is all about lessons and learning to fly. For an online kite shop, I highly recommend TheKiteSite.net Big Mike and his wife run the shop, and Big Mike knows his revs--he's on 180GO! and has been flying Revs for years.
  4. I've also had luck cleaning with liquid laundry detergent, undiluted.
  5. There are photos in remembrance of David that Jeff posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/180GO
  6. Mike

    Ben's Farewell

    awww, we'll miss you Ben. Best of luck on whatever you do next.
  7. Mike


    "float away"...haha
  8. Actually, I like the green race rods because I just stick them in and they handle well in any wind and I don't feel the need to swap rods. Personally, I love them in the NYM.
  9. Hello Heino, though it might feel like you need heavier line, I never use anything heavier than 90lb lines for the 1.5 sized kites (NYM, B-Series, SLE, etc). Also, in 10-15 mph with a vented kite, a 3 wrap frame might be easier. They won't break, so it's worth experimenting to see how if flies for you. The extra flex might help.
  10. 180GO! flew a similar setup at the Dieppe, NB festival night fly a couple weeks ago. We also used a single battery.
  11. The NYM can be flown with any of the other frames. However, the green race rods are pretty awesome. They are light and strong and can be flown in the entire wind range of your 2 Vent NYM.
  12. I think 100# works fine, and I don't even double the line.
  13. When the vented kite starts to pull you off your feet, switch to the 4 wraps
  14. Quick tip: don't pull your hands back and forth like you do with a dual. With a quad, it's mostly in the wrist movement. Tip 2: just to be sure, on Revs, the spars go on the back side of the kite. They are *not* on the same side as the bridal--unlike duals. Tip 3: make sure all 4 lines are all the same length. Tip 4: hope someone from the UK pops on here and you can meet up with them. I learned on my own, and so have many others, but it's easier to learn from someone with experience.
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