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    Richmond BC, Canada
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    Kites, cameras, guitars. Just being at the beach with a kite in the sky and I'm a happy camper.
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    Dual line: Soul, Zenith. Quad line: Mid-Vent B-Pro, Joel Scholz Vampire Bat

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  1. The forum that I spend the most time on is plain text, no avatars, no sigs. It loads in the blink of an eye, even on dial-up. Clicking a thread takes me to the first unread post. I can watch or ignore threads to suit my interests.
  2. For another experiment, try rolling a few Rev spars on a flat, smooth surface, like a glass table top.
  3. Click Browse in the lower right corner of the Reply box, navigate to the pics on your computer, Upload them one at a time, select Manage Current Attachments and hit Preview Post to see if it uploaded correctly. Note, there is a 2 Mb file size limit to a single post, so re-size the photos if they are larger than that.
  4. A few pics of Brad playing with the new sculpture at Garry Point on Monday:
  5. steveb

    BCKA Christmas Fly

    The BCKA's Christmas fly at Garry Point, Richmond BC
  6. It was so much fun! There was a thin layer of ice on the pond. The last kite was a custom Bazzer Pro, belonging to Brad from Whidbey Island.
  7. Wow, after several weeks of the Pineapple Express pounding us with windstorms & rain, we got a beautiful break in the weather for our annual Snow Queens weekend. Great turn-out today- around a dozen Revs flying in the sunshine. Here's a of what it was like.
  8. That's almost eerie; I've been flying an identical B-Series over a very similar pond the last few nice days. Very relaxing to do and watch- thanks for making a video of it!
  9. Check out fishing pole grips
  10. steveb

    fatal damage

    <ouch!> Sorry to hear that. Do you have any photos of the damage?
  11. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Prism kites having printing on the Mylar. I hate the stuff though, except in some cases for reinforcements.
  12. My Bazzer Pros are the same graphics as my regular B-Series, but I don't have a pic handy of the Bazzers. I gave up trying to come up with custom graphics and just went with what I already had. This way I figure I can always stack them if I ever get a round tuit.
  13. We had 8 or 10 fliers this afternoon, a beautiful sunny day, though it was a bumpy and gusty breeze. No Revs were flown though, it was mostly SLKs.
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