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  1. Going to do the Sunday (old folks live nr Bristol so should get a roast dinner out of it) ... See u there!
  2. I have 3 sets of no snag handles (1 USA and 2 UK versions) so have each one setup on a line set (incl 15" handles on light lines) so have done away with bottom leaders altogether .. bottom lines straight on to handle and have 3 knots in my top leaders .... call me lazy but I never swap lines anymore and don't have any issues (helps that I can't fly for shit I guess!)
  3. Sorry Mark I think we have more than enough northerners
  4. No problem .... Bad news I returned to my other sport on Monday and managed to lose my GoPro camera overboard .... An excuse to buy a better one I guess!
  5. ... tough condition for us amateurs as the breeze got up and probably had wrong kite on .. well thats my excuse and Im sticking to it!
  6. Please 'come on down' .. There are quite a few of us lucky enough to live and fly down here where the winds are clean and the sky's blue .. Of course if you are in North London you might have to head up the M1 to that boil on the buttocks of England they call Dunstable Downs .. But quite frankly I wouldn't recommend it they'll make you eat cake and get fat ... Then there's always the Blackheath posse but thats a whole other story
  7. Tommy... I was probably one of the first to advocate using McLube on here .. Having worked for several Sailmakers in a previous life it's a product I was very familiar with .. In fact it's branded 'sailkote' when sold to Sailmakers. The base product is sold in many variations in many vertical markets ..pretty sure I read it was used to lubricate steam catapults on aircraft carriers! ... Anyway ... Sailors use it as a general lubricant including coating dinghy hulls, as chaff/friction protection on cruising sails etc. On spinnaker nylons/polyesters (of which Icarex is one) it's great for reducing friction where a sail is dragged into a spinnaker chute on a dinghy which can be pretty analogous to some of the abuse we put our Revs through ...as well as helping shed water quickly .. Very useful up North where you are It does wear off so I give my sails a coating a couple of times a season as well as my lines and of course those who know me will confirm my shoulders get a regular coating too
  8. I can be available if required .... and will bring the GoPro + head mount to film ... weather dependent of course as I believe it can get quite parky up North this time of year?
  9. Jonesey

    Rev Cam!

    lines are standard 120's ... have a plan for a proper/lighter mount based on this ... one of the nice thing about the GoPro is you can set it to do various things like take a picture every few seconds, which would probably get the best results ... also I guess you need to learn to fly super steady and level etc when using video to that end the last section was flown inverted and I just flipped the footage 'in post' ... much more stable So now just need to get some other kites in the air ...
  10. Jonesey

    Rev Cam!

    Got myself a GoPro HD a while back for use in 'another area' and finally had the chance to strap it to a kite yesterday so see whether it would work ... you tube video (watch in 720p if possible) Seems to have potential just need to sort a decent mount system thats not too heavy (used a standard camera mount/clamp/case this time) ..
  11. The outright sailing speed record got smashed again today by a kite border lots of my sailing associates not happy with this as its basically a purpose dug ditch in Namibia and questionable how much 'sailing' is going on + arguments about shallow water effect etc etc but whatever the argument these guys have some balls!
  12. If I had a pound for every client that told me the Keyboard or some other bit of hardware/software was responsible ....
  13. Simon you need to lay off the booze when your typing Oh and thank you for calling! p.s. anybody take any pictures??
  14. Great day ... thanks for organizing Baz .. one always feels so welcome on the downs ... despite Gary No doubt the mega fly that was forming as I left for the carpark was the biggest/best of the day but one short of the Downs record?
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