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  1. Jonesey's post in Is the new Blast a good choice for a first quad? was marked as the answer   
    To save you a lot of time and reading every 'which first kite should I buy' thread .... Get the B series .... standard if your average conditions are light/medium, Vented if you have good breeze (If your dealer can get you a mid-vent get that!)
    I bought a shockwave as my second kite (a week after my first) and just couldn't fly it ... now I am (slightly) more experienced and can appreciate it a little more so have added a Blast 2~4 and a pair of supersonics (vented and non) ... but the kite that I fly every time I open my bag is the B ... no brainier place to start and finish
    We must get some 'Buy a B' T shirts printed
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