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  1. Hi All Been a while since i posted and still fly my revs regularly but don't get much opportunity to fly indoors so my indoor rev is up for sale on eBay; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132260926670?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 Thanks Marty
  2. Hi All Been a while since i posted and still fly my revs regularly but don't get much opportunity to fly indoors so my indoor rev is up for sale on eBay; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132260926670?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 Thanks Marty
  3. It makes sense, but you're right you get more for your money with B package. One HEALTH WARNING though . . . . . . you may find your foils get dusty . . . . . 5 Rev's later mine have!!! Welcome
  4. Good observation Baloo - yep the tide was coming in and wrapping round the sand bar i'm standing on so there was a nice bit of water flowing in between me and the promenade (where the cameraman is stood) for some water action which unfortunately wasn't caught on camera . . . Naturally it was MY kids that had laid a number of boobie traps to test my footwork as well as my flying!!! Marty
  5. Hi Everyone Had some chums over in North Wales for a juggling weekend that turned into a complete kite-fest with 4 of us spending the majority of our time flying rev's. Here'a bit of roughly edited footage of me on my SLE with 3-wrap and 20' lines - just to prove i haven't completely disappeared off the kite radar!!! Cheers, Marty
  6. Hi JB and everyone on the forum, It's been ages since i posted but i continue to lurk on the forum from time to time and still fly my rev(s) whenever i get chance. Some of you know my story, in 2008 i was diagnosed with cancer, Non-hodgkin Lymphoma, and whilst i craved being out in the fresh air and running and cycling, flying my rev was the thing that got me through 6 months of chemo. We're incredibly lucky to live by the beach and on days where i felt like i'd been given a gallon of weedkiller to drink, getting out and flying was the thing that cleared my head, and body, ready for the next onslaught of chemo. Plugging in to my ipod and flying for a couple of hours did wonders for my mental health during that time. Now i'm in remission and training for my second triathlon having completed a half marathon, 140 mile charity bike ride, bungee jump and about to complete the 15 Snowdonia peaks above 3000 ft all for charity, but i will always value the joy that flying rev's gave me during that time and still give me, but above all it was this amazing community of people that gave me love and hope at a really crucial time in my recovery. All this is probably why i've not been so active on the forum!!! Love to the family, Martin www.marti-thon2010.blogspot.com
  7. REALLY sorry i missed the weekend everyone was well up for some Rev fun too. Unfortunately, in the end we had family staying at short notice so it wasn't a go-er. poo
  8. Aaaah That was a GOOD day Bri . . . almost a year ago now and i still get that stupid grin whenever i fly with others
  9. I will def be there one of the days, ideally both, my only problem is that since the date got changed me and Mrs Juggles have a prior engagement on the Saturday night . . . . Ready for some team flyin' tho . . .
  10. Must. . . . re.....sist . . . . . nope i can't. I'll have a 3-pack . . . . that's one GOOOOOOOOOD lookin' kite
  11. i know, i know, i've been a bit quiet lately but i full intend on being there for at least one of the days. Marty
  12. hmmmm got me puzzled too Bart. i know what you mean but i can really only think it is to do with the wind. a few feet off the floor where you're sliding the wind can do some odd things if it's a bit gusty. it does happen to me occasionally and i'll need to look next time i'm out to see what the winds doing - normally we get consistent winds here on the beach unless it's coming over the mountains. i think i find it's normally less smooth in an inverted slide at the edges but i'll need to go out and experiment. can't see it's your set up especially but we'll see what other more experienced bods say . . . . i'm sure once you get some sweet winds you'll realise how much skill you've built up flying in the mush!
  13. Welcome Airin, I always used to do LE up launches because that's what the original vid i got 6 or 7 years ago told me to do, it's only through using this forum for the last year or so and meeting up with some other Rev Flyers that my techniques and habits have really changed so you've come to the right place for good advice! - I'd suggest, as others have, as soon as you're able to turn the kite over from parked or reverse launch that it provides the better option. Finally, for team flying i will quote the advice given to me from a certain large gentleman on this very forum "own thy hover". Enjoy your rev - they're GRRRRRRREAT, to quote tony the tiger
  14. Kimbo, in a response to your orginal question, it may be worth considering your technique too. I really only occasionally get snags when i'm doing tricks where the line goes slack so it shouldn't be something that's happening too regularly. No snag handles look sweet but when they first appeared i was kind of surprised to see a solution to a problem i'd never really experienced. Try looking at what's happening when you're getting snags - if it's in normal flight, are you over controlling to cause this problem?
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