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  1. Looks good on this end John.
  2. Happy Birthday Brother, Hope you have a great one wherever You're hangin out.
  3. All I know is I better see you in Newport R.I. this coming year
  4. I have both in reg and vented I suggest getting them all. The Vented sonic is still faster than the blast or vented blast and is very precise so you can't go wrong with it. The Vented Blast I do like better than the standard especially with the race rods in ultralight wind it's a freak. Hope this helps.
  5. Welcome to the speedy/powerful darkside. I don't know how you're managing to bust up spars like that, I'm a 350 pound man and I frequently fly these kites and I'm able to hold them back quite considerably (meaning they don't move me) I've only managed to blow out a vertical spar once on the power blast 2-4 in the many years of flying these and this is while holding them under power for quite some time. Seeing as those are old colors I have to wonder if the spars may have some micro cracks in them from age or storage mishaps. Hope you work this out, You have a great matched set that are hard to come by especially for older sail styles and colors. Rip it up, Jim
  6. This means rooms will be even more impossible to get than normal
  7. Guess I missed you on here, Although I did get ya on facebook. Happy Birthday here as well
  8. So what you are saying Ben is you made these especially for me seeing as I accel with my midvent in ultralight wind. How are they compared to the silver bullets as those with a midvent are like a indoor kite to me ???? OH! and when are you sending me some
  9. It takes a long time for that Mylar to soften up, Try and keep the curls going the same way when you fold it in 3rds and don't worry about flipping the top endcaps around I have to as well on all my speed series. As far as the down struts no fears roll them up in the sail up in the mylar area like you would any other Rev. One thing I can say is when you break down the LE leave a good 3-4" space between sticks where it folds you don't want that area tight. It took me years to get the mylar semi soft and finally took playing in salt water for it to finally start, Just make sure you rinse it good if you do. I don't remember if they suggest putting the down spars behind the shock cord on the smaller speed series I know they do with the power blast, However I would suggest doing it with the shockwave as well they pull pretty good and that just keeps the shockcord from pulling through it does not effect how it flies. Have fun, You have the hardest Rev to control fly that thing as often as you can and try to do everything you can with it. Once you get good at controlling that you'll be a master on anything else rev has to offer effortlessly. Any questions you may have with the speed series I'll try my best to answer I've owned and flown them all for many years, They are the most fun.
  10. I say give them all to me I'll have the Gonzalez brothers print me some center panels that say Referbolution at my expense then I will pay someone to sew them on and back cut the old ones off and start a team in Newport called The Referb's But seriously, why not have someone in the factory just sew on some new center panels right over the old ones, right inside the seams then back cut the old ones off and sell them discounted to people you know will never come back later on and pull the quality card crap. Problem solved, No worries of it ever coming back to bite you knowing the people who will get them fully understand what they are getting and are reputable. I'm still partial to my first choice however.
  11. I wish I could help, But I don't sell kites I just buy them all up like the greedy basstid I am. looking for 45,46,47 and 48 as I type this
  12. That's the best looking one I've seen so far. Nice
  13. That is probably the coolest pattern I have seen so far, Very Very Nice
  14. I own all of the above mentioned kites, Including vented versions of the supersonic and blast. The shockwave while being only slightly larger than the sonic for some reason I still after all these years cannot seem to grasp why it requires more control and is much more squirrely. The regular sonic is nothing but fun, very fast very responsive although I do prefer the vented version you can't go wrong with either. The Blast is a completely different animal, It is fast it pulls hard if you get it packaged with the race rod LE it can fly in some really low winds (even indoors) again I prefer the vented version of this, Reason being is once you get the experience with any Rev vented seem to be the choice for smoothness. (The name says it all it truly is a BLAST) Either way you go or choice you make I suggest having experience with a 1.5 at least and I would invest in the 150# line set, while 90# will work OK, It doesn't take much for these kites to stretch out 90# and it usually ends up being 1 of the 4 for some reason which can totally mess up your tuning and drive you insane. I live on the south coast of Mass. myself and very frequently go to Newport RI on the weekends, if you like you are more than welcome to get a hold of me and we can plan to meet there sometime. I have all of these kites in my bag and I'll gladly pull them out and let you have a go on them. Out of all the kites listed for now I would say shy away from the shockwave, Once you have lots of experience it can be the most fun of all because it is the most challenging of all the speed series. God Luck, Jim
  15. Even Better, Mid-Vent with Silver Bullets in 1-3 mph its heaven on a string
  16. Very Nice John, New stake rig looks like its working just fine. Have you tested it long enough to make a determination on line wear improvement yet ??
  17. Oooops I'm late Happy Birthday Laura.
  18. Wow dreams do come true in Revland
  19. Probably My favorite kite of all time, Close second if not tied is the Vented Sonic which held the title until I got the Vented Blast. Yes they are non-production I'm not sure how I was able to get this one but i'm glad persistence payed off. It blows my mind every time I fly it with race rods in ultra light winds and the standard SLE rods with much smoother precision being vented.
  20. Seriously?? with all the race rods I have NOW I have to get MORE
  21. Add 1 for me, B-pro custom midvent. (Ben's Kite)
  22. Sweet My Prayers Have Also Been Answered........... Ben, YOU ARE THE MAN
  23. Happy Birthday Jim, Have a great one.
  24. Happy Birthday My Friend, Hope You Have a Great Day.
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