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  1. Yes I have had the same problem I have checked my settings and they seem to be correct for notifications
  2. Yes Vince got my pass,all set to go
  3. I plan on being there subject to getting a camping pass !
  4. Hi Felix As a keen amateur rev flier I am looking forward to Portsmouth (for me its the festival to look forward to in the UK) also the rev arena (properly cordoned off this year) and "putting on a show for the public" as we did last year BUT To camp for free on the common,and this is a major benefit to fliers in cost savings,may be a problem for many kite fliers now,as stated in the kite society magazine You have to submit your resume to the kite society stating what you will contribute to the festival Then wait to be approved for a camping pass I am afraid that with the rising costs associated with travelling to festivals - especially the distance to Portsmouth AND having to pay for accomodation if refused a camping pass would make it a no go event for some I personally would have to consider the costs involved,as I'm sure would many others I hope that the people who want to fly at Portsmouth AND CAMP will be able to do so. If not then dedicated UK fliers may stay away Lets hope this is not the case as this would be bad for the festival
  5. I too have applied for a camping pass but not as a "rev flier"
  6. I'll be there from friday to tuesday
  7. Looking good Jason just been through the whole site Brought back some memories of being at Herrington I look forward to the next get together wherever it may be
  8. Thanks for that Les are you going
  9. The following was copied from the kite weekenders forum We are sure you may be wondering why you have not heard anything about Weymouth this year - and may have heard some rumours. We are writing to confirm that the event is NOT taking place this year. As you are no doubt aware budgets for local government have been cut (quite severely in some cases) and this has impacted the ability for Weymouth and Portland Borough Council to offer a realistic budget. In light of this we have reluctantly decided not to go ahead with a scaled back event - once down that path it tends to stay that way! There are some hopes that the event may go ahead in 2012 (the Olympics may help here) but obviously we will not know anything until possibly the end of 2011. We would like to thank all of you who have supported the event over the years - rain, wind and storms - and look forward to seeing you somewhere soon. Jon and Gill
  10. Thankyou for the update Felix Daz I think that would be a better idea AND people from all over the world would be able to book accomodation in portsmouth NOW if they wanted to if there was a serious 100 mega fly attempt OR a world record to be had (ie more than the WSIKF) then surely as an organiser they could arrange for kites to be cleared as appropriate to accomodate for a short time then it would be CHALK ONE UP FOR THE UK
  11. sorry felix but i have to comment and this is NOT aimed at you - I know you are trying to make it happen there were plans for this last year and people couldnt get rooms then ! it looks highly unlikely that there will be 100 rev fliers this year (especially as it is this late in the organising - it will be even later at the end of the month) so access to rooms for fliers will not likely occur I am a willing "to participate" flier but it seems there is NO facility to book at my own cost I thought this was a kite festival,where they encourage you to attend (at your own expense so you can add to the display and spectacle) - how can you attend if you cant get rooms,or should i say get access to rooms - planning takes time especially for people to get time off,organise finances and travel arrangements etc people i know want to attend and did so last year,some gave up as they couldnt get rooms but seems most are stuck in a catch 22 situation,or bring your tent and try that !!!!!! I for one have time available off work and have had for months and would gladly book RIGHT NOW as a lone traveller this would be a fair expense and as such being PART of things with the other fliers ie in the vicinity of them would help would i have this trouble trying to go to a festival in the UK I THINK NOT I will hold out a little longer to be PART of Berck 2011 but if things dont start falling in to place soon i will give up on Berck and look to the festivals that i can organise attending with ease Yours hopefully BAZ
  12. correct that..............now on facebook
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