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  1. That was totally wicked. Sorry to see the wind taper off half way through. Great job!
  2. Last question. Could I hook this to a heavy duty pole or should it be something very stable?
  3. Could this be done at kite festivals to let people try? Is it easier to handle that they could get an idea without having to fly on full length lines?
  4. Think about if you're travelling too. We're all over, so if you go away for a vacation, maybe someone will be able to meet up with you to let you fly.
  5. +1 You can double up the 3 and 4 or race and 3 in the leading edge for really high wind if you have to.
  6. Don't know what the prevailing conditions are in the UK, but I always setup two kites because in the middle of the continent, winds are subject to change. It's good to get another set of handles and a spare set of lines eventually. Gotta have spares for insurance. There are plenty of forum topics converting your handles to no snag (a must) and possibly finding a mate or source that can make you an additional set of handles. With the most of us, it's an addiction. Don't mean to scare you with a fully outfitted bag. My goal is to fill my rev bag to where I can barely close it.
  7. Yes, that one. Before you dive in, delve into the past forum topics here and the Rev equipment info on the website.. There is way more information than you'll know what to do with. Educate yourself on the different equipment before ordering something you my not need. We'll always be happy to help based on your primary flying conditions and other considerations. BTW, Polo Rev's are slick looking and great kites as well. I plan on getting one myself some day. So many kites so little cash.
  8. Since you're already flying, no sense in getting an EXP. I would save up for a 1.5 B series. For the extra 40 pounds over an SLE it's worth it. An SLE would be ok, but if you're smitten with Rev's, it's worth the investment. If you can determine what frame is in the knockoff (a crap heavy one I figure) then you can get a frame that will lower you wind range a little. If we're a little snarky, it's because we're protective of the Rev originators. Yes the knockoffs are cheaper, but you get what you pay for.
  9. Don't mind Mark. For a guy who weighs 140lbs, every ounce it too much weight.
  10. Hello MNwild. Welcome. Looks like you have a couple of people near you to learn from. Taking advantage of an opportunity to fly OPK (other people kites) is invaluable in determining what you like and might want to buy. You can often buy used Rev's as most fliers take good care of their stuff. The biggest part is getting lines and handles as people tend to hold onto their own, but once you have a full set up, you should be able to fly for years.
  11. Tmadz


    I took "when can I order a couple of 'em" as tacit approval.
  12. If I win the lottery I know who I'd like to hire as my personal buyer.
  13. http://www.revkites.com/kite-product/revolution-power-blast-2-4 You can follow the link on the upper left of the forum screen that will take you to the Rev main page. Look on the left column for products and search for the item. There is a tab for specs on the product page. BTW, it's not specified on the 2-4 details but the name derives from the power of a 4m foil on a 2m sail. It specifies it on the 4-8 product description.
  14. I still think it's not necessary for the average flyer. For the amount of time spent on the lines and in conditions representative of the proper sail, it's more of a personal preference. No problem with those who want to do it, but I don't think it's necessary unless the condition of your equipment dictates it. I bought a used Rev with the tape on it and it's fine, but it's black and hides the tape anyway.
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