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  1. In other words Paul, the Dennis Smith Champion's bag pickup/drop off point is where we will find you waiting patiently for Mr Smiths arrival!
  2. Hmmm, There may be.....I'll have to ask Sammy. It was Dugard and me flying and Sammy being a little.......well anyway There was a lot of damage done that day to a certain lime green B series and Dugard did some cool on field bridle repairs in a howling wind and rain. Of course we were giggling the whole time!!!!
  3. @Steven....Hey pal! I said ability, not idiocy.....but then again there was there was this one 9-11 memorial fly at LSP.................!
  4. All this talk about wind range is at its core, irrelevant. Pilot ability is what ultimately flies any kite........ Just saying...........
  5. Someone pls hook Carolyn up with a couch or better yet a bed. She deserves more than anyone I know, to be at WW having a kickass time. If I was going to be there I would, so somebody please fill in for me and help Carolyn with a bed to crash in!!!!!!
  6. Yes they do!!!!! Be more reckless....push the envelope..... BTW, Try those diamond rods in a 75% Shook weave...... After you clean up the drool, drop a line and tell us what you thought!!!!!
  7. Excellent news Felix. I now return to Miami on the 5th so the 6th and beyond sound good. Can prolly go right out on the beach behind your hotel and fly there no problem. Safe travels and warm breezes my friend! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Excellent Felix! I'll be back home the eve of the 4th so the 5th and beyond works well. Where are you guys staying? It may be as simple as going right on the beach by where you're staying. Let me know and we'll get it sorted out! As for what to bring, bring what makes you comfortable but you're welcome to borrow from my bag anything you might need. Looking forward to seeing you!
  9. I should be around and will def fly with ya.....BTW, who is this? We can fly over by Haulover pier. Bring 75' lines.....any longer and your choices to fly are severely limited. What kite to bring......one that flies of course! You can fly anything you want out of my bag if you don't want to stress about it. Otherwise, bring a full sail, a mid vent and a full vent......variety, right? Or again, fly OPK!!!!!!!!! PM me and we can discuss logistics, etc...... I'm still meeting new pilots down here and will try to wrangle them to come fly with us!
  10. Swannie & Kurt.......... I'm good to fly either Saturday or Sunday this weekend!
  11. I love and appreciate the "audio" perspective of your comparison! Haahhah
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