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  1. One of the best men I've ever know and the the world is a sadder place with him gone....... See you in the next life dear friend keep the coffee hot and the wind at your back and I'll see you in the next life so hold that place on the line for me....... Ben
  2. beach

    Ben's Farewell

    I guess I need to say something and first let me say thank you one and all and God bless you all, John thank you for saying such nice things about me but in truth all these things were and will always be a team thing...... Thanks to Joe first and foremost for helping me to make my visions real and work..... Thanks to Dave for putting the hours of research on these projects and dreams and making them a real product, then to Lolly for putting up with my madness and then putting these visions / products out there for the public and making sure people other than us could enjoy them too....... S
  3. Got this a while ago and for me its just not possible with my foot and stuff and being at these are good folks and it's a chance to go and make kiting pay here's some info for the "Family".... Hi Ben -- We'd like to hire a kite flying professional to direct a kite flying activity at our winter carnival event. The kite flying activity would be one of many activities at our event. It would work something like this: Director of kite flying event would have kites available for folks to drop in and take a crack at flying a kite. Director would get the person started then guide them
  4. We would do what ever you like no problem at all just contact Lolly and as always she will take care of it no problem....... Ben
  5. I so have to come out and play with you guys....... Ben
  6. Had a little time yesterday and put this 5 min. video together, enjoy and fair winds to you all....... Ben http://youtu.be/pY-bOIvlwjc
  7. Here's some great photos from Wildwood...... Ben
  8. This is the N.Y.M. in my hands and some sweet wind....... Ben
  9. Hey I'm looking for a flier around the Wagoner Ok. area, Tom Allen a member of the Family needs some help and some fly time...... His email is [email protected] and he needs help..... Ben
  10. Some how I missed seeing a few of the "American Flag" kites and as always blame Bazzer cause he caused this problem but with that said I can always make a deal to seal the deal so give me a call....... Sorry Baz you know I'm forgetful....... Ben
  11. Okay its official I will be in Wildwood ,this is a good day..... So with that said I will run a special lets say $20.00 of Rev Bucks on anything in house and say $50.00 of Rev Bucks for any stock kite that we have here and i will take all to Wildwood to give to you...... Also from you I want one hour of your time on the Rev field doing lessons and as an added bonus the best helper I get I will leave with $100.00 Rev Bucks for a later deal. So get your order in before the 20th and lets get busy cause "Ben's in the Wood"......... Ben
  12. Carl just did the sails and the finish work was done here, sorry it is not in the works at this time......Ben
  13. It's funny cause me and Alden started this project a year ago but cause of life and all it brings these are the first of many of his kites in the Masterpiece collection that we just got.... It's weird cause Alden is a great artist, a great sewer, but what gets by is how much he really brings when he's at a events, he flies all day, he shows his wonderful Jimmy stack, he helps others all the time, and he gives his all...... His talents are many but the man inside is golden, it's an honor to call him Family and it's even a greater honor to call him brother..... Your work speaks for itself
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