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  1. If you're learning on your own without an experienced teacher, it could take a few hours of trial and error before you learn basic control. With a guide who knows how to teach, it can be much quicker. There are some kite people, including SkyBurner Kites located nearby, you could contact the stores to help you look for experienced people to fly with. If nobody chimes in from the region and you still can't find people, it looks like there is the Lyon Township Kite Festival on June 1 and 2. Often teams will arrive a few days early and spend time learning the field and practicing, that
  2. The health issues sound horrible. I know aging is something that happens to all of us, but it stinks when it does. I've had my own bouts of "Oh, that's what they meant!" regarding joint pain, but not the issues you describe. As for this: There are several active kite forums, and activity seems to go in cycles. Currently both Kitelife and GWTW Forums are more active than the Rev forums, although that can always change back. I think several things contributed to these forums dropping in popularity. The site took a big plunge after the revkites.com site was redesigned to be a more
  3. I liked the fields behind the Olympic Oval out in Kearns. It was close to my house (before I moved) and the terraced fields usually had at least one area with steady-ish winds.
  4. Went with the RX, the smaller one. It fits the same as the 1.5's. Thanks again for the info.
  5. That's probably not needed. If the larger one is only a half inch larger, I'll assume the smaller one is either the same or smaller, and will travel about the same as my other 1.5 sails. Which means it's probably time for the "shut up and take my money!" meme.
  6. Thanks. Is that "original reflex" the XX or RX that is just over 35"?
  7. When folded up and placed in its bag, what are the lengths of the two new Reflex models? I ask because the Rev 1.5 fits diagonally across my large luggage with very little room to spare. I'm wondering if travel with a Reflex will be an issue.
  8. Yes, the design in my profile picture at left. I agree about that, the bowing frame does change how the kite flies... until the spar snaps. I worry about the leading edge because it is visibly bending, but it has always been a vertical spar that breaks for me. That is true for us all, I think. I haven't flown at all this month, and we're on the last day. I plan on remedying that this afternoon. The 3.5 hour drive to my nearest beach won't fit in my early lunch break, so Texas Hill Country winds for me. WindFinder has changed the prediction for these irregular winds, slightly
  9. If you are on the beach -- and by your location that is likely -- then I agree with you completely. On the beach where winds are steady that is true. I love flying in Oregon beaches when I travel, but that hasn't been since 2015. Wind predictions say things like: Winds 14 knots, gusts to 16 knots. Or winds 7 knots, gusts to 10 knots. Or 4 with gusts to 5. That is nice, steady, fun wind. Race rods for everybody! However, he wrote about South Texas winds, which are incredibly gusty and irregular. When looking at predictions on WindFinder, it is fairly common to see a huge range.
  10. It is all about the wind. I'd beware of the "race rods work with anything" comments above. I listened to advice like that until breaking a spar in a gust. Now that I've broken more than one I am more cautious about what to use. The gusty inland winds can strike in an instant. Where do you fly already? Are you out on the beach by Corpus Christi, or inland by Laredo? I'm currently up near Austin, and the inland winds drive me crazy. You write that you already have an EXP (full sail) + 3 Wrap. That should work well in light to moderate winds. Are your winds usually too light for th
  11. frob

    Club 38

    That's a pretty condemning quote.
  12. frob

    Club 38

    Thanks for the update! Those sound like the same six that were linked to with the new kite's QR code, mentioned back in post #1 above. Setup, launch, left/right, back down, land, turn over on ground, and a request to send in a video demonstrating the in-air skills. Basically the minimum essentials to learning to fly so you don't feel like you just wasted a few hundred dollars. I'm still thinking they took the Techniques Manual (now moved here), added a few (e.g. setup) and split some apart (Technique #1 becomes launch, forward flight, back down, and land) and all total call it 38 skills. Som
  13. frob

    Club 38

    Looks like the web site now has 8 levels of logins associated with this thing, but still no information.
  14. frob

    Club 38

    Don't get me wrong, it could very well offer something valuable. I can comfortably fly but by no means are my skills advanced or expert. It's just there is a difference if the course covers 38 skills and I'm already comfortable with 35 of them versus if I'm already comfortable with 17 of them. It would be useful if there were a list of what it covered, some description of what the 38 items are, what is covered in the courses beyond the ad's hype of "levels only pros have achieved!" What does that even mean? When I'm done I will have mastered the group fly manuals? When I'm done I'll be at
  15. frob

    Club 38

    I'd classify myself as a beginner/intermediate flier and I just received my 3rd sail. (A full-vent so I can fly on windier days.) In the package was an insert for "Club 38". On the web site it says the program is new, launched six days ago with "Launching Soon! Contact us with questions" as the announcement. It looks like: * Instructional movies for standard flight moves. (Seemingly not as well-done as the KiteLife videos and the various tutorials on YouTube.) * T-shirt with logo * Series of patches * Pin upon completion I'm curious what the 38 skill videos are supposed to cover, as
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