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  1. We are all so Thankful for you Ben! Thank you for all that you do and have done for all of us. Looking forward to flying with you some time real soon!!!
  2. I have just received official confirmation that the "Rum Buddies" (Bazzer Poulter & Steve De Rooy) will be attending KiteOberFest!! Cannot wait for the madness to begin!!!
  3. Sounds like it's going to be a blast!!! Looking forward to flying for TWO Days straight!! Rev, Rev, Reving it up!!
  4. Rumor on the beach this past weekend is the festival is shaping up nicely!! Looking forward to seeing & flying with those from near and far!! 1 Month 28 days To Go!! Has anyone bought plane tickets yet??
  5. Welcome to Darkside Joe!! Looking forward to seeing you out on the beach!!
  6. Your not quite the only one Louie!! .... Star McKinnon Great Mega Fly Shot!!
  7. Great Festival!! Thank you friends near & far! Always great to step into a 9-19 person team!! Already looking forward to next year! Star*
  8. oooo a yoshi kite stake would be soo cool!!
  9. *****Gasp****** Thats sooo sweeeeeeeeeeet...
  10. Sure was Bob!! Credit does have to go to KellyKelly for takin the Sunday shots though!!
  11. Truely a weekend to remember!! Thank you all! Here are some of my favorite shots. Saturday evening's 8Man Team Sunday's 10Man Team
  12. Mr Denny, those shots rock!!! Love that 3rd shot! (Man... I gotta spend some time on the other coast! LOL )
  13. Alden... That one sooo rocks!!! Pretty good beer too!!
  14. I haven't read it yet per-say, but I saw one of your pics as I was flippin through!
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