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added a 135% mesh from Eliot Shook, patterned after my Zen's graphics

custom leading edge sleeve, sticks and french bridle, used it with Green Race and 4 wraps depending on how hard it was blowing this past weekend. I didn't need this kite, told Eliot I didn't want one, finally admitted the need but was hesitant to discuss w/Barbara. Eliot played my wife like a musical instrument over dinner and afterwards over another adult beverage in the room. Eventually my bride surrendered to this extreme pressure, then Eliot pulls it out of the bag all finished in my colors and my specifications of construction. Sweetest delivery schedule EVER and thanks again to my best girl in the whole world for allowing yet another procurement of fine Revolution products!

Pictures soon, not my best suit though


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My Revolutions:

1 Rev Experience,

*** Dutch Flag (Red, White, Blue)

*** Somewhere between semi & full vented

1 Rev 1.5

*** Black, Red

*** Full sail

1 Rev 1.5

*** Australian Flag (printed sail & mesh)

*** Semi vented

Now I've got 3 Revolutions.......

Don't know what the future will bring ani_whistling.gif

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Couldn't stay on 13 too long. Had to move to a luckier number.

photomom +1 (14) --- Neos Omega (I couldn't resist.)

Is that "The one of eighty"? I've been wondering which collector it went to. Hope so, SHBKF

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1 zen

1 reflex

1 standard

2 standard pros

3 mid vent pros

2 full vent pros

1 extra vent pro

1 shook weave

1 2-4 blast

1 supersonic

4 master pieces

only 18 revs

damn thought I had 19 time to do some shopping lol

forgot the indoors lol thanks wayne

3 indoor there we go 21 (still time to shop for more lol)

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1 SLE Full sail (Blue/ Black)

1 SLE Vented (Teal/ White)

3 Stack SLE/EXP/SLE (Terry Murray's old stack for those that knew him)

2 Rev Trifinity Rainbows


+2 for a total of (9)

1 Rev Reflex

1 Rev SUL (and a very rare one at that. Old Glory!! Suitable for FRAMING!!!)

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