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  1. I see that Madquad added a Rev Helium. I did not know that they were on the market yet, are they?
  2. I have been practicing the traveling bicycle for a while, it is an awesome move and John makes it look so easy. I never knew there was a name for the variation that you call the Moon Walk. Dragonfish , you have some good helpful tips that I will try , thank you.
  3. Skline53 +2 (8) Added Bpro full vent and Indoor Rev
  4. I just got to the point of doing an up and over flying forward. Doing it in reverse? wow. I tried it briefly today, not even close. But you are talking about John and I think he can do anything. (Indoor Rev, Indoors.)
  5. Also when I went from a SLE to a 2 wrap in my Rev 1 I had to shorten the bungee on the end caps slightly to take up slop and to keep them from popping off easily.
  6. The Xtra also flys good in less wind than the rating that they give, 15,16 mph wind and it does well.It is truly a well designed kite.
  7. Yes, that is the bottom line, whatever it takes to get you in the air with very little grief.
  8. I have tried several times to wind up the way John showed us, for me it takes to much time to sort the lines out on setup. So I have reverted back to my original way of doing it, two lines at a time, it works really well for me, no tangles or sorting out.
  9. No, not sacrilege, just more work.
  10. I used spider line (45#spectra) for a long time for a 1.5 SUL and it worked fine for light wind situations. Was left over from the Catch the Wind days.
  11. Skline53 +2(6), added standard sail and xtra-vent.
  12. 4 revs plus one on order, but one of those 4 is a Backtracker which I never fly. So I don't know if you really want to count that one, it is a Rev in name only and part of their history. skline53 SUL 1.5-1 Rev 1-1 1.5 Full vent-1
  13. skline53

    B-Pro set

    Love the color scheme, on my wish list.
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