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  1. Henri

    Kite Lights

    This setup is effective. I uses 2 1W 140lm LEDs on each side on "magic sticks", each LED pair is powered by a 10440 3.7v 600mAh protected LiPo Battery. About 40mn usage before changing the batteries. I have yet to find a way to light up the center of the sail but the billow does not help. Mine are home made in France... Mario Di Lucca in Vancouver BC builds a similar setup. Easy to make if you can do simple electronics oldering (use a 1.5ohm resistance in series with each LED)
  2. Henri

    Team Animations/Team Manuals

    www.revkites.net still has the old site stuff. HTH
  3. Henri

    Science of inverted wobble

    To have a lighter grip when in a hover, you can lower your hands on the handles. I found it helps to hold them near the point where you do not have to apply brakes to fly reversed. I'm also pointing the brakes out on my handles when hovering in reverse (I also hold the upper handle more or less horizontal when flying with the leading edge vertical).
  4. Henri

    Uses for broken spars

    If you can salvage half, you can start building a travel set...
  5. Henri

    Global Rev Count.

    Henri +1(13) 1 Supersonic (present from David Barnby) 1 1.5 SLE SUL 1 1.5 SLE 1 1.5 B-series full sail 1 1.5 B-series HVTD 2 1.5 B-series VTD 1 Rev I 4 NYM all white full sail added 1 Rev II
  6. Henri


  7. Henri

    Glowing revs?

    Lit from the back, using 2 kits from my dual lines. Some kind of magic sticks to hold 2 LEDs on each side, 2 aaa Li Ion batteries, one on each side too. You can see this one from far away
  8. Henri

    Night flying

    Flying revs at night
  9. Henri

    Bought my first Rev

    Here is a picture of the simulator in actin at WSIKF. A very effective and safe setup. Notice the short lines, 10 to 15ft
  10. Henri

    WSIKF 2015

    Also have a look at http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/376-rev-team-manual/ (but don't worry) http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/5793-revolution-25th-anniversary-100-strong-at-wsikf-aug-19-24-2013/page-4 (and still don't worry)...
  11. Henri

    WSIKF 2015

    Is there any registration needed for WSIKF?
  12. Henri

    WSIKF 2015

    Hi Alden, It's a stack, but a small one, the leading edge is 32". There are 12 kites, built with tape and no sewing. I'll see how much space I'll have left in my suitcase, but I'm not sure it will make the trip from France. I'll try.
  13. Henri

    WSIKF 2015

    We'll have to wait till the 17th... Hope many Rev flyers fly megateam and grid...
  14. Henri

    WSIKF 2015

    Hello all, I'll be there too (long trip from France...)
  15. Henri

    Developing a street style

    Beware also of what is behind you, you may have to back up, more than indoors.