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  1. +1 Up to 15 Added a Rainbow Rev. Once flown at Disneyland.
  2. photomom

    Club 38

    I've been trying to get more information for a couple of weeks now. No answer to email or posts (comments) to the Facebook page. Seems like Club 38 is for a hand-picked elite and not us regular fliers. Not ready to part with $50.00 before knowing more either.
  3. I got a chance to fly the Reflex a couple of weeks ago. I wrote a short review on the Kitelife forum. I didn't think I would indulge myself with another Rev however, a Red-White-Black Reflex found its way into my bag yesterday. I suggest putting some repair tape on the back of the little velcro tabs that are on the ends of the springs. They are only twisted on and we've already had a couple work their way off during test flights. Karen M.
  4. There's information on the Revolution Facebook page. Seems that's the current method of communication instead of forums. The information on their web page is changing and updating as we speak.
  5. Yep. That's the one. And it's beautiful.
  6. Couldn't stay on 13 too long. Had to move to a luckier number. photomom +1 (14) --- Neos Omega (I couldn't resist.)
  7. photomom +1 (13) Japanese geisha Rev
  8. Adding one more - Meteor Spot Rev photomom +1 (12)
  9. My count has just gone up. Just got a new B2. photomom +1 (11)
  10. Still looking for the banner pole. When will it reach the East Coast? There are several of us in NC that are eagerly awaiting them.
  11. Added two this past year. Elliot Shook Mesh Kites Unlimited Custom Vented photomom +2 (10)
  12. Just ask Don when you get to the shop. He'll show you what it's like.
  13. The Kites Unlimited Custom is only available from then Kites Unlimited Kite shop. The first four were sent from Revolution last month. Six more are coming later this spring. They will only be available in limited numbers.
  14. I might as well get on the list since my Rev ownership is growing. (8) Custom B-pros (full, mid-vent, vent) EXP Rev 1 Oh Canada Rev Randy Tom Warrior Princess Kites Unlimited Custom They multiply like rabbits.
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