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  1. Hasek

    Club 38

    Yup, I've responded to Rev Tweets with questions with no answer. I don't let Facebook use me so I appreciate your post letting me know Rev handles FB the same as Twitter and THEIR forums. What's worse than a company not using social media/forums... a company that does but won't interact. It's pretty frikken frustrating.
  2. I use a 136 cm Level Nine Snowboard bag Heino. I have eight Revs in seven sleeves and a bunch of extra frames in the main pocket and it can hold easily two more Revs. The only draw back to the bag is that the only extra pocket at the end is small. I have four line sets in there, a stake, and can fit one set of handles. The Revs don't fill up the entire main compartment length wise and there is plenty of room for handles and such. The bag is well built, has quality zippers, and is really inexpensive. I paid about $34usd ($200 Krone) delivered. http://www.levelninesports.com/Level-Nine-Sports-Snowboard-Bag http://www.amazon.com/Level9-Levelninesports-com-Snowboard-Bag-136cm/dp/B00D8IHCNE
  3. Thank you Rob John and Watty's vid inspired me to get the three most recent Rev's; the B2's. The fact that my Rev II is (was) my favorite to fly didn't hurt in the B2 acquisitions decision either You have nine, what's in your bag? John, thanks for the awesome vid and that you had the B2 up for grabs when you were in town a few weekends back!
  4. I'm currently listed with two. Please add six more for a total of eight. - 3 B2's - II - 1 - B std - B std full vent - Shockwave
  5. Thank you Spence for the vid help. I recently picked up an early 90's Rev 1 and the bridle was a bit crunchy. Lolly sent me a bridle (thanks to you as well for the super quick shipping and it's always a pleasure to speak with you) and I just replaced the bridle. It went super smooth and I don't know if I would've done it without your vid Spence. Thanks again.
  6. Check this out: http://windmapper.com/NW/observations I am liking this one a lot as well. Continental U.S. only. Click on your area in the map near the upper left.
  7. Hey Brian, No, you most likely did not buy a lemon. I have never flown an SLE, but I'll lay my thoughts on you. I see you have a MC in your avatar, and I'll use MC racing as an analogy. Many of the people that post here are Moto-GP racers and their skill and use of the Revolution would equate to them getting a YZR-M1. You got yourself an SV-650 in the SLE, The SV is a great bike for people starting to race. of course there are all levels of "racers" that post here, from the two examples I gave above, and everything in between. Another thought that popped into my mind while reading your post comes from when I was involved with a bicycle co-op. Some people there were "purists"; meaning if the bicycle didn't come from Italy or have the name Bianchi or Cannondale on it, it was junk. I am of the mindset that whether it's a $100 department store bicycle or a $2,000 one, and it gets used, that's a great bicycle. Point being, just because you don't have a B- Series Pro, doesn't mean your SLE is junk or a lemon. Of course I am sure after reading these forums, that you know Rev has different kites for different purposes/uses. As far as your kite being unpredictable, that could be caused by various reasons. Maybe your two line flying techniques are being used in your quad flying, they are different techniques for sure. Maybe your lines are unequal. Maybe your winds aren't stable due to trees and buildings messing the flow up. Maybe a combination of these. I am sure some of more skilled people here will pipe in as well. Another thought, ask your kite store owner if they'll show you some flying techniques with your Rev.
  8. Thanks Walt and kairusan. I was actually looking for a mph range, just for the data banks. Walt, I am pretty decent with Rev's and have a bit of time flying them. I can't do many of the tricks and all yet, but I don't have unintended landings too often. Thanks again for the info.
  9. I don't see the issue with Steve's first post. He was just calling it as he saw it. I read no malice or passing of judgement in it. Do I agree with Steve's tone? No, but I also think you all got a bit sensitive and read more into his initial post than what was there. Of course take my thoughts as you wish... an outsider looking in.
  10. My B Series should be in my paws tomorrow, race rods with a 3 wrap. I've read somewhere in these here forums that the flex of the leading edge is what determines what is too much wind for a Rev, and that makes sense. Out of curiosity, what wind speeds do you all add the 2cnd spar to the leading edge for the B Series?
  11. Here's the writeup from Kitelife in 2005. I'm kinda lazy here and just deleted the image boxes from my cut and paste, so if you see a sentence that doesn't make sense, it maybe/probably is a caption for an image.
  12. Anyone from these here Rev forums planning on being there? I know.... sadly this is the same weekend as Mots. From the writeup below, it seems mostly kid oriented, but this is not true based on my being there many moons ago. There's a lot going on. This is the 24th or 25th year for this.
  13. Simon, At the GWTW forums, you gotta be registered and logged in to see the "Swap Meet" forum. Here's the meat of the post linked to above:
  14. oooooh oooooh, I like that one double R...thank you.
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