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  1. Please note, that photos must be high quality photos made with a real camera on a tripod. It does take time to shoot quality photos. No cheap cellphone photos.
  2. We need someone to volunteer to take the photos of new REVs since 2010 and send them to me in some way.
  3. I don't have nor access to any of the new REVs since 2010 outside of my designed printed ones. What I would need is someone to photograph the newer REVs to this spec. - mount REV on a white or very light colored wall. - move the bridle to the back of the kite. - photograph straight on not at any angle. This is an example:
  4. Very well explained. I could not have explained it any better.
  5. I am presuming they moved the ferrules to the outer spars was to reduce the length of the REV when packed up.
  6. The B2 is close to a scaled down version of the REV 1.5 in that all the rods on the B2 are the same length. The REV II, you could say is a low profile version of a scaled down REV 1.5 despite the fact that the REV II was on the market several years before the REV 1.5. There are two different lengths of rods on the REV II. Two very long horizontal rods for the leading edge, each rod longer then the REV I rod and two short vertical rods. There are a number of kite fliers within Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, not that many fly REVs. However as you advance south there is an abundance of REV fliers.
  7. Unfortunately Team Animations gives you a 404 error on the old site.
  8. There is nothing forbidding about using ASCII artwork here. However photos would be much more clearer and meaningful. Yes photos are permitted.
  9. It looks like the distraction works both ways. The main thing is to not over-think it.
  10. I checked my REV collection today and found I still have 24. 4x REV I - various versions 1 ZEN 3x REV II - various versions 1x REV INDOOR 16x REV 1.5 - various versions For most of them you can see photos at: http://johnnmitchell.com/IntSportKites/rev_list/index.html The latest two are not listed.
  11. I have been flying Revs since 1990 and competed quite a bit in the 90s. One of the things I found about the wobble thing is thinking too much what your hands should do. I know when I start to think about it, the Rev starts to wobble. In time, which is not long, you relax and your hands will naturally react before you have time to think about. A distraction does tend to help, such as conversing with someone while you fly. I don't know why, but that is how it goes, at least with me.
  12. Nigel, Unfortunately not that many REV fliers are monitoring this group on a daily basis. Try asking you question also on Face book. Search for "Revolution Kites" and ask in the various groups that pop up.
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