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  1. Joe, It was an honor meeting you and chatting with you this weekend.
  2. I keep a set of 240's in my bag. Inverted Side Slides on 240' lines are insanely cool.
  3. Yes, BUT it's a very good system and a worthy investment..
  4. Hover with your leading edge vertical. Increase your altitude slightly and turn the kite 180 degrees (vertical again but pointing opposite direction).. Repeat several times and acknowledge your hand motions during this sequence..Once you can perform the sequence steadily, try without stopping for a full turn.. or even two turns.. By breaking the maneuver down into segments you maintain awareness of the kite. Putting the segments together accomplishes what you are trying to do.. once you have the movements down now all you have to work on is the transitions between the segments to get them smooth....
  5. Mine as well. But the Ferrules are on the outer Spars. Not the center spar..
  6. The B2 is a smaller version of the B-Series Kite which carried the same panel layout.. Being smaller it was quicker and quite a bit more nimble.. The same motion that would pull an axel on the 1.5 sail would give you a turn and a half if not two on the B2. Very fun sail to fly. Everything control-wise, translates to the 1.5 sail but after the B2, larger sails can seem like slow motion.. Just a design Note, the LE in the B2 has the Ferrules on the outer spars instead of two ferrules on the inner spar. I'm not sure why that particular decision was made but it is one thing notable about the design difference other than the size.. @awindofchange still had them listed on their website until a few days ago. Here's the thread here where they were announced.. And a great bit of video.
  7. If you are talking about the original Reflex, it will probably be an issue. If you are talking the 1.5 sizes then you should be fine BUT, you'll probably want to pack in a shipping tube to protect the springs..
  8. I do realize the new stuff is the old stuff without the extra parts I want and use, but with new features I don't use. I no longer get the extra leading edge. That's $45-ish worth of hardware I have to buy separately now to get the "same kite" I appreciate the offer to swap things around but I'll pass on the new line of sails. If I change my mind you are always on the short list to buy from. AWOC, We go further back than you even remember. Even before we met on PKF, my first real powerkite came from you... FWIW, I already sold the Reflex I had. It was a great kite and has a great home now that will fly it. It's not personal, I just can't be sold on the new technology when I did try it for a full season and passed it on. I responded to this thread because the Leading Edge conversation and Endcaps topics were discussed and that's something I feel strongly about. My comment " Can't see buying a technology I'll not use." still rings true for me.. I'll wait and see for a while. Maybe I'll wait until they start filtering down to the secondary market. Back to topic, I think the Spider layout looks very cool, but my high wind bag currently reflects the Eliot Shook pedigree for Rev's. Who knows, I might fly one and just have to have it but I'll at least wait until that happens..
  9. Well the springs just didn't click with me..
  10. I had a Reflex. Bought one early on and flew it for a full season almost.. Mine was one of the first ones that Paul flew at ODSKC.. Personally, I like my catch and throw far too much to commit to the Reflex design.. I ended up selling the Reflex because it didn't fit my flying style. It was a fun kite but just not for me. Not against change but I do like my current quiver.. I don't think I'll ever have a Classic. I don't care for the springs. Can't see buying a technology I'll not use.. I prefer the B Series that actually came with 2 frames instead of an option that only has an extra spar or two. The Extra frame allowed me to convert the SLE kites I have to normal Leading edges. The Extra LE was a big deal to me.. Can't see buying a spring technology I'll not use.. I commend Rev on continuing the innovation efforts.. This particular one (Reflex Springs) doesn't have enough advantages for me to justify what I feel I have to give up to use it.. The spider design looks cool enough though..
  11. I know one person that returned their original Reflex because the frames weren't interchangeable.. To be honest, that held a lot of weight in some of my personal buying and selling decisions also.. I like having options and tons of options..With the prior models you'd get two frames and even the ability to double up for strength when needed. I have full complements of frames for the majority of my sails.. I can't imagine not personally preserving that interchangeability.. I sure many will disagree with me but that's my two cents... Like Dayhiker, I tend to modify and mix to meet my needs at any given time.. For instance, I had one spar that wanted to split. I glued a short solid ferrule in the end and continue to fly with it. Because I fly in high winds often, I'll frequently use a 4 wrap center with Green Race to finish out the kite.. Gives me back much of the stiffness I want while giving me the absolute strength of the green race. Best of both worlds. Paul LeMasters takes travel frames and makes some real Leading Edge Frankenstien mixes sometimes but you can't question his motives or his results. He actually isolates where he wants his Leading edge to flex very well..
  12. Will the same colorizer be used to code for custom colors??
  13. -1 sold Dayhiker one of my Suprersonics so he can stack'em.. +1 New Shook 75% Mesh to match my 40% -3 the very special 3 Stack has gone to a new home with photomom.. New Total down to (10.)
  14. It's to keep the kites from being folded the same way every time.. Leaving the frame pieces in makes a natuaral fold point which can weaken the Screening at the leading edge (sort of like bending a paper clip back and forth at the same point over and over).. The written "remove the Leading Edge" is meant to prevent that.
  15. Easy way to get the wind to blow nicely is to pack your kites..
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