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  1. many manufacturers offer frames or materials which are compatible, none compare to these originals, good luck in your search
  2. I'm thinking,... it might be only from the used market, discontinued in the discount rack or all three items have reached an evolution into something else entirely, you'll have to chase retail merchants and tell no one if successful weight of a Race (black) is equal to a 2 wrap professional frame, but with the strength of 3 wraps green race has an overcoating to make 'em stronger still, a guy Rich Comras (unfortunately now deceased) complained that black race tubes broke under water, so Ben D'antonio offered a solution,... Green Race I think it's kevlar paint or some high-tech soluti
  3. consider a travel frame, the pieces are "half-sized" and the problems are gone,... assembly is just electrical tape of vinyl to hold the two halves together, making three spars when needed. I'd also recommend framing with the ferules on the outside two pieces, instead of the center spar. It breaks down shorter ! (and now fits into an Orvis Carry-on case for fishing poles, holds a dozen kites and accessories. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/orvis-safe-passage-carry-it-all-travel-case?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions&ds_e=GOOGLE&ds_c=Shop%7CGeneric%7CAllProducts%7CHigh%7CS
  4. ha, just saw this Monkey..... Ha, whole bag, not quite. I carry about a dozen kites minimum (in the Orvis Full sized Carry-on padded case). It is like a wallet or a cell phone, handy always! Then there's another bag of excessively sized quads that don't fit or make the cut to the "A" bag. Mini-Ryvs? A case for 4 stacks, hard-sider, plastic waffle board lined and Brianne's sewing expertise to turn it into a double sided case. I can carry half of it or all. each stack is six kites, three are 42 inch LE baby revs by Harold Ames, the last is a 36 inch set by Paul Dugard,... the
  5. Two Bazzers and Five Shook for me,....... 1. Zen 2. AuA indoor 3. SUL B-Pro full sail (or Phoenix Ashe) 4. 40% Shook 5. 75% Shook 6. B-2 Shook (called the CR2, only in a 75%) 7. a 135% Shook
  6. a single vent is commonly referred to as a "mid-vent", it would fit nicely in between your current quiver of existing kites for wind range.
  7. REVflyer


    maybe a stack (a 12 pack) of Rev ones? Can't imagine using flying lines that thick for one kite, but sometimes you work what's available
  8. REVflyer


    my preference is 50#/65 feet if flailing around on a full sail on a mesh kite that six foot leading edge size I've used 50#/100 foot and 100#/120's my heaviest lines are 175# sky bond/120's
  9. mine are mirrored as a left and right piece/tube, I choose to put the springs facing inside the frame
  10. the two kites are different overall sizes, so the spars are not interchangeable between these 3 models
  11. Reflex tech is simply a space between the sail and the frame, to increase the glide and add a more aerodynamic 3/d curve into the sail as opposed to OVER the leading edge. Imagine the difference between a dinner plate and a frisbee, if you kicked both off of a table?,... one would fall immediately and the other would glide some distance as it penetrates the wind more effectively. An example,... Bazzer's new design (Phoenix) has a great "falling leaf trick" almost given away free because the glide has been removed by the attachment method of the end-caps on the top of the down spars at th
  12. because the wind can blow for a longer amount of time on the sail when the kite is laid out on it's side inverted? the weight of the leading can "drag" the kite along for the ride (the glide) Upright hover is the least effective orientational use of the airstream
  13. you'd need probably both to cover their very different wind ranges, heck there might even be a kite in-between these two I don't have the spider but do own an XX
  14. if I could one keep one kite it would be a Zen (w/those original diamond spars all the way around).
  15. EXP is targeted (designed for) beginners and the other is for more advanced fliers, either one can do EVERYTHING, but one is more forgiving and easier to maximize it's capabilities. Unless you have some significant quad-lined experience you might not notice the differences initially, but as your skills grow they are in fact separate. Both of these current models come w/Reflex Technology (springs on the back of the sail to apply a pronounced curvature into shaping the airflow) Again if you are just starting out you may like this effect. The wily veterans have so many hours of practi
  16. Does Revolution still create spars in the 1/4 inch format, even if only for a customized order of some decent size? or is everything leftover from previous seasons in this size? And only larger diameter spars will available in the future, such as the formats that support Reflex tech (5/16") or SLE (7/16")? Lastly: Do the end-caps currently provided fit both sizes of tubes (1/4 and 5/16") on the RX or Classic Reflex models?
  17. My first coach was Jeffery Burka, an original early quad adopter (Rev flyer from the late 80's). He's a true flailer (if not the original) who flies UP WIND (one handed & talking to you whilst NOT watching the kite) most amazingly on a Rev2 sized format, if given a choice! If I own 60 quads, he's gotta' have more than that, after all I started in '93. His only revolution kite with sissy sticks also sports the french bridle pictured above,... it's a Zen! A long weekend at Dave Shenkman's kite-party gig in Huntington Beach convinced him of the need to match my loaner kite he was provided
  18. yes all the tubes are that same 5/16" thickness, therefore changing out the end-caps is necessary. They might "cross-fit" 1/4 inch tubes but since I have 3 Zens it wasn't important enough to verify. Amazing light wind performance is available and beefy enough to trust newbies or abuse the high-end of it's wind range too. I recommend Eliot's Shook's French Bridle and most certainly the addition of the 18" magic sticks to stiffen the framework overall. You'll find yourself looking forward to no wind and a dead calm every time you want to fly. The fittings for the stand-off magic st
  19. Have you tried 'em????? So, I love the Zen kite design, owning 3 of 'em currently. They're all set-up differently too. #One has a Skyshark travel frame, (rods are Red & black) and it's a stock kite that has been rebuilt several times, new panels, replacement patches, 1/2 a dozen bridles worn thru, literally dozens of broken spars too. The 2nd one is all busted out for ultimate no wind/indoors delicate, tapered 2 ply down-spars and a true original Black diamond set of custom 1/4 " spars. The sail has a leading edge sleeve built tightly, to just fit that one 1/4 dia
  20. Black race rods were originally designed for the strength of 3 wraps and weight of 2s, (with a flex in-between a crossbow to an english long bow) generally used in a mid vent or full sailed kites The green Race coating was added and offered for sale to toughen 'em up even more,... they were' affectionately called Rich Race Rods because Rich Comras would try to break them underwater! generally used in a mid-vented sail or higher-ended wind range With more experience you can try mixing the tubes to place more or less flex as desired w/i threading edge.
  21. I examine the weather channel and then take their wind figure and divide it by 3 (to arrive at the expected speeds on the ground close to where the quads generally fly) in case you weren't aware, almost all winds speeds are measured between 300 and 500 ft of elevation I live inland and fly most of the time on full sails, SULs and hybrid indoor/outdoor kites living in the suburbs of the district of columbia. Our no-wind season is about five months with August being the most trying.
  22. REVflyer


    Welcome!, A couple of festivals to check out in your area: Wildwood in Late May, and Long Beach island in September. Both of these are well attended and worthy of consideration if you want to improve your skills "most quickly". I live in Germantown Maryland and fly with Wings Over Washington Kite club. I'm a quad-head too, flying everything except the big traction wings. paul
  23. you can change how much it feels (pulls) by varying the amount of "down" tuned into the handles. Square to the wind = the maximum pressure (imagine a sheet of plywood in wind tunnel) By angling it either forward or backwards from square you can lessen the pressure,... one way makes it back-up better and one way makes it have less pull. Examples? Well if you were flying a stack it was pulling your arms out, you'd angle it towards more forward drive, it doesn't want to back-up as a stack anyway, so lessening the pull (not allowing the sail to arrive at square) is appreciated. On
  24. 2017 AKA Grand National Championships are over and the newest king of the wind is Fletch now, having won both the indoor single line and open (Indoor unlimited), as well as Freestyle (OIOU). He also came in second in MMB to Jon Trenepohl and together with his flying partner Melissa Harpster won the Pairs Multi-line Ballet too! It was my honor to witness his activities, an amazing journey in less than half a decade. His hard work & practice really showed, but you can't teach stage presence and he had that all on display in spades. His revs of choice for comps? The indoor and reflex
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