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  1. https://youtu.be/W4pEf_Q6B9U
  2. Madquad


    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. All the love, health, luck and happiness and above that smooth winds in another year. May the wind-force be with you Marc/Madquad
  3. Malva Rosa Revolution: Just another short clip from the beach in Valencia
  4. Hopefully this year Tommy Getting ready for Berck/France later this week !!!
  5. Team Air4ce will be there too 17/20 April
  6. Another short one. First touch of spring today ....so...what else than flying a Rev !! Relaxed and smooth flying the stress out of body and mind....
  7. Good practice. Check your end caps and bridle for any damage. Groundwork is always nice...but it can damage/wear your equipment. Keep up the good work and have fun
  8. Candydropping: Attach 2 plastic cups with cello-tape to the verticals. Put some candy's in the cups...Reverse start , fly round...and 180 the kite above the children. Big fun.
  9. https://vimeo.com/72207848
  10. Madquad

    Happy Bday

    Roelof a.k.a Dutchrev a.k.a Vliegertak celebrates his birthday today ! Wish you all the best friend !! Keep up the good work. Marc
  11. I have been flying the Diamond Rods last weekend in a low wind at the beach. Surprised by the weight, the stiffness makes it a bit harder to create the coupe in real low winds...(maybe loosen the bungees?)..Later on the wind picked up a bit and at that point i was really happy with them. Makes the kite hyper-responsive and snappy starts/stops were never so easy....Its a bit like the black RaceRods ...but much faster action. A Great addition for the kite-bag. I wonder how they feel in my Mid-Vented BPro......will give it a try coming week at the beach Thanks Revolution for another wonderful product.
  12. Video of our improved ballet from today. Made some changes, worked out well. A fantastic day at the beach of Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands Hope you enjoy it... Marc Team Mascotte Air-4-Ce
  13. Hope to give them a try tomorrow Maybe in a mid-vented BPro.... Will keep you updated
  14. A fantastic weekend together with pilots from Germany, Belgium, Switserland and the Netherlands. Experienced teampilots together with pilots with no previous experience joined together. Tips & Tricks...a lot of practice...a lot of talking about Rev Kites... And it turned out all very well....we had fun !!! BIG fun.
  15. A Bseries full sail and a Bseries fullvented .....great choice ;-)
  16. Note: One mistake i put in the credits.....its was no 2wrap Verticals...3Wrap In that wind 2 wrap would NOT have been the right choice.... Enjoy..
  17. Wondering who you talked too....................... hehehehe
  18. 誕生日おめでとうの女の子! 愛の健康と幸福、あなたとあなたのために!すべて
  19. I wait for the video
  20. Flew my VTD with Green Race Frame.. not my fav. frameset Actually its a bit too flexible, especcially when axeling....a stiffer LE is better for my preferences. Worked out well though...
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