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  1. As soon as I get back from Portland on Monday I'll give me a call trying to go for a fly
  2. looking for some rev flyers here in Sandy Utah, currently here for about 2 months with the show Odysseo. I would love to get together to share some air. Contact number is 802 829 7383 looking forward to hear from you.
  3. 1 zen 1 reflex 1 standard 2 standard pros 3 mid vent pros 2 full vent pros 1 extra vent pro 1 shook weave 1 2-4 blast 1 supersonic 4 master pieces only 18 revs damn thought I had 19 time to do some shopping lol forgot the indoors lol thanks wayne 3 indoor there we go 21 (still time to shop for more lol)
  4. FYI on the supersonic I put longer leaders on the top and wow is it great you can still put the speed and power on but with the long leaders it has all the precision and grace of a 1.5
  5. i just recently bought a second hand shockwave didn't get the video for setup, quick question spars on the back under the bungee on the trailing edge got it (same as my blast) on the leading edge do the spars go under the bungee as well? One other question handle size didn't come with handles, normal 13 pro handles will do or does it need to be the longer handles?
  6. change of plans after Abu Dhabi we are going to Brussels so any fliers in the area I will be flying
  7. let's see lion/zebra masterpiece vampire masterpiece sizzle masterpiece zen indoor hot coming b series std 2/4 blast b pro std coming b pro mid coming b pro vent coming and a Cavalia masterpiece (or 2 in the art phase right now lol) so that will be 12
  8. MGower

    Abu Dhabi

    going to be in Abu Dhabi from the end of jan till mid/end of april if anyones around to fly
  9. okay i'm in for the tiger/zebra will go well with my lion/zebra masterpiece is there any more in the series i should be saving up for?
  10. Well let's see i have 3 masterpieces, a zen, a std b, a 2/4 blast, just ordered a std, mid, full, b series pro set, and an indoor. There all my favorite they are revs waited my whole life for kites like these, and enjoying the hospitality of perth with Ian and Rob getting to fly pretty much everyday I love it.
  11. Okay so I think I classify as an international flyer because i travel all the time with Cavalia. So next destination is Abu Dhabi for 2 months then on to Singapore for 2 months after that not sure where we are travelling to. Looking forward to Abu Dhabi because I will get to do some flying with Scott Weider as we're adding indoor kites into the show (my idea lol) Chris
  12. is great to feel welcome into the rev olution, after I did little research and watched a lot of videos,(and some good advice) I decided I need a full range, (looking at a matched mid and full vent to complete the series )as I move every 2 months with my work I wasn't sure when I could next stock up. But the masterpiece's I just couldn't resist LoL Art, Beauty,and Precision in the air. I'M HOOKED.
  13. i tour with the show Cavalia (like cirque du soliel) but with horses, haven't been home lol in 6 years getting paid to travel the planet not a bad job.
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