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  1. Contact pilots in Denmark, in September John B gives a clinic near Copehagen
  2. Revthebest

    Club 38

    He Mark, Maybe you can give some feedback, I am curious too:-). My guess it is a nice way to challenge the participants to go for all motions a Rev can make... Like to hear
  3. +6 (16) doctor says nothing to worry about, quite harmloss addiction rev indoor Rev 2 NYM (std, 1, 2 & 3 Vent)
  4. Hi Sparkiebob, I mean on the new website with the beautifull landscape (and kite :-) ) and slogan "one time investment..." no pro series tab to be found
  5. I see on Facebook a rev announcement the new site is complete. As reasonable 4-line addict I miss in the program a few kites. Like the Zen, Rev 1 and the B-serie..... Stopped production? Spare parts for those kites? Hmmm....?
  6. Hi Eagle2508, Don't buy... Find a pilot in the UK and have first a chat and feel if you really want to go in Revolution flying (but beware..... Dangerous desease....you end up with a bag full of kites) If not in the member map try facebook and become member of rev/revo geeks .... A lot of UK flyers are active in this group.
  7. The very best advice is stated more times above. Find another experienced pilot. 1 day together will be the very best way to speed up the learning curve. We give in the Netherlands Jst-4-Fn clinics with the option Try-a-Rev. Newbies in the 4-line world can so feel try and see how it works .... So find a mate.... (Although I do realize within the USA distance between pilots is a different topic as in The Netherlands)... Good winds
  8. Hmmm.... I do not understand something. This is an important platform for communication towards the Rev family. Still I do not see any news regarding the reflex. Ofcourse I have seen all the pictures and films on Facebook , seen the kite in Berck (France).... Why no postings also on this forum, FB is very just by the moment.... And when you miss something you will not see it again.....
  9. Seen 2 youtubes, found on a site in Ireland some very little more info regarding the new Reflex. On the official Rev product site nothing to see.... Anymore details? 1 version? Vented versions? Bigger wingspan so need for new rods? Rumors about magic sticks at the back? ..... Who has some more details...
  10. I guess this will be a question for the forum guru's :-). How and when is the standard length for teamflying set on 120 feet? Recently I found out the first flight of the Wright brothers was 120 ft, but I guess this is not the reason.
  11. Hi Dan, I do strongly suggest to follow the advice of Stone in Shoe Bob to meet face to face other rev pilots. That will speed up your proces..... Welcome ....Jst-4-Fn
  12. +1(12) A beautiful indoor black purple white......
  13. +1(11) A gorgeous Rev 2 in the warm Lee Sedgwick colors.... Too many revs? No, ...just not enough hands to fly them all at the same time.
  14. Indeed SparkieRob..... A nice stack.....
  15. Enjoy.... http://youtu.be/yph8wvcyAak one of the great new team kites for Air-4-ce custom build by Revolution, flown by the team Member Marc Maier....
  16. Hi All, i am the proud owner of a rev 1 and a rev 2 in the warm Lee Sedgwick colors ( Yellow hart) . Is the 1.5 ever made in these colors?
  17. "rev/revo geeks" is such a FB group where you may find quite a few UK pilots. Wind and water are free, more or less ;-)
  18. Sorry Guys, I was extreme busy with work. Otherwise had seen Percy's request for information earlier. The ulmost stupid thing is the distance between us is 25 km. Now he had to make a detour of quite some miles. But we have made contact and the appointment for flying together is coming weekend. We will pull him deep in the dark side and give him all the support he need to have great fun with his beautifull rev. It is ofcourse also in our interest, maybe we can persuade him to start team flying ...... more pilots more fun....Jst-4-Fn Thanks for helping him out!!
  19. Hobbies.... Creating new stained glass, restauration of excisting windows with damage, walking the dog and all sort of kite related activities like working on the next level of the jst-4- fn team standard, ideas how to promote 4-line kite flying, set up a website with some friends in the dutch language to give new people a one point access to valuable excisting kite information .....jst-4-fn
  20. Here Holland, immediately took my diamond frame and a scale and I have the same results as Cass, average rod weighs 8-9 gr (center 14 gr). Average black race rod 12-13 gr, center about 23 gr. RaginCajun your total weigh of 58 - 59 gr does not meet either the black race total or the diamond total. Several options: Battery low in the scale Error in scale Way the rods lay on the scale ( I always place them vertical on the center of the scale) Rods are wrong labelled .... Ben/Lolly your thoughts please
  21. Decide which colors are you top lines: Top lines : left white, right black Bottum: left white/red, right black/red As long as the combination make sense for you. Adjust the top set and the bottum set to the same length. In principle all lines the same length. RTF matter.... Hmmmmm I should not be a happy bunny with the service provided... Just a start...
  22. I can assure you, worth every dollar..... Low wind flying....with diamond shafts......dream flight.
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