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Where do you check the weather?


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True dat. The computer can say what it wants, I'm gettin' my fly on!! ;)

This chart might come in handy for anyone who wants to make a guess at the wind speed:


Although reality will best tell what the conditions are, I still have use for the weather programs. I'm a "right kite for the job" kind of flier, hence I have multiple Revs, and several kites in general. However, the closest place I can fly is a 25 minute walk. Also, I usually fly alone. I like to check the weather so I don't have to carry $1000+ worth of kites with me just to make sure all conditions are covered. Can't leave Revs in the hot truck, otherwise I'd drive....

Embrace some technology :lol:

Ok maybe a little

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The only additions to your chart would be that advanced fliers still "make it happen" at 0-1mph!! No N/A!! kid_devlish.gif

Disclaimer: not my chart!! ;):lol:

From my Ozone Imp manual. Silly foils, need a frame for no wind flight :P

The B-Series Colorizer screen taught me how to take good screen shots, I've been nabbing stuff like that chart ever since :)

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I also use air net, weather underground, the local airport , but ,mostly........

Ryan weather.com, a local guy about six block's away with live, real time , wind speed, also a gauge for gust's.

and plenty of other weather related info,

I believe I found him on the list of local station's , from weather wunderground....... kid_content.gif ...............check it out it is pretty neat!!!

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For the UK:


Got my location bookmarked (as above), or type in a location and it gives ongoing hourly wind speeds, temps, weather conditions and radar. Relatively accurate, but not always. Also has a 5-day forecast, although only moderately accurate for 24-48hrs. We get a lot of changeable weather in the UK!

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In Oz, I use seabreeze.com.au Really good for Capitol cities and some major towns in Australia. Seven day forecast and live wind for certain areas. Even has an iPhone app! It is geared towards kite-surfers but we all use the same wind right.

Tapatalk for iPhone.

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I examine the weather channel and then take their wind figure and divide it by 3 (to arrive at the expected speeds on the ground close to where the quads generally fly)

in case you weren't aware, almost all winds speeds are measured between 300 and 500 ft of elevation

I live inland and fly most of the time on full sails, SULs and hybrid indoor/outdoor kites living in the suburbs of the district of columbia.  Our no-wind season is about five months with August being the most trying.

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